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Defending The Guilty characters Ò 107 ↠ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Defending The Guilty Author Alex McBride – A memoir of the author that takes us behind the scenes of Britain's criminal justice system in barristers' chambers in the courtroom in the cells and on the streets introducing us to its outlandish pe A memoir of the author that takes us behind the scenes of Britain's criminal justice system in. Although it's written from a different viewpoint I suggest you read something like Wasting Police Time or Perverting The Course of Justice instead I was hoping this book would be a similar approach just from the perspective of a barrister It's not McBride comes over as some kind of science gone mad mashup of several different types of people The presenters of moronic BBC documentaries that make you want to tear your eyeballs out because of their painfully slow and didactic voiceover with the universal To find out I went to see blah blah Rumpole of the Bailey minus the wit charm intelligence and skill A distant relative who passes on his wisdom to the younger generation at family weddings boring them stupid with lengthy expositions on his work complete with unnecessary explanations of the most obvious terminology A poster on an Internet forum who feels it necessary to demonstrate how in he is and how out you are with whatever by using lots of slang terms and jargon mostly pretty obvious ones and simultaneously defining them all The person who enjoys spouting their limited repertoire of social theories at dinner parties generally someone who is very insulated from the kind of social problems about which they are theorising McBride seems fixated on how prison is a really horrible nasty thing and how we would be better all round if hardly anyone went there and that prisons should be nice cushy places I accept his point that our prison system has a LOT of problems but I think he might feel slightly differently if he was a copper or a person living in an inner city area who really felt the sharp edge of crime It's pretty damn difficult to get sent to prison in the UK Even career criminals and violent offenders who destroy lives walk away with laughable community service orders which are ignored or electronic tags which they put on their dogs I don't think everything would improve if we stopped giving custodial sentences for even serious crimes A Twitter fanatic who thinks that the world at large is really interested in the utterly trivial minutiae of their daily lives McBride thinks that his reader is likely to be fascinated by exhaustive details of who in the room he's in is smoking what is being smoked how it is being smoked how many smokeables are being smoked how freuently new smokeables are lit the different smoking preferences of the people involved and so on This would be boring even if he was talking about people smoking crack out of the plastic tubes single roses come in while their friends chase the dragon or whatever and he's just talking about cigarettes Someone who likes to educate you on things they should Wikipedia first McBride's description of DNA profiling is inaccurateUnless you particularly enjoy the company real or virtual of these types of people stay away

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Barristers' chambers in the courtroom in the cells and on the streets introducing us to its o. If you're getting this after watching the series on TV you may well be disappointed If however you've read something like the secret barrister you'll know exactly what you're getting This is follows the author as he starts his Pupillage in chambers in London He goes through his early cases starting in Youth courts and Magistrates courts working up to the high court This is interspersed with the history of the law in Britain the evolution of common law and how the law is designed to work now As it jumps back and forwards between the history of the law and his history it means it never feels too heavy An entertaining fairly uick read

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Defending The GuiltyUtlandish personalities arcane eccentricities and its many moving stories of triumph and defea. Amusing romp through Pupillage and the English Criminal Courts system ending with a bit of 'the end is nigh for the good old system' and a stab at the coming two tier justice Recommended for those who like a chuckle andor have legal aspirations