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Bruce Springsteen Summary ✓ 2 ã [Reading] ➶ Bruce Springsteen ➽ Brian Hiatt – The legend of Bruce Springsteen may well outlast rock ’n’ roll itself And for all the muscle and magic of his life shaking concerts with the E Street Band his legendary status comes down to the s The legend of Bruce SpringsteeEr’s methods along with historical context scores of colorful anecdotes and than photographs Hiatt has interviewed Springsteen five times in the past and has conducted numerous new interviews with his collaborators from longtime producers to the E Street Band to create an authoritative and lushly illustrated journey through Springsteen’s entire songbook and career ?. I have always liked Bruce His first 4 albums are among my all time favorites But I don’t think he has made a really good consistent album in 30 years Thus I found this book interesting in the first part but a little less interesting as it covered the last 30 years After reading this and his autobiography I think part of the reason for his descent into relative tedium is that Bruce takes himself way too seriously

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The legend of Bruce Springsteen may well outlast rock ’n’ roll itself And for all the muscle and magic of his life shaking concerts with the E Street Band his legendary status comes down to the songs He is an acknowledged master of music and lyrics with decades of hits from “Blinded by the Light” and “Born to Run” to “Hungry Heart” “Dancing in the Da. I've been a Bruce Springsteen fan for over half my life I got into him during the lull between Human TouchLucky Town and The Ghost of Tom Joad This gave me ample time to scour Springsteen's back catalog starting with Nebraska then Tunnel of Love then everything else all at onceA lot of that back catalog has been covered; books like Glory Days and Springsteen's own Born to Run tend to focus on the years between Springsteen's origin story and the Brucemania of the 80s Coverage drops off precipitously after that despite Springsteen's return to massive popularity with The Rising and beyond This book rectifies that giving ample time to Springsteen's well trod history and shining some light on newer work and recordings that have gotten lost in the shuffle of an epic careerHiatt digs deep into what makes the early songs so significant offering backstory and the occasional technical note Through an impressive array of interviews with band members engineers and he's able to shade these stories with information and expertise from all sides even if some memories don't always match up to others Casual fans will be impressed by the full sweep of Bruce Springsteen's career; hardcore aficionados will find so much unearthed history to pore over and discuss it's like discovering these songs anewFor someone who came into the Springsteen thing later in the game a book like this is necessary I love how later work especially controversial work like Working on a Dream is covered objectively and with curiosity One of the best books on Springsteen I've ever read and one of the best books on music in the ever growing corpus

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Bruce SpringsteenRk” and “The Rising”   In  Bruce Springsteen The Stories Behind the Songs longtime  Rolling Stone writer Brian Hiatt digs into the writing and recording of these songs and all the others on Springsteen’s studio albums from ’s  Greetings from Asbury Park NJ to ’s  High Hopes plus all the released outtakes and offers a uniue look at the legendary rock. I’ve read a ton of Springsteen books so I didn’t have high hopes for this Springsteen’s own autobiography came out a few years ago Turns out this book was better than I thought Hiatt doesn’t just analyze lyrics he gets into the music This drum beat was like this They took the opening of this song from this other song He took the title from this older song The melody is just like this song This also breaks the band mystiue Before “Born in the USA” the band jammed and found the sound they wanted after that album things were spliced or mixed in later Toby Scott confirms a belief I had About the 90s Springsteen surrounded himself with yes people Brendan O’Brian finally challenged him and “The Rising” turned out to be one of his best works When O’Brian started to feel like a yes man he left This book gave me a lot to look up and a new way to listen to some songs A sign of a well done nonfiction book