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The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume 2A Free download ✓ 2 Ù ❴PDF❵ ✩ The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume 2A Author Ben Bova – Eleven essential classics in one volumeThis volume is the definitive collection of the best science fiction novellas published between 1929 Captures the birth of science fiction as a literary Science Fiction Hall of Fame ePUB #10003 fieldPublished in to honor stories that had appeared before the institution of the Nebula Awards The Science Fiction Hall of Fame introduced tens of thousands of young readers to the wonders of science fiction and. Okay so I cheated a bit I did not re read The Time Machine by HG Wells I think I've probably read that story twice before and I've probably seen the excellent and faithful George Pal movie 1960a couple times as well It is a good story and was worthy of inclusion in this book My favorite selection here is And Then There Were None by Eric Frank Russell This has got to be one of the most hilarious works of fiction that I have ever read If you love Vonnegut my guess is that you will love this story It is about a diplomatic mission to check up on progress at various planets that were colonized by humans centuries before and then left to their own devices The story focuses on an exploratory mission to a planet inhabited by colonists who now call themselves Ghandians It turns out that they have developed a whole culture based on Ghandi's principles of civil disobedience They are completely uninterested in the giant spaceship which has landed in their midst Their most common response to any reuest is I won't The whole culture is non monetary and is instead based upon a complicated barter structure of obs obligations Needless to say this hyper libertarian culture turns out to be very seductive to the diplomatic crew I'm eager to read some EF Russell now Other stand out stories include Who Goes There by John W Campbell; Vintage Season by CL Moore Henry Kuttner; and The Marching Morons by CM Kornbluth Who Goes There is about a deadly shape shifing alien who murders and then assumes the identities of the members of a polar base Campbell pulls it off beautifully for a very suspenseful read as the scientists are picked off one by one Vintage Season is an ingenious story about time traveling tourists from the future The narrative assumes the perspective of a clueless couple who rent a house to the tourists The tourists have taken an oath of secrecy but the male landlord gets romantically involved with one of the tourists and their secrets are inadvertently revealed to him with tragic results Moore Kuttner were masters of characterization Their stories are full of subtle touches and observations that make them memorable and vivid I should mention that Moore Kuttner a married couple were the dynamic duo of science fiction during the 1940's and '50's Their story Mimsy Were the Borogoves appeared in Volume I of this Hall of Fame series It was also one of the best in that volume Perhaps Moore and Kuttner are not so well remembered today because they focused their energies on short stories and novellas instead of novels It's a shame because they were truly brilliant and deserve a wider audience The Marching Morons is for all its merit an odd story I had to read it twice because I was not sure that I understood it the first time It is essentially a story about overpopulation in the distant future and the struggle of a secret intelligentsia to overcome it The discovery of a solution hinges on something that I found preposterous the revival of a cryogenically preserved swindler from the past whose simple but unscrupulous ideas are somehow beyond the ken of the intelligentsia of the future But I don't think the story is meant to be taken seriously Instead this is dark humor at its best as long as you aren't too troubled by some borrowing from Nazi GermanyThe only stories that really let me down here were Nerves by Lester del Rey good on details but too long and too slow; and Call Me Joe by Poul Anderson to

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Was a favorite Science Fiction Hall of Fame ePUB #10003 of libraries across the countryThis volume contains novellas by Poul Anderson John W Campbell Lester del Rey Robert A Heinlein CM Kornbluth Henry Kuttner and C L Moore Eric Frank Russell Cordwainer Smith Theodore Sturgeon H G Wells and Jack Williams. CommentsReviews of the novellas in this anthologyCall Me Joe Poul Anderson An artificial creature on the surface of Jupiter is psychically linked to a cripple in an orbiting spacestation But who is controlling whom uite an enjoyable read Who Goes There John W Campbell Jr as Don A Stuart A polar expedition discovers an alien what happens when it is thawed Meh interesting concept I guess but the writing didn't really move me Nerves Lester del Rey A crisis at a nuclear power plant as seen through the eyes of the on site doctor I may be struck down for this but another stoy that didn't do a lot for me Perfect example of hard SF where the characters are subordinate to the technology Universe Robert Heinlein A multi generational spaceship where the residents have regressed to primitive technology the protagonist is captured by the Muties and learns some of the truth I'm a Heinlein fan and I think this is a good representational sample of his work The Marching Morons CM Kornbluth a man from our time is awakens in the far future where the lowest common denominator of society has overwhelmed the MENSA minority Can the time traveller help A frighteningly prescient story perhaps Vintage Season Henry Kuttner CL Moore as Lawrence O'Donnell three strange travellers rent a San Francisco home for the month of May The owner observes than he should Another enjoyable read also a good sample of their work And Then There Were None Eric Frank Russell An ambassadorialmilitary ship from Terra visits an abandoned colony to find the colonists are doing just fine without them I remember reading this some years ago would have SWORN it was Heinlein the sentiment fits The Ballad of Lost C'Mell Cordwainer Smith A judge teams up with a catgirl to grant the underpeople freedom One of several stories set in the same universe and very descriptiveBaby is Three Theodore Sturgeon An almost creepy story how psi powers could be used to create a new type of human told through the eyes of a young man at a psychiatrist's office The Time Machine HG Wells if you saw the most recent movie incarnation of this story as I must admit I have rolleyes go back read the book It's a bit heavy handed at times but reuired reading for any SF fan With Folded Hands Jack Williamson An inventor creates robots designed to take care of our every need and realizes how terribly wrong he was to do so

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The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume 2AEleven Fiction Hall of Fame eBook #8608 essential classics in one Fiction Hall ePUB #9734 volumeThis volume is the definitive collection of The Science PDFEPUB or the best science fiction novellas published between and containing eleven great Science Fiction Hall PDFEPUB #193 classics No anthology better. I have to uibble C'Mell is 20 pp hardly a novella This book didn't take long to read as most stories were uite familiar to me from other anthologies And some just don't hold up all that well But as an introduction to some of the foundational inspirational classics it's uite good