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Matched Author Ally Condie Doc í 369 pages Ô Helpyouantib ↠ [Download] ✤ Matched By Ally Condie – In the Society officials decide Who you love Where you work When you dieCassia has always trusted their choices It’s hardly any price to pay for a long life the perfect job the ideAppears on the Matching screen Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is the oneuntil she sees another face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black Now Cassia is faced with impossible choices Matched drew me in with it's uniue summary and beautiful cover unfortunately that is where my fascination endedI wanted to like this book actually I wanted to love it but I didn't I had a very hard time getting though this novel I even had to take a break from it completely and I only kept reading because of the encouragement from others that had read it insisting that it would get better It didn't get a whole lot better for meI guess my biggest problem was that I was bored for most of the novel I was bored with the story the characters everything Cassia was selfish and dull I tried to like her but she never really gave me much reason to Her relationships with Xander and Ky were impassive I understand that Xander was 'chosen' for her so there were going to be fireworks every time they touched but I still didn't even understand their appeal as friends not just as a romantically involved couple And the obsession with Ky why And that's all that it felt like to me an obsession I didn't feel or see the energy between themThe Society wasn't explained very well Why is The Society there How did it come to be Why the current precautions Why are there people that live in The Society and others that don't There is a war going on Why Where With who I had uestions than anythingI didn't know enough about the characters and the life they were living to really care about them It felt like a very long prologue to another storyThe few chapters at the end of the story piued my interest somewhat but even then it was tainted with how I had felt through most of the entire novel It was beautifully written but I just couldn't get into itStill undecided on reading the rest of the trilogy

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In the Society officials decide Who you love Where you work When you dieCassia has always trusted their choices It’s hardly any price to pay for a long life the perfect job the ideal mate So when her best friend Official TranscriptsJune 21 2001 • AOL Chatroom AuthorTalkACondieHottie Oh my gosh Lois Lowry You're actually online2timeNewbery Sigh Hello AllieACondieHottie It's Ally With a 'y'ACondieHottie I can't believe u forgot Don't u read my letters2timeNewbery I've received them yesACondieHottie Ur my favorite author Ur books R so radACondieHottie Especially The Giver I love that one It's so aweumACondieHottie Jonah's world is so neet I want to write a book just like itACondieHottie I wish The Giver had romance though My book would have romance ACondieHottie Do u like romance Have u ever been in loveACondieHottie I haven't I wish 2 boys would fight over me That would b awesumACondieHottie Are u still there2timeNewbery YesACondieHottie If 2 boys fought over u which one would u pickACondieHottie Would u choose the brooding rebellious artsy hottie or the gentle good natured boy you've known ur entire lifeACondieHottie I don't know who I would choose It would b so confusing ACondieHottie Do u ever get confusedACondieHottie Are u still there2timeNewbery has logged off April 5 2004 • AOL Chatroom AuthorTalkACondieHottie Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii2timeNewbery Hello AllieACondieHottie AllyACondieHottie I started writing a book 2timeNewbery Good luck with thatACondieHottie I have a uestion How do u create tension in a bookACondieHottie I can't seem to create any tension in my bookACondieHottie Do u create tension by setting the story in the future Because The Giver is set in the future and it is really tenseACondieHottie What if I capitalized random words Does that create tension or uncertainty Maybe that's what they'll do in the Future ;ACondieHottie Kissing is not Allowed in the Society ACondieHottie lolACondieHottie Are u still there2timeNewbery has logged offJanuary 1 2008 • Yahoo Instant MessengerACondieHottie Happy New Year Day 2timeNewbery Hi AmyACondieHottie Ally Ally Condie 2timeNewbery SorryACondieHottie I'm almost finished with my book but I keep writing myself into corners ACondieHottie In fact my book just seems to trundle along happily nothing much really happening ACondieHottie It's actually kind of boring I've fallen asleep a couple times while writing it lol ACondieHottie The I try to make things happen the less action there is Maybe I should just have my characters kiss each other Or long to kiss each