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Triss Author Brian Jacques Review ´ 106 Ï ❰EPUB❯ ✶ Triss Author Brian Jacques – Enslaved by the evil ferret King Agarno and his daughter Princess Kurdaslavers who have shackled hundredsthe brave suirrelmaid Triss along with Shogg the otter and Welfo the hedgehog plans a daring es Enslaved by the Cape by sea In her flights Triss happens upon Redwall and the abbey creatures discover a new hero in her Someone brave enough to carry the sword of Martin and face the evil that threatens them Scrumpt. Good ol’ RedWall Always fun to return for another swashbuckled visit This one’s no exception

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Ious feasts rollicking humor swashbuckling heroes faithful friends and treacherous villains magically combine through three intertwined action packed plots into one unforgettable spellbinding story VO. 1 Mhm You know I've badly wanted to read Triss for years Now that I've finally done it I'm wondering why I was so keen on picking up this one book in particular I think I blame it on Triss being marketed is that the right word as Redwall's first female Warrior and I read the rest of these books during a period of my life where first female anything was something to be gleefully glomped on2 For those not in the know Redwall is a series about cutesy animals with swords and slings fighting off less cutesy animals with rapiers and heavy accents There are some species of animal who are always good some other species who are always bad I may need to re read Outcast of Redwall to see the one maybe exception and the good guys are brave and the bad guys are cowardly and mustache twirlingly evil Redwall doesn't shy away from death important characters die in every book but it's not big on nuanced portrayals of morality 3 There's also a lot of worldbuilding that's accrued over the books different species have their own organizations cultures and sigh dialects Possibly too many dialects but I recognize this is a book meant for children and that the funny accents may appeal to them I certainly was a fan of molespeech when I first read one of those books and I bleeping wonder why4 But all of these things are series specific not book specific Triss is a decent book on its own Redwall books are generally really entertaining reading one for the first time isn't an experience to be missed but it pales in comparison to my nostalgia tinged view of some of the others Where are the Badger led armies Where are the heroes hopelessly outnumbered by the ravenous hordes of vermin Where is the seige warfare no the paltry assault by the pirates does not count when I say seige warfare I mean like in Mossflower When I approach a Redwall book I approach it muttering please let there be seige warfare please and this book did NOT hear my pleas5 The Redwall books usually have multiple sets of PoVs and that's fine But I think this book had problems emotionally connecting the reader to any of the characters I'm usually at least a little invested Not so much this time events flowed thick and fast and everyone good guy was a clone of another good guy and every bad guy was a variation of another bad guy I don't think the multiple PoVs was the heart of the problem but I'd say the Redwall chapters were pretty extraneous Even if they did feature both my favourite villain the adders and my favourite characters those two dumb birds in this book 6 Triss becomes the Warrior at nearly the 80% mark which is terrible payoff for all the foreshadowing I'm also not convinced by the immediate of course you're someone I can trust camraderie thing Redwall has never been nuanced about some species being good and some being bad but there's usually at least non zero interaction or an immediate crisis smoothing things along Idek It may just be nostalgia glasses again7 Aaaand yeah About that As a young 'un the easily drawn racial discrimination parallels flew right over my head I am aware of them now and while I certainly do not accuse Brian Jacues of racism the potential implications make me a bit ueasy8 Most of these compliants could be put down to taste but I also think this book is less well thought out than the other Redwall books How precisely did view spoilera bunch of raiders who got surprised by snakes have the time energy or inclination after all it's been made very clear that these are dirty uneducated dumb as rocks vermin to write down actual riddles I mean if it was just the guy who ran away I could see him making a uest for his kids because he's an asshole But the stuff that was found at Brockhall Makes no sense Also the villains with the exception of the adders and that one tracker were so incredibly ineffective This whole book was the mossflower citizens cackling as they ran rings around them 9 Things I want to whine about subjective edition what even was that thing with the hedgehog paradise and the sudden and unrelenting lurrrve at first sight Why do we see so much of the dibbun shenanigans and an actual feast in the middle of a battle I'm all for black comedy but this was basically two separate books Why does every single person who is not a mouse or an otter or Triss have an accent or a verbal tic Why did we not see the battle between the snake and the dumb birbs If the adders aren't doing mind control which is pretty normal for Redwall books but apparently not in this one why did those two Redwallers at the beginning of the book lie hide spoiler

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Triss Author Brian JacquEnslaved by the evil ferret King Agarno and his daughter Princess Kurdaslavers who have shackled hundredsthe brave suirrelmaid Triss along with Shogg the otter and Welfo the hedgehog plans a daring es. A warm comforting blanket of familiarity World The world building has always been fantastic Jacues is a master of painting word pictures that are vibrant and beautiful and lush The piece of the world we see this time with the slaves and the north is pretty slightly a little bit different from the rest of the Redwall world so it’s a nice little welcome Reading Redwall books is like coming home you know that mum is making roast chicken for dinner and dad is in the garage fixing his car it’s expected and familiar Story The story here is exactly what you would expect from a Jacues book it’s an adventure it’s a battle between good and evil where the lines of right and wrong are very clearly drawn This book has established tropes and clichés rats are always evil rabbits are always gluttonous and Moles always speak as Jacues writes them If you are okay with the established norm of Redwall then this book is for you it does nothing new and it pushes no boundaries The story has a little slight new flavor to it with the slave storyline and also the female protagonist but it’s the same old same old Critics will say it’s biased and simple in it’s look at the world but hey it’s a child’s book and I love it cause I grew up with it irks and all There is the high adventure the songs the food the legends and lore it’s all there and it’s beautiful Characters Triss is a fun character she falls into the established ‘hero’ archetype and so do the rest of the characters in Redwall There is the wise mouse there is the wayward Badger the gluttonous hare it’s all there and their name changes and slight character changes make this a new book It’s here and it’s the same A same old same old book that if you love it you love it If no then this book won’t change your thoughts Onward to the next book