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Words Way of the Outcast Mirror MOBI #207 Their time is loomingA war is coming to Mirror WorldOlgerd too is getting ready a new goal already in his sights The ancient Ennan City awaits himAll he needs to do now is gain some strengt. Must readI love this book it hits all of my favorite things gaming legendary stories a man fighting for his family and a great adventure The third book in the series is well worth reading I can't wait for the fourth

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The Way of the Outcast Mirror World #3Mirror of the Outcast Mirror PDF World of the Epub #224 is stirring about to embrace the new global changes of its mapEveryone is getting ready to colonize No Man's Lands The strongest clans send their best fighters on recon missio. Because Oleg was designated to create a big disturbance in the Mirror World by the higher ups of the real one he was finally able to upgrade his player account to have an upgradeable character In other words somebody who could level up by killing stuff and thus having a mild chance of surviving in the wilderness by himself One highly amusing detail highly amusing for everybody but Oleg that is was that his rare race and selected class only allowed one weapon a good old slingshot Try imagine killing anything bigger than a fly with itTo start his initial combat training Oleg decided to go to an old now abandoned location designed especially for new players Upon arriving he discovered that thanks to abandonment the monsters increased their levels and became something that eats low level heroes for breakfast Also some smart players kept ambushing new players killing them and collecting their loot not much but they did it often enough to make it worthwhile Also they forced some newbies to lure other unlucky players to their ambush And this was just a tip of the iceberg As soon as Oleg could fight back the story became uite interesting Also it was fun to see his upgrades and their effects Oleg developed and finally began showing his human side probably because at this point he could afford it I kept complaining about his half brother who came up absolutely unrealistic I am happy to say this time there was no place for him in the story and he was only mentioned a couple of times In other words useless characters disappeared This book is a slight improvement over the previous one and a big improvement over the first one Still improvement or not it does not have an epic feel to make it worth 5 stars 4 stars however is a very easy rating to give I am glad I survived the first installment

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Read The Way of the Outcast Mirror World #3 ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ [Reading] ➽ The Way of the Outcast Mirror World #3 By Alexey Osadchuk – Mirror World is stirring about to embrace the new global changes of its mapEveryone is getting ready to colonize No Man's Lands The strongNs impatient to make a stake for the juiciest locationsMarket prices have taken to the sky like flocks of scared pigeons New alliances are struck while mercenaries upgrade their armor and grind an edge The Way eBook #230 on their s. I don't know something about this series is starting to wear on me In part I think it's the lack of a diverse cast of characters Olgerd is pretty much the only character in this series with a few minor characters showing up here and there and some non speaking animal companions The result is A LOT of internal monologues and navel gazing The goals are also too nebulous I get that he needed money and now needs to complete tasks for the loan but he fails to explain how much money he has has paid and still needs He seems to throw money around at times like it's no object while lamenting his financial state What's started bugging me too is why is he bothering with a loan when they've already established people BUY accounts He's built up how special and uniue his character is that I find it hard to believe he couldn't get several hundred thousand dollars for it when people pay millions into the game for things Or what about supplementary income from things like twitch streaming or Youtube style lets plays He's one of the most famous characters there are now he could be making bank on people watching him play Don't give me that the Dev's wouldn't want him to do it either If anything it seems like it should either be reuired or they should do it themselves otherwise it would alienate players who don't see why or how important game changing things are happening The society he lives in is also rather depressing but maybe that's due to this being written by a Russian in RussiaThird book third focus Instead of Gathering Profession leveling or Reputation leveling this one is focused on Combat Class leveling It's a somewhat cleaver idea and I think I know what the fourth is going to be view spoilerTerritory Leveling for his new clan and castle along the lines an RTS like the original War Craft hide spoiler