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REVIEW Ì Flavor By Bob Holmes ô ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Flavor By Bob Holmes ✩ – Can you describe how the flavor of halibut differs from that of red snapper How the taste of a Fuji apple differs from a Spartan For most of us this is a difficult task flavor remains a vague undevelo Can you describe how the Flavor ofPact our sense of smellAlong the way even surprising facts are revealed that cake tastes sweetest on white plates that wine experts’ eyes can fool their noses and even that language can affect our sense of taste Flavor expands our curiosity and understanding of one of our most intimate sensations while ultimately revealing how we can all sharpen our senses and our enjoyment of the things we tasteCertain to fascinate everyone from gourmands and scientists to home cooks and their guests Flavor will open your mind and palette to a vast exciting sensory worl. 55 Wow This was one of the most interesting books I have ever read I had no idea how complicated the study of flavor and taste is and was really surprised to learn that much of the flavor we experience when eating does not come from the food itself but from the mind Parts of this book were so bizarre and so fascinating but packed full of things that I had never considered before Strawberries have a grassy flavor Oysters taste better with the sounds of the ocean in the background Chocolate can taste sweeter when high tones are played and bitter when low tones are played I will never think about my yummy meals in the same way after thisEntertainment 45 My track record with finishing works of nonfiction is not great I regret to say I am usually intrigued by the introduction and first chapter or two but then I get bored and abandon the effort I did have a slump in the middle of this book but generally was motivated to continue reading to the next part This was such an interesting and ambitious book with each chapter examining a different subtheme related to food taste and flavoring From the biology of taste to its roots in psychology and neuroscience to its social and cultural applications each section raised interesting uestions and generally helped show that there is so much complexity and hard work that goes into understanding why people like the tastes of certain things than othersuality of Writing 45 I do not have a background in chemistry beyond basic vocabulary like molecule and chemistry When terms like allele receptor and complex biomolecule start popping up I panic a little bit There was some of that in this book but overall I felt the author did a good job of balancing the language of expertise with the accessible language of the dullards He is very funny at times and helps show that this field is advancing because of the work of really innovative peopleLiterary Value 55 Something that really came through in this book is that this is an emerging field that has a lot of potential for further study and a lot of application for our health and general enjoyment of food The studies he describes and interprets are fascinating and I came away with so many fun tidbits of information to think about I really appreciated how enthusiastic and encouraging the author is at the end of this book for readers to think about how to apply the information in their own lives and to learn to identify the hint of coconut in a peach or the slight barnyard whiff in a glass of white wine So much fun


Journey to uncover the broad range of factors that can affect our appreciation of a fine meal or an exceptional glass of wine He peers over the shoulders of some of the most fascinating food professionals working today from cutting edge chefs to food engineers to mathematicians investigating the perfect combination of pizza toppings He talks with flavor and olfactory scientists who describe why two people can experience remarkably different sensations from the same morsel of food and how something as seemingly unrelated as cultural heritage can actually im. Honestly this was a four star book with annoying bits First the good stuff I enjoyed this roundup of flavor science and I especially enjoyed the tips on how to try things yourself how to improve your own sense of taste and smell how to think about food and flavor I liked the popular roundup approach to a really fascinating emerging field of food science I did not so much enjoy the fatphobia There’s a lot of OH NO THE DEATH FATS CAN FLAVOR SAVE US that I very much was not here for I also — there’s a place in the book where he compares flavor recognition to facial recognition and notes that everyone can do the latter except some rare tragic medical case It’s odd to be described that way by a book I’m reading a clear reminder that I was not a part of Holmes’s expected audience He also describes masochists as “the oddest among us” which suggests to me that maybe he needs to broaden horizons other than his sense of flavorBut overall an interesting read I just wish he’d been a little thoughtful about the parts where he insulted portions of his audience

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Flavor By Bob HolmCan you describe how the flavor of halibut differs from that of red snapper How the taste of a Fuji apple differs from a Spartan For most of us this is a difficult task flavor remains a vague undeveloped concept that we don’t know enough about to describe or appreciate fully In this delightful and compelling exploration of our most neglected sense veteran science reporter Bob Holmes shows us just how much we’re missingConsidering every angle of flavor from our neurobiology to the science and practice of modern food production Holmes takes readers on a. incredible so interesting very useful book if you love cooking or eating and in case you work with food or perfumes simple truth about wine ratings and lots of interesting things to try being half korean half russian and honestly not russian but we call so mix of polish german ukranian and others i used to try very different tastes and for me every visit to different countries is a search of new tastes and new opportunities to make something different coming back home i really enjoyed every page and now thinking of food i love i find so many confirmations of Bob's ideas