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Blood Brothers 1Be fucked and I’m going to use her destroy her make her mine By the time we’re done with her she might even love me When she does I’ll finally win I’ll finally have beaten Braden And nothing will ever be the same I’m Eliza no last name please I’ve had a bad night Actually I’ve had a lot of bad nights A lifetime of bad nights one might say Then one bad night turned into a really strange night where some big shot billionaire shoved me into his limousine He says he wants to offer me a deal He says he’ll give me everything as long as I never say no to him If he knew the truth about me he wouldn’t make that offer So sure I’ll take it I’ll get what I need from him If he gets what he wants from me in the meantime that’s fine too As long as he doesn’t find out my secr. A good start to a series It draws you in and it gets good then it ends The brothers are out to see who is the best and who can screw each other over to win a bet

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Free download ↠ Blood Brothers 1 ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook À ❮Download❯ ✤ Blood Brothers 1 Author Bethany Walker – TWO STEPBROTHERS LIMITLESS MONEY ONE RULE NEVER SAY NO I’m Galen Blood My stepbrother and I are richer than God and sicker than the Devil We like to plEt And as long as I don’t fall in love Shouldn’t be too hard This isn’t the first time I’ve been fucked These Blood brothers won’t know what’s hit them The name is Braden Blood I like to play games More importantly I like to get revenge I’ve picked a girl for my brother to use He thinks the choice is random He thinks that she’s just some random faceless skank outside a club interchangeable with any other woman we might have dug out of Las Vegas He doesn’t know what I know Nothing is random little brother Nothing Not the way you want her not the way she looks at you and not the circumstances that led to us finding her in that gutter one night You think you’re going to fuck me by fucking her You think that her love won’t destroy you Just wait I’m gonna fuck you bo. The blurb looked interesting but by 54% I gave up reading The way the story is told I just couldn't get into It's multiple POV's I love a bad boy and a strong female but just couldn't connectAt the half point even in a short novella as this is all this is the characters should be connecting with me but zilchThe authors note at the beginning is a bit weird she basically tells us about her fantasies and this book is basically about them Okay then moving on

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TWO STEPBROTHERS LIMITLESS MONEY ONE RULE NEVER SAY NO I’m Galen Blood My stepbrother and I are richer than God and sicker than the Devil We like to play games The kinds of games only billionaires as fucked in the head as we are can play with global stakes Corporations and countries fall Blood Brothers MOBI #207 just because we think it’s funny Today our game is about HER Eliza The piece of trash in a leopard print skirt we dredged out of the Las Vegas gutter Braden thinks I can’t make her a perfect sub That I can’t dress her up beautifully convince everyone she’s a lady and make her my whore in the back room I disagree And I’m going to prove it by tearing her down one piece at a time and shoving my dick inside every crevice She’s gonna beg for my cock She’ll begged to. Gonna be a good oneIf the rest of this series continues like this it's gonna be one hot read I'm already salivating for the next part There's so much mystery to start it's unbelievableTwo billionaire stepbrothers Galen Braden who love to play games but not simple harmless ones but ones that change people's lives and not usually for the better Then there's Eliza They find her in gutter literally She's their next target This is where it gets hard to summarize Eliza has some deep deep dark secrets No hint as to what is going on with her Well maybe there's a little bit This game is set up Braden for Galen Braden obviously knows alot of things that Galen doesn't and feels he knows he's gonna win But it also sounds like he may want to take Galen down too See there are too many uestions by the end of this It's great because this author knows how to captivate a reader to want and This is definitely a great read Highly recommendIf you don't like to read about heavy sex BDSM and possible violence then please don't read this and then give a bad review It's not fair to the author or other readers who could be interested