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review Booker T ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¼ [EPUB] ✼ Booker T Author Booker T. Huffman – Booker T Huffman 2013 WWE Hall of Famer and winner of thirty five championship titles within WWE WCW and TNA has once again paired up with best selling coauthor Andrew William Wright to uncover Booker Booker T Huffman WWEUp to the award winning Booker T From Prison To Promise in which Booker detailed his turbulent coming of age on the streets of Houston TexasRevisit two hard hitting decades with Booker T as he journeys through World Championship Wrestling WCW and World Wrestling Entertainment WWE During this time he blazed a trail of pro wrestling success on a road that took him fro. The book assumes that if you're reading it or read Huffman's previous book that you know various wrestling lingo by now which I do so that was great I'd honestly forgotten Huffman had written a previous book so I took it for granted that of course Huffman was starting with his pro wrestling career and how it came to be and has continued and now I really want to read the previous book I completely missed the beginning of Booker T's career including his partnership with his brother Lash and their successful tag team of Harlem Heat with manager Sister Sherri which sounds like it was wild But then it was fun to re live various solo matches of his that I had seen and see the names of wrestlers I'd known before but that made it all the devastating to be reminded that so many of those wrestlers have passed away and it's searing to read Huffman experience their deaths as a colleague andor close friend of them all Some of them he could see the signs of trouble on the way like partying too much Others there was really no clue he had noticed that Eddie Guerrero seemed tired and had slowed down those last few weeks but that was all and that could have been anything And Chris Benoit and his family was a total shock to everyone Overall as a reader seeing a tabulation of these and other deaths in one place it did cross my mind that professional wrestling might shorten your life seeing as a lot of these wrestlers didn't make it to 50 But Booker T is still here He acknowledges throughout the book that some close relationships but especially the one with his teenage son did suffer along the way as he traveled and wrestled throughout this country and beyond for months on end save weeks off for surgeries recovery from injuries But then he recalls his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame a few years ago which opened the door to reconcile with his then estranged brother and perform a special Spinarooni his trademark move which he really wasn't prepared to do as I suspected; ouch I was happy to see that his relationship with Sharmell is UITE real you never know with wrestling but I had noticed their chemistry as the married couple recently had twins And Booker is still putting the work in; he was reading this book on camera while providing commentary during the lead up to this year's WrestleMania Speaking to both books it's important to have a record of this black American man's success story of his particular memories and ample hard won accomplishments in this uniue world of professional wrestling entertainment

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Booker T Huffman WWE Hall of Famer and winner of thirty five championship titles within WWE WCW and TNA has once again paired up with best selling coauthor Andrew William Wright to uncover Booker T’s story from his humble pro wrestling beginnings to becoming a global superstar and icon Booker T My Rise To Wrestling Royalty is Huffman’s highly anticipated follow. This book is the second half of the life story of Booker T Huffman otherwise known as professional wrestler Booker T It spans his career from his debut in WCW to his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame It is a lengthy run down of every major match he hadThis book suffers from a number of issues for me The first is it is essentially a laundry list of each match he had It reads like a series of newspaper reports on his matches Very little is shared about his personal life his backstage life aside from his obsession with Red Bulls or any of the business side of professional wrestling I felt I got to know very little about Booker T Huffman and a lot about the character Booker TThe second issue I had with this book is it is written in kayfabe For non wrestling fans this means that the majority of the wrestling in the book is treated as if it were real fights The 10 year old mark me would have loved this but the curtain has long since been pulled away for me In one segment he mentions wrestling Randy Savage in WCW and says it was a great fight and performed on the fly That is impossible as everyone knows Savage was meticulous with planning his matchesThe third problem I had with the book is that despite the vast majority of it being meticulously detailed accounts of his matches he gives his time in TNA which spanned two years a page and a half Yes his time there was largely uneventful aside from creating the red belt which has been known as a number of names But for a book that spends great details on matches against jobbers and other suashes should have been spent on his time thereThe final problem with this book is that the author treats his personal life as an afterthought He mentions his son several times but really doesn't delve into the story a lot and perhaps owing to his strained relationship makes it seem like he didn't care about his son In other sections he mentions the death of a wrestler But he doesn't talk about that wrestler as a person rather it would seem they were a character that was written out of the showOverall this book made me feel like there is no Booker T Huffman He seemed so detached from reality you get the feeling his character is all that exists If it didn't happen within the confines of WCW WWE or TNA it didn't happen His identity is so wrapped up in wrestling it makes me feel bad for the author He seems trapped in his own faux reality and has lost touch with any sort of real worldI suspect that this isn't the case and rather he is an intently private person I have a feeling Booker T Huffman didn't want to write this book but his bank account said otherwise Instead of there being a story in this book there is a chronological account of his wrestling matches If you account really looking to read a wrestling biography I'd skip this one unless you want to relive the Monday Night Wars

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Booker TM his tag team days in Harlem Heat with brother Stevie Ray Lash to his unparalleled singles career that drew millions around the world to WCW’s Monday Nitro and onward through his unforgettable matches that led to his taking the throne as King Booker and becoming the FIVE TIME FIVE TIME FIVE TIME FIVE TIME FIVE TIME and eventually six time world heavyweight champi. This was such a great book I read Booker T's first book and loved it but this one was even better I would definitely read any books that Booker T is part of It's always great to hear the point of views of working for these wrestling organizations but to have someone like Booker T who has been in so many companies and been there for so many major moments in the sport is even better I hope that legends pen their own autobiographies