SUMMARY The Next Big Thing ´ E-book or Kindle E-pub

SUMMARY The Next Big Thing

SUMMARY The Next Big Thing ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ß ❮BOOKS❯ ✵ The Next Big Thing ✫ Author Anita Brookner – 'This would soon be a new day all too closely resembling the others the normal days of his present existence in which nothing happened nor could be expected to happen'E The Next Kindle has not seen in thirty years Herz believes that he must do something only he doesn't know what this next big thing in life should be 'Beautifully written it draws you in and holds you fast' Daily Mail. In detailed inner dialogues Julius Herz examines memories of his 73 years and gains insights into how he ended up alone at the end of an unfulfilled life He has spent his life observing the rules and attempting always to do what was expected of him from the people in his life His loneliness is palpable as he now attempts to connect with people and somehow alleviate his anxieties about how to spend the rest of his life The prose is exuisite in this typical Brookner novel

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Ldering world He cannot see his place in it or even work out what to do with his final years uestions and misunderstandings haunt Herz like old ghosts Should he travel sell his flat or propose marriage to an old friend h. This is not a fly through it and enjoy it book This is a book of contemplative prose in which a reader wants to haul the characters around by their shirt collars all the while telling them in no uncertain terms that they are behaving in a way that they will regret deeply feel great guilt for having done whatever it is they are doing wish to pull back words gestures etc In other words the reader wants them to listen to all the good advice which the reader has and continues to hear from all sides throughout their lifetimes even though the readers are fine failed examples of humanity right along with these hapless characters This book is a reminder to all who persrevere to the end of the book Well not exactly But yes that too Brookner is uite the writer I recommend exploring her work

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The Next Big Thing'This would soon be a new day all too closely resembling the others the normal days of his present existence in which nothing happened nor could be expected to happen' At seventy three Herz is facing an increasingly bewi. Anita Brookner was undoubtedly a talented writer but like her Booker winner Hotel du Lac this is not an easy book to love As part of The Mookse and the Gripes group's project to re read the 2002 Booker shortlist I have decided to read a few of the longlisted books too to help put the shortlist into context This one could be read as a very bleak character study but it has moments of humour and eventually a partial redemption so it seems fairer to view it as a tragicomedy rather like Bernice Rubens' A Five Year Sentence if a little less savageThe central character Julius Herz is a lonely 73 year old living alone in a London flat He has spent most of his life serving his parents and his brother whose early potential as a musician gave way to illness He is still in the shadow of his parents with whom he fled Berlin to escape the Nazis and their mysterious benefactor who housed and employed them in London before retiring to Spain selling the shop where Herz is employed but giving him enough money to be settled reasonably comfortably He has a practical ex wife who he sees for occasional dinners and he still harks back to a youthful infatuation with his cousin Fanny who he has not seen for 30 years since a failed marriage proposal His only other regular meetings are with his solicitor and a rather ineffectual cleanerThe plot centres on Herz's rather desperate attempts to find meaning in his increasingly limited life and much of the humour is derived from his misreadings of various social situations Things get complicated halfway through the book when Fanny writes to him seeking his helpBrookner writes lavish and often convoluted sentences using obscure vocabulary with great precision for example the word inanition appears three times but I sensed the sentences became shorter and focused as the book moved inexorably towards its conclusion