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REVIEW Ë The Flower Girls ✓ [Download] ➺ The Flower Girls ➿ Alice Clark-Platts – YOU'LL NEVER FORGET THE FLOWER GIRLSThe Flower Girls Laurel and Primrose One convicted of murder the other given a new identityNow nineteen years later another child has gone missingAnd The Flower Gir YOU'LL NEVER FORGET The Flower GiYOU'LL NEVER FORGET THE FLOWER GIRLSThe Flower Girls Laurel and Primrose One convicted. Alice Clark Platt's nightmarish and chilling psychological thriller brings back memories of the notoriously unforgettable 1993 murder of toddler Jamie Bulger by two boys Here we have the character driven disturbingly unsettling story of 10 year old Laurel and her sister 6 year old Primrose aka Rosie who abduct torture and kill 2 year old Kirstie Swann in 1997 The girls became tabloid and media fodder becoming the infamous Flower Girls Laurel is convicted and imprisoned but Rosie is deemed too young to be held responsible and given a new identity as Hazel Now 19 years later Hazel and her boyfriend Jonny who knows her real identity and his daughter Evie are at a hotel in Devon The weather is dire with snowstorms when 5 year old girl Georgie goes missing The past is about the haunt the present as a frantic search to find Georgie takes place to find her as uickly as possible and Hazel's life begins to spiral out of control In the meantime a bitter and resentful Laurel claims the death of Kirstie was an accident and is appealing the decision of the parole board To all intents and purposes her family appear to have abandoned her and only her lawyer uncle has been in regular contact and supported her Hazel's life is bought back into the spotlight as her real identity is revealed The police are convinced that she is behind Georgie's disappearance given her shocking history a case of history repeating itself Max an ex journalist sees an opportunity for a exclusive story that he wants to turn into a book Laurel's appeal faces implacable opposition from the lawyer aunt of Kirstie Joanna Denton intent on proclaiming the rights of the victim through a campaigning group 'Bang to Rights' In a story that goes back and forth in time we are given a clearer picture of the past of what happened to Kirstie and Laurel's trial There are surprising twists as the Flower Girls once again come to connect and we are given an unexpected ending Platt Clark is a human rights lawyer and to her credit she takes a non sensationalist approach in the novel She raises a number of pertinent issues on evil and the debate between nature and nurture morality the influence attached to the court of public opinion crime and punishment and how far members of the media will go to get a story Without doubt this is an uncomfortable read but it is also a gripping and thought provoking read on a subject most people would not wish to dwell on I found this dark novel fascinating reading in the way it challenges perceptions people might have and the sensitive manner in which the author tackles such a difficult and traumatic topic Many thanks to Bloomsbury for an ARC

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Child has gone missingAnd The Flower Girls are about to hit the headlines all over aga. Sisters Laurel and Rosie two little girls aged 10 and 6 A toddler in a playground goes missing Laurel and Rosie in their den by the canal playing mums and dads and a crying distraught child The next day the toddler is found dead by the canal Laurel is found guilty of abduction and murder and is imprisoned As the media interest was so high Rosie as she was so young was given a new name Holly along with her mum and dad to start a new life 19 years later a young girl goes missing in the hotel Holly is staying in her previous identity is uncovered and the media frenzy starts againTold from several perspectives and to flashbacks at the time of the crime and the subseuent court case The premise sounds a great one but unfortunately it didn’t really work for me I thought the main character came across naive at times and because of that irritated me Also I was not pulled along by the plot I feel I am being hash as I didn’t dislike the book just against others I have read it falls a little shortI did guess the main twist of the story and the ending well errr what was that all about 🤔So probably 25⭐️

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The Flower GirlsOf murder the other given a new identityNow nineteen The Flower Epubyears later another. Laurel and Primrose Rosie Bowman became known as the flower girls after they abducted and killed a toddler in the 1990s Laurel aged 10 was tried as an adult and found guilty of murder but Rosie only 6 years old was considered too young to charge and was instead given a new identity as Hazel Archer She and her parents move away and have no further contact with Laurel Twenty years later Laurel has been trying to get parole but is being blocked by the dead toddler's family who feel she should never be released Now grown up Hazel and her boyfriend Jonny are staying in a hotel when five year old Georgie goes missing and when Hazel's true identity becomes known she immediately becomes a suspect Amid the media frenzy Max a writer and journalist staying at the hotel offers to write her side of the Flower Girl story to help clear her name Although this made for an uncomfortable read at times I thought this novel raised lots of issues and some interesting uestions that would make good discussion for a book group Can a very young child be evil How old should they be before they should be responsible for their actions How long should a child be incarcerated for killing And would a young child who killed another child be likely to re offend as an adult There is also the role that the media and public outrage play in cases like thisI thought the pacing of the novel was good with the intertwining of Laurel and Rosie's stories I would have liked to have found out a bit about that day in 1997 when the toddler was killed not so much the gory details but how the toddler came to have a number of injuries view spoiler although somewhat similar to the James Bulger case it doesn't seem as if the girls planned to murder the toddler and that at least initially death was accidental hide spoiler