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Read á Fortunes Perfect Match ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB é [PDF / Epub] ☆ Fortunes Perfect Match By Allison Leigh – Emily Fortune had given up on finding Mr Rightwhen she met airport manager Max Allen But after he’d lost baby Anthony he was heartbroken And now he’s fallen for a G a baby Is Max headed for another heartbreak Or will Emily be the one to finally make him who. Reviewed at Over A Cuppa TeaReview date6th July 2012Review link I thought I wouldn’t be able to stomach this book as there’s too many characters involved in this story There’s plenty of extended family members that I need to know about and how they relates to the main character But after reading on for a while I come to notice that the story is not only heart warming but sexily irresistible too Well at least it’s pretty sexy to me The phone sex is incredible I find the phone sex scene is uite refreshing in comparison to the intimate moments on the bed itselfThe author made the characters deal with plenty of insecurities issue and I find it uite an interesting readNot a bad read actually I enjoyed reading this book and I’d easily rate it a 4 star out of 5 starsI received an ARC of this book from Harleuin Publisher and I was not reuired to write a positive review out of this book I was not compensated in any ways for writing this

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Emily Fortune had given up on finding Mr Rightwhen she met airport manager Max Allen But after. I actually enjoy Emily and Max they are so cute together From the time they spent going over the advertising stuff for Tanner's school to the fun and sometimes disastrous little dates That meadow that Max flew Emily to sounded to picturesue and tranuil just what anyone needs to unwind and relax without any disturbances or worries Both are experiencing insecurities and challenges I like how they worked their way through it to become a better version of themselves and find happiness in the end I didn't like how Max got upset that Emily never told him about her journey to be a mother like it really wasn't his business it happened before she met and got to know him and it wasn't like they were mutually exclusive for that long for him to be all judgmental and territorial After all Max constantly felt like Emily outclasses him because she is a Fortune and she has all these fancy degrees and money Unfortunately there are way too many family members to remember and keep straight especially for such a short story Maybe it's time to dial back on ALL of the members of the Fortune family Like maybe it's not necessary to have them all come out in every single book

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Fortunes Perfect MatchHe’d lost baby Anthony he was heartbroken And now he’s fallen for a woman intent on havin. 25FORTUNE’S PERFECT MATCH was mainly irritating and repetitive Max Allen has always been the wild child Getting into messes and always making the wrong choices But since he gave up baby Anthony the baby his ex claimed was his to the authorities when realized he wasn’t the real father he’s made it his mission to turn his life around His new job with at Tanner’s flying school has given him a passion that he’s working hard towards But when Tanner wants him working with advertising promotion Tanner calls in his sister in law Emily Fortune to give him a few pointers As head of the FourtuneSouth advertising division Emily has worked hard to be seen as valuable to her father Since the tornado that hit the Red Rock airport that she and various family members were in her goal in life has changed from business to her ache for kids Never being one for relationships she’s exploring other paths to become pregnant The irritating part came in when Max and Emily meet She clearly remembers him from the rescue crew that helped get her out of the wreckage She’s never acted better than him but Max has a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas and it got really old hearing about how he wasn’t in the same class as Emily The attraction he felt was constantly put down by him because she was a Fortune and better than he was He couldn’t date his boss’s sister in law He couldn’t be good enough for her I’ve had a boyfriend who felt he wasn’t good enough for me and it really gets old when you’re judged by class when you clearly have feelings for each other So Max and Emily uickly spend time together going over advertising but also on dates From the town favorite to an expensive restaurant where you can’t even pronounce the main course Emily finally convinces him after a wine spill that a night in at his place is just as well Wanting her to experience the thrill of flying he takes her up in the air where they spend a day together in the uiet From there their relationship picks up They spend a numerous amount of time together both in bed and out When Max finds Emily crying one morning he’s shocked to learn it’s because she’s not pregnant Knowing it couldn’t be his he uickly assumes she’s been with someone else Yet his anger doesn’t disappear when he learns she was artificially inseminated and never told him of her drive to become a mother Since the baby Anthony fiasco babies are not in his future He’s sure nothing is meant to last as everybody ends up leaving him Knowing they can’t compromise they uickly call a stop to their relationship It’s only at the 4th party that Tanner is throwing does Max get the chance to talk to Emily since he’s seen baby Anthony again Asking if she really loved him he admits his feelings and hopes she’ll give them a chance to have that life together The following New Years’ they join as man and wife and begin that future