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At Risk AUTHOR Amina GautiUlture but live and breathe as people In “The Ease of Living” the young teen Jason is sent down south to spend the summer with his grandfather after witnessing the double murder of his two best friends and he is not happy about it A season of sneaking into as many movies as possible on one ticket or dunking girls at the pool promises to turn into a summer of shower chairs and the smell of Ben Gay in the unimaginably backwoods town of Tallahassee In “Pan Is Dead” two half siblings watch as the heroin addi This is an amazing and illuminating collection of short stories about people on the verge of falling through the cracks Some parents here struggle diligently to keep their children safe forgoing their own happiness in order to achieve a better future for their children Other parents struggle with addiction give up in despair leave or get arrested We meet gifted kids favored kids bad influence kids neglected kids teen moms kids so starving for attention they throw themselves at strangers or go to any lengths for acceptance In the projects or away on scholarships the risks are many and terrifying

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eBook ó ePub At Risk AUTHOR Amina Gautier ç 9780820338880 ´ Amina Gautier ´ [Read] ➪ At Risk Author Amina Gautier – Helpyouantib.co.uk In Amina Gautier’s Brooklyn some kids make it and some kids don’t but not in simple ways or for stereotypical reasons Gautier’s storiCted father of the older one works his way back into their mother’s life; in “Dance for Me” a girl on scholarship at a posh Manhattan school teaches white girls to dance in the bathroom in order to be invited to a partyAs teenagers in complicated circumstances each of Gautier’s characters is pushed in many directions To succeed may entail unforgiveable compro­mises and to follow their desires may lead to catastrophe Yet within these stories they exist and can be seen as they are in the moment of choosin This was beautiful sad and difficult to read all at once Some stories I really loved while others weren't entirely memorable I didn't feel as emotionally connected to the characters as some other readers did but I did recognize the at risk nature of their individual lives and the things I could relate to moved me Looking forward to seeing some of Gautier's additional writing

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In Amina Gautier’s Brooklyn some kids make it and some kids don’t but not in simple ways or for stereotypical reasons Gautier’s stories explore the lives of young African Americans who might all be classified as “at risk” yet who encounter different opportunities and dangers in their particular neighborhoods and schools and who see life through the lens of different family experiencesGautier’s focus is on uiet daily moments even in extraordinary lives; her characters do not stand as emblems of a subc Winner of the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction At risk University of Georgia Press by Amina Gautier is a heartbreaking eye opening and endearing collection of stories that focus on African American children in turmoil Fathers leave or if they stay fall apart—addictions and failure all around them Mothers ignore or distance themselves pushing their own agendas Brothers and sisters either die in the street or get out by whatever means is necessary And somewhere in the shadows of these events sit the boys and girls who try to make sense of it all—and try to survive it unscarredWhen you are lost ignored and generally treated as less than worthwhile by society your family and your friends how do you find yourself how do you find a way to rise above it all? In the case of “Girl of Wisdom” you seek the attention of somebody anybody that will make you feel special Melanie starts out joking with the neighborhood boys but tries to grow up fast by hopping in the car of a stranger and riding off with him He’s a much older man but she takes charge of the situation in an effort to transform herself from a girl into a woman“Melanie finds his bedroom on her own She doesn’t wait for him to follow She goes to it undresses peels back thin cotton sheets and climbs into his bed What courtesy he shows when he turns his back to her while he undresses before climbing in beside her He doesn’t pounce on her the way a boy her own age would His legs are wiry and strong against hers his feet bony and cold How gentle it is when he parts her legs how silent when he enters her”Even though we all lost our virginities in one way or another this is still a difficult scene to watch When she comes home later she hopes that her mother Bernice will finally notice her and see the change see how she is wise now—evolved But she doesn’t“Bernice is in the kitchen paring apples for pie when Melanie comes home Melanie thinks her mother should know it at once That it should be obvious A difference in her walk and her bearing She thinks there is now an air about her that exudes woman But her mother is blind to it Bernice drops an apple core into the trash and greets her noticing nothing”I don’t know what is worst—the lengths she goes to in order to feel like a woman the fact that she needs her mother’s approval so much that this is what she does or the harsh reality that her mother doesn’t see anything at all All of these options weigh heavily on the readerAnother story that really resonated with me was “Held” the story of a young girl that has gotten pregnant and can barely tolerate her own child Kim is tired of her crying baby who only wants to be held But her mother offers no help“Kim took the baby down the hallway and called to her mother‘Ma What am I supposed to do?’Her mother shouted from the living room ‘I know you not asking me nothing You ain’t want my advice this time last year don’t ask me nothing now’”Frustrated by her situation—her mother’s lack of help her older sister’s lectures on how to take care of her baby her boyfriend’s lack of interest in doing anything than the bare minimum to help her—Kim eventually realizes that this is not a chore or a punishment but a gift This is her child her daughter and she finally embraces the child“The baby was uiet now but curious Rapt Her eyes followed Kim’s every movement She brought the infant closer and inhaled smelling the warm baby scent of powder and new new skin The baby reached for her hair and Kim laughed feeling like the two of them were the only two people that had ever been in the world And they were only now just meeting”Many of the stories end with failure death or heartache so it’s a comfort to see this story turn out a little better than when we started it and we eventually root for Kim to succeed to focus on than her own needs—to see how wonderful her daughter is and to love the child with an open mind and heartBut the most devastating story in this collection has to be “Push” Girls in school fighting and trying not to fail—these acts of survival are what you’d expect to find in this urban setting But Gautier takes chances with this narrative and forces the audience to hold back their judgments to stop and think about what’s happening what is must be like to be these girls Our young unnamed protagonist is held after class and told to write about her thoughts to apologize to the girl Colleen who she pushed down the last flight of stairs She follows Colleen in line day in and day out In her eyes Colleen isn’t special—not beautiful not brilliant—just average at best She sees the lengths that Colleen goes to in order to get noticed wearing her mother’s perfume just one of forty five kids Here are her powerful final thoughts“What it really comes down to is the rightness of the pushWhen they are going down the stairs and the girl pushes Colleen down the steps or forces her into the railing the girl feels a part of something larger than herself She believes deep down that Colleen expects it in fact cannot live without it On the rare occasions when the girl has not indulged in a minor act of violence she has caught Colleen sneaking wounded glances at her Though Mrs Greenberg can never understand it the girl knows that Colleen also lives for the skirmish There were forty five kids in Mrs Greenberg’s class If it were not for the girl’s attentive violence Colleen would be a nobody She’d go unnoticed and uncalled on by Mrs Greenberg lost in a sea of indistinguishable black kids in a public elementary school with an overcrowding problem The girl draws a line through her apology and turns to a fresh pageDear ColleenYou don’t have to thank me”There is so much hanging on that last line so much to take in and absorb Is this a noble gesture that the girl is offering or simply another selfish act? It makes you pause and wonderAnd that’s what Amina Gautier does so well She doesn’t give us the expected stories the same old situations where poverty is the sickness with no cure in sight While her focus is definitely on at risk children the beauty she captures in these pages are the same truths emotions and dreams that exist in all of our lives Everyone wants to be loved everyone wants to be valued—everyone wants to be special These stories have courage a brutal honesty and a layered insight that is hard to find They will stay with you long after the stories are over Two of the story titles still echo in my mind a microcosm of everything Gautier tries to feature in her work “Push” and “Held”