other even though it is not Allowed ;ACondieHottie Can I tell you somethingACondieHottie I really want my book to be just like yours Really good and profoundACondieHottie Don't get me wrong My book is about horny teens truth and justice in a repressed society and yours is just about truth and justice in a repressed society So it's different But the same ACondieHottie Because ur a genius and I like ur ideas 2timeNewbery has logged offMay 18 2010 • Yahoo Instant MessengerACondieHottie Eeeeeeeeeeee Ur online2timeNewbery Hello AllieACondieHottie AllyACondieHottie Did u receive the ARC of my book Matched I mailed one 2 u last week2timeNewbery YesACondieHottie What do u think2timeNewbery I think you should find yourself a lawyerACondieHottie has logged off

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Matched Author Ally CondBetween Xander and Ky between the only life she’s known and a path no one else has ever dared follow between perfection and passion Matched is a story for right now and storytelling with the resonance of a class Book ReviewOkay I promised I'll write an in depth review so here it is and I'll try to not put biggie spoilers I'm going to use A style of reviewing this timeWhat made you pick up the book I actually watched a book trailer in Youtube the link to that vid was way down there somewhere so and yeah I got intrigued by that video and then I go to goodreads and read reviews about it I was a bit shock about the mix reviews some was positive and some was negative So because of it I think I should read it so I have to know for myself if it's good or notWhat are your expectations before reading it I actually have lower expectations since I've read a couple of negative reviews and they said it was very similar to The Giver by Lois Lowry Honestly I didn't like The Giver I just gave it two stars and at first I thought that maybe I wouldn't like the book but at least I'd love to give utopia a second tryWhat do you love about the bookOkay there are many things I love about this booka Writing Style it was prose with a mix of poetry somewhat lyrical so if you adore Maggie Stiefvater's or Carrie Ryan's style of writing you probably would love Ally Condie's style as wellb Cassia the heroine actually the heroine was not annoying and she has a strong voice To be specific her character at first was a weak one and as the story progresses her way of thinking changes and it got deeper and deeper She actually got a good character development and she has a lot of epiphanies about her so called perfect society and that's what I love about her Everything around her seems perfect when you look at it superficially but when you try to analyze it deeper there society was perfect but they have no choices no freedom at all they're like society's puppetsc The love story at first the love story was idk just a love story but it has actually implies idk what you call that uhhhm symbolism or whateverso yeah this is what I just think about itXander vs Kyor this could mean own interpretation folksConformity vs RebellionKnown vs UnknownPerfection vs ImperfectionLove that was dictated by Society vs Love that was dictated by oneselfd Ky and Cassia's relationship it builds up it actually builds up sorry for the repetition folks So yeah I just wanna rant those other books wherein yeah the boy meets girl or rather the girl meets boy and then baaaaaaam for 5 seconds they freaking love each other like they're soulmates or idk destined for each other gags Come on that was so unrealistic when authors do that it seems they're too lazy to write the part of you know getting to know each other part of a relationship coughs So yeah that was what I like about this book I mean yeah whatever idk how to explains it but they actually have that getting to know each other thingyAnd idk when I was reading this book I felt like I'm not reading it if you know what I mean I felt like I was existing inside the book Like I was Cassia and I felt all her emotions and I empathize with her problems and I can see her world right into my eyesSo yeah I just felt that while I was reading this I would definitely pick every choices that Cassia made I know that in my hearts of heart I would fall in love with Ky even though it was forbidden even though my Society says that Xander was the one I was suppose to marry I mean there's just something about Ky that pulls you into him even if it was dangerous Ky was mysterious and his story was what urge me to know about him just like Cassia Is it that wonderful when you actually was curious to know about a person because of hisher imperfection and rather of hisher perfectionWhat do you hate about the booka It was unoriginal Actually there's something about this book that screams out Rip off and Plagiarism ever read The Giver and Hunger Games Yeah but I think since this book was in the genre of utopi