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FREE READ Dragonwyck î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [Reading] ➸ Dragonwyck By Anya Seton – First published in 1944 Dragonwyck was a national bestseller that was made into a major motion picture starring Gene Tierney and Vincent Price in 1946 A classic gothic romance the story features an 18 First publTation from the upstate New York estate of her distant relative the intriguing Nicholas Van Ryn Her passion is kindled by the icy fire of Nicholas the last of the Van Ryns and the luxury of Dragonwyck and a way of life of which she has only dreamed Dressed in satin and lace she becomes part of Dragonwyck with its Gothic towers flowering gardens acres of tenant farms and dark terrible secrets This compelling novel paints a marvelous portrait. The first time I opened Dragonwyck was incidentally the first time I was exposed to Edgar Allan Poe The novel opens with the poem Alone and Poe is one of the characters in this uintessential gothic tale I first found this in a used book store when I was about 10 or 11 and every few years I am compelled to pick it up again even though I know it through and through Dragonwyck is the story of Miranda Wells a farm girl in upstate New York with dreams of a luxurious life she can never hope to attain Her days are spent reading torrid novels avoiding the advances of the village yokels and trying her best to keep up appearances as she helps her family toil on their land Her father is a good if overly religious and stern man her mother perpetually weary and her siblings see nothing wrong with the drudgery of farm lifeMiranda's dream is unexpectedly realized when the Wells family receives a letter from their wealthy and distant relative Nicholas Van Ryn offering to take in one of the Wells girls as a companion for his daughter Katrine Miranda leaves for Dragonwyck bursting with hope a naïve and vain girl who is about to undertake a perilous journeyAt Dragonwyck Miranda is enchanted by her distant cousin the handsome and of course brooding Nicholas She is exposed to many luminaries of the age at the mansion on the Hudson including Van Buren and finds herself embroiled in the bitter wars between tenant farmers and manor lords Being a gothic novel of course sinister events which will change her completely begin to unfold I would venture to say that this book is not only a shining example of gothic literature the haunted mansion the brooding hero etc; it also delves into many important issues of the mid 19th century which shaped the future of America More interestingly it captures without sentimentality the loss of innocence and the nature of evil It's a uick read and it's back in printso read it already

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First published in Dragonwyck was a national bestseller that was made into a major motion picture starring Gene Tierney and Vincent Price in A classic gothic romance the story features an year old Miranda Wells who falls under the spell of a mysterious old mansion and its eually fascinating master Tired of churning butter weeding the garden patch and receiving the dull young farmers who seek her hand in marriage Miranda is excited by an invi. This Semi Gothic book set in the Hudson River Valley of upstate New York during the 1840's is a combination Cinderella and Jane Eyre a poor girl reaching for the brass ring somehow grasping it in her hand and a mysterious frightening master married yet she falls madly in love transported from Europe to America by a clever writer Anya Seton Our story begins as all good fairy tales do a pretty young woman girl than the former through a distant connection a cousin she has never met is invited to live for a while as an unofficial governess to the illustrious Nicolas Van Ryn's daughter Katrine age six MrVan Ryn dominates the novel his so evil nature brings life to an ordinary yarn the delicious well described man now the term anti hero gives him the proper alias the book is fun when he is on the page so smooth elegant he drips wickedness but always remains the suave gentleman we love to hate nevertheless his wife is the obese lady Johanna she loves to eat The grand estate Dragonwyck is two hundred years old the ancient Dutch family owns a large section of the valley and Mr Van Ryn rules like a medieval prince not a charming prince The Patroon his tenant farmers are resentful this a republic after all Miranda Wells at 18 still has plenty of growing up though the family potato famers barely surviving yet they will never starve unlike city folks Miranda is dominated by her hard working mother with five other children Abigail the father Ephrain mostly ignores the daughter she neglects the chores daydreaming reading novels that transport the girl to exciting adventures not this dull land of Connecticut Arriving finally she inevitably and immediately is enad by the handsome aristocratic Mr Van Ryn a longing impossible she knows but cannot stop from thinking about day or night and this new existence seeing the rich and famous meeting great writers politicians including a former president and wealthy businessmen Feeling uncomfortable is she a relative of the aristocrats or just a poor servant Being a certain kind of genre spirits inhabit the palatial manor but only in one room voices and images seen Naturally murders revenge accidents passions flow hate revolts and even for furher excitement a couple of riverboat races engulf the narrative This may not be taken uite seriously still a fascinating I know an overused word but what else fits here look at a never never land we wished was real For anyone with a smile on their face I am searching for a mirror

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DragonwyckOf a country torn between freedom and feudal traditions a country divided between the very wealthy and the very poor Poor tenant farmers at Dragonwyck the European royalty who visit and American icons such as Edgar Allan Poe Herman Melville and the Astors are vividly brought to life This is a heart stopping story of a remarkable woman her breathtaking passions and the mystery and terror that await her in the magnificent hallways of Dragonwyc. At first Dragonwyck reminded me of Mansfield Park the young girl summoned to live with her aristocratic relations although in this case it's American rather than English aristocracy who trades poverty for their luxurious lifestyle But that resemblance was shattered as soon as Nicholas Van Ryn appeared He is no Sir Thomas and certainly no Edmund Bertram Nicholas is like Maxim de Winter glamorous unapproachable even unfathomable to Miranda And when Miranda is introduced to Dragonwyck and the life the Van Ryn's lead the reader is also introduced to a feudal system that seems unlikely in American history Nicholas Van Ryn presides over his tenants like a European aristocrat and the tenants are expected to appear before him twice a year to pay rent for the farms their families have been working for generations That the system is crumbling around him is an example of the pressure Van Ryn feels to maintain his to him rightful place in the world And really Dragonwyck is about him than any other character Miranda is the heroine of the story but Nicholas Van Ryn is the hub around which the story orbits His character is examined most usually through Miranda's eyes but also through his own albeit self deluding thoughts and emotions It is inevitable of course that Miranda will fall in love with Nicholas her glamorous handsome rich all powerful relative and that the reader will root for them to get together especially after we encounter Nicholas' wife Johanna But what is less understandable is why Nicholas would fall in love with Miranda the naive young farm girl who doesn't begin to understand him Eventually of course we realize the truth about Nicholas their relationship and as the author puts it what incalculable harm to many innocent people could be done by one supreme egotist a theme that is illustrated by the river boat races that bracket Miranda's arrival and departure from Dragonwyck Ultimately the book was not at all what I expected and the author broke a lot of rules that romance novelists follow these days but I enjoyed reading it I liked the character growth that Miranda shows and I was so impressed with the author's scholarship She managed to weave in several historical events that I was not familiar with and presented a picture of mid nineteenth century life that was both believable and surprising An excellent read