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Iconoclast visionary homosexual crusader drug advocate El Hombre PDF #8608 teacher and elder statesman to the Beats William Burroughs remains one of the most complex and controversial American writers of the twentieth centuryAfter killing his wife. I first got this from the library in 1994 I highly recommend it as the most concise biography of Burroughs written by a personal friend of his who was there in the 1960s Barry Miles also wrote biographies of the Beatles and a few rock musicians Since 1994 it's been revised and updated with a chapter on his legacy and funeral including the extraordinary claim that a woman was seen french kissing Burroughs' corpse at his funeral This is a useful companion piece to Ted Morgan's Literary Outlaw which went into great detail but for some reason used pseudonyms for the names of real people Morgan's biography is worth reading for the detail this one misses out such as descriptions of the early days of the Beat Generation when they embarked on their road trip to see the volcanoes of Mexico

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William Burroughs El Hombre InvisibleIn a bizarre shooting accident Burroughs moved to Tangier where he lived in a male brothel and wrote his celebrated bestseller Naked Lunch in Newsweek's words 'A masterpiece A cry from Hell' and spent much of the rest of his life in self imposed ex. I found this book mildly entertaining and only mildly because I am not all that familiar with Burroughs' work Sure I've read 'Junky' and 'Naked Lunch but this book has a lot to do with his work as a whole his unusual lifestyle and his way of thinking and creating I've learned a great deal of WSB and will continue to read and research this wonderfully interesting American icon

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Free download ☆ William Burroughs El Hombre Invisible ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free é ❴Read❵ ➫ William Burroughs El Hombre Invisible Author Barry Miles – Iconoclast; visionary; homosexual crusader; drug advocate; teacher and elder statIle from the United States Following Burroughs' death in August Barry Miles updated his William Burroughs PDFEPUBriveting highly readable and unconventional biography of this legendary provocateur and all round thorn in the side of the establishmen. Even as a long time Burroughs addict who has read the first volume of his letters several times over devoured countless articles and pored over interviews I found much I didn't know in Miles' biography I've long thought Burroughs has been unfairly maligned as a mean curmudgeonly old goat – a view often predicated on his distant relationship with his troubled son Billy – preferring to instead view him as an emotionally remote but essentially well intentioned oddball Miles' book pokes through the mythologised cartoonish image of Burroughs the junk addled deviant and reveals an awful lot of humanising detail which for me went a long way to validating what I'd begun to fear was far too sympathetic a view The one detraction is the uality of writing The prose is clunky suffering at times from the laundry list approach that biographies in general are so prone to Occasionally important details are introduced non seuentially almost as afterthoughts which at times forces the reader to go back and re read segments in order to tie them together Nevertheless it's by no means awful and in my view the uality and extent of information provided than compensate