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Gentlemen Prefer BlondesBut Gentlemen Marry BrunettesThe incomparable adventures of Lorelei Lee a BlondesBut Gentlemen Epub #225 little girl from Little Rock who takes the world by storm Anita Loos first Gent. I liked the second book much than the first one It had a better plot and action

REVIEW Gentlemen Prefer BlondesBut Gentlemen Marry Brunettes

REVIEW ê Gentlemen Prefer BlondesBut Gentlemen Marry Brunettes ¶ [Read] ➭ Gentlemen Prefer BlondesBut Gentlemen Marry Brunettes Author Anita Loos – The incomparable adventures of Lorelei Lee a little girl from Little Rock who takes the world by storm Anita Loos first published the diarieLemen Prefer PDF or published the diaries of the ultimate gold digging blonde in the flapper days of Now Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and its brunette Prefer B. What a marvellous novella this turned out to be Smart engaging and uproariously funny – another great summer read for meGentlemen Prefer Blondes was the debut novel of the American screenwriter and author Anita Loos You can read a little about her career here The book was an instant success on its release in 1925 – the individual sections had previously been published in Harper’s Bazaar so the market was ripe for its appearance as a complete textTo read my review please click here

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LondesBut Gentlemen PDF #10003 seuel are together at last in a two in one volume complete with the original hilarious Ralph Barton illustrations throughout. I chose this for an alternate text in my creative writing course and I truly enjoyed this book very much I chose to start with But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes instead of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes The way in which Anita Loos writes reuires a bit of adjusting to and also having some history of the era helps the reading run smoother With that in mind as a writer I can say two things One is when you write and you like the style stick to your guns especially when your aiming for a certain style and two when you write enjoy what you write but do take into consideration your audience The one thing that I firmly would not sacrifice is spelling to stress a style or point I did learn about some ideas about characterizing through reading this book Loos presents two very different characters and develops them very well When I was reading from the brunette character perspective the blonde character is displayed with all the classic stereotypical behaviors and mannerism Loos is not always subtle and to me I think it works for her style but for my own writing I truly think that adding some mystery and just letting it grow produces something long and memorable When reading from the blonde character perspective it is truly a challenge because the hair color lives in the text In other words the role of dumb and foolish transcends well into the written part From this end is where I think writing shouldn’t be a sacrifice to the extent of making your writing fit the character I think the character and the writing should grow together and if they can’t then one of the two needs to split Thus there is where I can see the idea of series or series spin off or a two part book In the end of things Loos lets friendship prevail despite all and any differences She makes the differences stand out but it’s not in a way that bores you To me that is something I want to use in my writing the world is already filled with too much drama and even television is saturated with it I mean could we get a drama test like a cholesterol test and stick it to our TV’s –I think if that was true it be a one big explosive mess Simply put with Loo’s style of writing I know I will want to include humor to alleviate tensions or let the reader have a break Now I wouldn’t go as way as using satire which is Loo’s main style but humor alone can lighten any situation you can place a character inSetting is another factor Loo’s uses to her advantage When she spoke of the dining room the cirrus rather anything the eyes of our two gal protagonists saw were brought to life Yes indeed there is some notion that the words used really can be outdated yet still it places you there That is something I know I will continue to do as I write I want my character to not just have eyes I want my character to have vision I don’t want to give them petite ears to just have dangling sparkling earrings or long tender fingers to gracefully pose a ring I want my characters to hear and feel and thus transmit those feelings to paper and then to the reader To me this book is classic for women literature and if you want to get into writing this will help you see errors and ways to enrich your own writing