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REVIEW ¶ Saving Alex ¸ [PDF] ✅ Saving Alex Author Alex Cooper – When Alex Cooper was fifteen years old life was pretty ordinary in her sleepy suburban town and nice Mormon family At church and at home Alex was taught that God had a plan for everyone But something When Alex Cooper was fifteen years old life was pretty ordinary inOf a dedicated legal team in Salt Lake City Alex eventually escaped and made legal history in Utah by winning the right to live under the law’s protection as an openly gay teenagerAlex is not alone the headlines continue to splash stories about gay conversion therapy and rehabilitation centers that promise to “save” teenagers from their sexuality Saving Alex is a courageous memoir that tells Alex’s story in the hopes that it will bring awareness and justice to this important issue A bold inspiring story of one girl’s fight for freedom acceptance and tru. A real gut punch of a story but the ending feels unfinished The physical violence she suffered is terrible but the way she makes excuses for her parents enabling that violence and for the emotional violence of them still not believing her is sad I would love to see a follow up book in 10 years when she realizes that she doesn't have to forgive the parents who continue to abuse her with silence and lack of support

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When Alex Cooper was fifteen years old life was pretty ordinary in her sleepy suburban town and nice Mormon family At church and at home Alex was taught that God had a plan for everyone But something was gnawing at her that made her feel different These feelings exploded when she met Yvette a girl who made Alex feel alive in a new way and with whom Alex would uickly fall in loveAlex knew she was holding a secret that could shatter her family her church community and her life Yet when this secret couldn’t be hidden any longer she told her parents that she was gay. This book is about Alex who grew up LDS When she came out to her parents they kicked her out and then found a family in St George Utah to convert her into being straight Except that family wasn't licensed at all and ended up abusing her physically emotionally and spiritually and also it's not possible to change a person's sexual orientation through bullying them With the help of some friends she was able to escape her abusers and return to her family but not without a huge legal struggle to ensure her safety Part of that legal struggle was setting a precedent for other LGBT kids in Utah; during the case her opposition argued that encouraging her to be heterosexual was part of her parents' right to raise her in their religion but by the end of the case they decided that was not the case I think Reading about her custody trial also helped me understand about how the legal system works it seems like of a give and take until both parties are or less satisfied or tired I also feel sympathy for victims of abuse who decide in the end not to press charges as it seemed like a very stressful experience Alex decided to get on with her life rather than press charges against the family that abused herThis book was horrifying riveting and emotionally draining Five stars for being courageous and publishing this book But I can't say I really enjoyed reading about this emotionally difficult experience but I think it was good for me to realize what terrible things LDS exclusion of gay people can inspire If you are an LDS parent please decide now that you would never abandon your child or kick them our of your house because of their sexual orientation You can hold a temple recommend and still love and support your children even if they are ueer If you're an LGBTUILTBAG person struggling in the LDS community my ears and heart and possibly my spare room if it comes down to that are open to you


Saving AlexAnd the nightmare began She was driven from her home in Southern California to Utah where against her will her parents handed her over to fellow Mormons who promised to save Alex from her homosexualityFor eight harrowing months Alex was held captive in an unlicensed “residential treatment program” modeled on the many “therapeutic” boot camps scattered across Utah Alex was physically and verbally abused and many days she was forced to stand facing a wall wearing a heavy backpack full of rocks Her captors used faith to punish and terrorize her With the help. The teacher that still lurks inside me fought a constant battle between rage and sorrow while reading this true story I’m horrified that any adult would behave this way towards a child despite the fact that I’ve seen and heard even worse POTENTIAL SPOILERS YOU'VE BEEN WARNEDI’m proud of Alex but ashamed of many of the adults in this novel including her parents whom I still find to be an epic disappointment I don’t feel that sacrificing basic humanity and kindness is ever acceptable behavior regardless of your religious beliefs I appreciate how facts and statistics about the LGBT community were included so it becomes clear that this was not just a rare or random act of abuse intolerance and hatred From my perspective the parents both belong in jail as well as the Siales and they should consider themselves lucky that Alex protected them despite the fact that they never protected her Their neglect and complete lack of support even after finding out what she suffered is appalling This book will make you angry sad and hopeful If it doesn’t then you might need to take a long look in the mirror and reevaluate your life and perspectives Pages 256