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Doc ☆ Dear Mr Henshaw 134 pages ☆ [Epub] ➚ Dear Mr Henshaw By Beverly Cleary – Leigh has been Boyd Henshaw's number one fan ever since he was in second grade Now in sixth grade Leigh lives with his mother and is the new kid in school He's lonely troubled by the absence of his fa Leigh has been Boyd Henshaw's numThen Leigh's teacher assigns a letter writing project Naturally Leigh chooses to write to Mr Henshaw whose surprising answer changes Leigh's life back cov Watching the movie Stuck in Love a character makes reference to this book as his favorite while the hard character of his affection felt the same It is now one of my favorites as it has so many parallels to my life as a young boy It doesn't bother me this is Jr Fiction what bothers me is it took so long for me to find

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Leigh has been Boyd Henshaw's number one fan ever since he was in second grade Now in sixth grade Leigh lives with his mother and Dear Mr Kindle is the One of my comfort reads as a kid was Dear Mr Henshaw by Beverly Cleary I read my copy enough times to leave the pages tattered This week my first grader brought a copy home from her school library and I could not resist reading along with her As it is always a struggle to for me to find uality books for kids I figured it was time for a trip down memory lane and as always Beverly Cleary does not disappoint her readersLeigh Botts is a fifth grader whose parents have just gotten divorced His mother Bonnie comes from a small town outside of Bakersfield California a town so small that she says the lights of Bakersfield look as bright as Paris After graduating from high school she was smitten with Bill Botts a long distance trucker and the two married without many thoughts in the world Yet they were not compatible as Bill was in love with her truck and driving than he was with Bonnie After attempts to hold together as a family for the sake of their son Leigh the couple divorced Bill taking his truck and dog Bandit and Bonnie taking Leigh in hopes of creating a stable life for themBonnie moves Leigh to coastal Pacific Grove and starts working at a catering service and enrolling in a local community college Leigh becomes a latch key kid and has issues fitting in at his new school the most crucial one being that mean kids steal items from his lunch To cope with his lack of both friends and a father figure Leigh starts writing letters to Boyd Henshaw an author whose books he has enjoyed Sensing that all may not be happy in Leigh's life Henshaw writes back starting an unlikely friendship that lasts the duration of the book Henshaw encourages Leigh to keep a diary and offers him tips on how to be a good writer Leigh takes these to heart and admits that writing has helped him with both school and life While Henshaw along with school custodian Mr Fridley can not replace Leigh's father their life lessons help Leigh cope with his parents' divorceI remember reading many of Cleary's books as a kid either on my own or with my dad reading them to me before bed Yet I remember these books as fun stories not ones that would impart life lessons Dear Mr Henshaw stood out from all of these books even as a kid most likely because the protagonist was a kid who enjoyed reading and writing and Leigh stood out for me Reading this story through adult eyes has given me a greater appreciation for Beverly Cleary's books for elementary school readers Not only does she create well fleshed out characters she has given children a protagonist who is not a superhero or super athlete but an everyday kid who is coping with real life problems that they can relate to While the subject matter may be a touch over my first grader's head I am glad that she brought Dear Mr Henshaw home so that I could relive a childhood favorite I remember touching scenes like eating fried chicken in the rain and the lunchbox alarm as though I read the book yesterday and have gained a deeper appreciation for Beverly Cleary from reading her work through adult eyes I have found out that there is a follow up book Strider which I may or may not have read but I will be looking for it now to see where Cleary takes Leigh on his journey through life 5 stars

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Dear Mr HenshawNew kid in school He's lonely troubled by the absence of his father a cross country trucker and angry because a mysterious thief steals from his lunchbag This cunningly woven allegory of the Cold War's nuclear buildup is simple and gripping enough for children to understand if a bit fleshless Our adolescent narrator one Leigh Botts of California both an immediate reference to Harvard President and Interim Committee member James Bryant Conant and a deep frappe indeed to the testicles or vagina of Bridge to Terebithia's androgynous lead character devoid of a father figure the waning British Empire their ocean spanning fleet here captured in Botts Senior's beet trucking service has his lunch repeatedly stolen bombed by unknown presumed Japanese un interred and dangerous students or perhaps external forces Rome Berlin Axis spreading spectre of Bolshevism Reverse Trilateral Commission etc Ms Botts strikes an elegant and delightful at times even eerie Kittie Oppenheimer throughout Leigh launches an all out crash program to develop an alarm system note the reference to Teller's Alarm Clock failed layered thermonuclear device prior to the Teller Ulam application of reradiation plasma and finally ablation sparing no expense a jowly local electronics store owner's a passable cameo for General Leslie Groves Finally with the weapon system complete Leigh flies a bus we may as well dub the Enola Gay to schoolonly to find that as the sole remaining hyperpower his defenses have become his undoing We dream of a world without the threat of nuclear extinction and shed a tear as Leigh opens his lunchbox assaulting friends foe and self with literally hundreds of millipascals of acoustic overpressure in a scene that disturbingly anticipates the 911 incidents and perhaps also steroids in baseballLet Leigh Bott's alarm be an alarm for all of usThere was also something about butterflies the details of which I've forgotten Maybe that was just Jurassic Park Nono Anyway doesn't matter a classic tale of love in the chivalric era