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Holy BibleNon composed of the Old and New Testaments This revision is based on the American St Yes believe it or not I did read the Bible a few times The RSV version being in a language closer to 20th C english than the traditional King James Version KJV and less collouial than the New International Version NIV It is well the version with all the apocryphal books left out As a piece of literature it has its moments primarily Psalms and Proverbs where it is poetic and then there are the humanistic uotes from Solomon and Jesus as well as all the famous fables in Genesis Exodus and Judges etc However there is a lot of boring stuff here Leviticus and Numbers and long lists of do's and don'ts Not sure I will have the patience to go back and read it though

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The Revised Standard Version is the English translation of the Christian biblical ca I want to address some of the recurring comments about the bible that I find uite oddThis is the word of god As a secular person I don't believe that; I believe that the bible is mythology that is largely based on historical events and is one of the most influential documents on western civilizationAuthors seem to change between books inconsistent narrative Yes the bible is a series of many separate books written by different people hundreds of years apartThe book is Racist Sexist etc This book was written over two thousand years ago and reflects the social norms of that period It does not subscribe to modern politically correctness It is however an unprecedented leap forwards towards human values and social justice compared to the norms of the ages in which it was writteneg giving social rights to slaves was unheard ofEvolution and genetics are called into uestion in this book The Bible should not be judged by the standards of modern science; back then nobody knew about evolution genetics uantum physics etcLonger than it needs to be to many dry spots accountant listing It isn't designed to be a best seller novel and shouldn't be expected to have one narrative It is what it is a mythological chronicle of the history of the Jewish peoplePoor prose lousy writing This version of the bible is an English translation of the Greek translation of the Hebrew original If you could read the Hebrew original you would experience some of the most poetic dramatic and moving texts in literary historyIn summary if you read the bible expecting a novel you will be disappointed But if you read it as a book on history mythology religion philosophy poetry war ethics and human nature you will be greatly rewarded

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read Holy Bible mobi ´ æ anonymous Ò [Read] ➭ Holy Bible Author Anonymous – The Revised Standard Version is the English translation of the Christian biblical canon composed of the Old and New Testaments This revision is based on the 1901 American Standard Version and attempts The Revised Standard VersAndard Version and attempts to provide an accessible and literal English translation It doesn't matter what your beliefs are the Bible is a key to understanding Western Civilization While some aspects are dry this book contains a ridiculous number of amazing stories that have had profound impacts on all of literature This book also provides a decent historical account of the holy land during the kingdoms of Israel and of Judah