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Redwall AUTHOR Brian Jacques kindle ✓ eBook 9781862301382 Free ô Brian Jacques ↠ ❮BOOKS❯ ✻ Redwall ✴ Author Brian Jacques – A uest to recover a legendary lost weapon by bumbling young apprentice monk mouse Matthias Redwall Abbey traIl home to a community of peace loving mice is threatened by Cluny the Scourge savage bilge rat warlord and hi Yea verily a young mouse yclept Matthias doth live peacefully in the walled city of Redwall wherein reside all manner of goodhearted animals like mice badgers suirrels etc not to be confused with the mean villain predators like rats and foxes It comes to pass that their bucolic lifestyle is disturbed nay gravely threatened by an incursion of an evil cohort of rats Mayhap Matthias will rise to the occasion and become the heroic warrior that will save his people animals in their time of greatest needThis is a fairly enjoyable middle gradeYA medieval fantasy in a world populated entirely by mice rats and other woodland creatures with nary a human in sightSo I was maybe a little too old for this one when I read it; it's for the younger teens and tweens I think I might have adored it as a 10 or 12 year old Anyway it has many thousands of fans and has spawned like a million seuels so if you haven't read it yet and it sounds interesting you may want to give it a try The language in Redwall isn't as archaic as my review may make it sound

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A uest to recover a legendary lost weapon by bumbling young apprentice monk mouse Matthias Redwall Abbey tranu you know what was the best part of these books and i say books as in plural because there were so fucking many of them i can't sit still long enough to check them all off and i DID read every single one what else was there to do in middle schoolanyway the best part of these books was brian's description of food it was magnificent it didn't just make you hungry it made you crave weird ass things that nobody would ever dream about eating in middle school nutted cheeses and flan bread and berry cakes and what not; almost makes you want to be a sword weilding ferret yourselfwhich was good because by the tenth book you started to realize there was a trend to the plotlines something bad happens small furry animals go on a uest they fight a lot of little battles until one major battle which the good guys almost lose until when all hope is lost a giant contingent of allies created on the preceding journey show up to conuer evil togetherstill i always finished satisfied and a little hungry

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Redwall AUTHOR Brian JacquS battle hardened horde But the Redwall mice and their loyal woodland friends combine their courage and streng FULL REVIEWI managed to finish this just in time for count it as read in 2007 With how appropriate 7 minutes to spare lol I really enjoyed this bookD I was amazed at how vibrant the characters were and how attached to them I felt Had I known the plot going into the book I think I would have been very hesitant as the story centers around an attack from Cluny the Scourge an evil rat and his horde on the peaceful and caring Abby of Redwall mice and other woodland creatures for 350 pages Now that said for whatever reason the story did not drag or seem like it was being spread out too much Wonderful Jacues manages to weave in delightful characters or not so delightful but that's the point and several sub plots that are really just as important as the main plot And even though I had a strong inkling of what the ending would be I never felt too confident in my assumptions and was surprised by how events came about to get to the end I mentioned this would possibly be a good story for LOTR fans because of the focus on the details of battle without it feeling boring or repetitive and also because the book is full of characters and told from various points of view but doesn't feel confused but does feel like you get to know each characterI'm very curious to read of the Redwall series and am so happy to finally have read a Brian Jacues book and met Matthias and Basil and Silent Sam;BOOK TWO 12152007Alright Book II done Things still manage to move along at a uick pace The characters are wonderful and the plot building Some parts have been a little sad but the cute and warm parts have been I’m very curious to find out what the conclusion will be and how things will play out And I’m very much looking forward to meeting the snowy owlDBOOK ONE 1252007I've finished the first bookpart I'm pleasantly surprised because it's nearly a third of the way through the book but it stills feels like things are in the early stages without seeming like the story is dragging I wonder if this is because the story is in a way doubled because we see it from multiple perspectives resulting in learning what's occuring from both the good side and the bad sideI adore a new character the Stag Hare What fun to write he must have beenI'll try to write another update when I finish the second part which hopefully will be sooner than another monthI am finally venturing into the world of Brian Jacues I know Xt speaks highly of his books so I am looking forward to reading one myself