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K And it's not just romance troubling Kylie An amnesia stricken ghost is haunting her delivering the frightful warning someone lives and someone dies As Kylie races to unravel the mystery and protect those she loves she finally unlocks the truth about her supernatural identity which is far different and astonishing than she ever imagine This review features spoilers I really hate this series I'd hoped that it would get better but it hasn't The writing is awful at best and the plot line is either her gushing about a guy her moaning about her life or her not being able to make her mind up Sometimes all at the same time No but really this book series is abysmal She just started saying about how her mum should forgive her dad for cheating on her uite simply fuck off The fact that she couldn't forgive the guy she flirted with a bit for having sex with his ex girlfriend when he saw her again despite the fact that he was not dating Kylie at the time or indeed ever had dated her is just fucking ridiculous THEY NEVER DATEDTHEY JUST HOOKED UP A BITTHEN SHE IGNORED HIM AND BLANKED HIM FOR NO REASONTHEN HE LEFTTHEN HE HAD SEX WITH HIS EX GIRLFRIENDNOW SHE WON'T TALK TO HIM AND IS ANGRYwhat And yet she thinks that her stepdad who carried out an affair with a very young intern behind her mothers back should be forgiven No I'm sorry Kylie you don't need to come down from that high horse you need to be DRAGGED And not to mention her old best friend was DYING OF CANCER and even though she thinks she's cured her she couldn't be assed to even check Really Class A bitch act you've got going on here And I genuinely cannot even talk about the boy situation here she is utterly ridiculous If a girl acted like this in real life both guys would dump her ass and move on And if a guy did this to her she would be heartbroken and angsty as fuck Stop with the damned double standards Really to summarise I gave the first book a chance It was bad but had potential I figured it was a debut novel and the sloppinesslack of talent would be things improved by experience and finding a decent editor Instead the writing went downhill Oh The second book was awful in the extreme with random plot lines springing into action put of nowhere and disappearing again The other characters have NO backstory what do ever and the lack of physical descriptions is just disgusting The characters with the SOLE exception of the main one and her two love interests feel like 2D cardboard cutouts Even the love interests Derek and Lucas have not been given much detail Derek doesn't have a last name or a general physical description what the fuck is his hair colour and Lucas doesn't have an personality besides dominant and overbearing Literally she doesn't know anything about either of them really Expect that their hugs are wonderful and they are like soooo buff And on the subject of hair colour still the author regularly reminds us of Miranda's coloured hair but the thing isshe never mentions what fucking colours are in her hair Or whether it's all over coloured or just highlighted It's confusing and whilst the story is not all about the characters looks of course being able to actually build a mental picture of the main characters is rather a prereuisite So overall this is a real failure in the publishing world

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Taken at Dusk Shadow Falls #3Step into Shadow Falls a camp for Dusk Shadow Kindle #212 teens with supernatural powers Here friendship thrives love takes you by surprise and our hearts possess the greatest magic of allKylie Galen wants the truth so badly she can taste it The truth about who her real family is the truth about which boy she's Taken at PDF meant to be CAUTION Long Review Spoilers Taken At Dusk is book 3 of the Shadow Falls series a series that is named after the summer camp turned school for supernatural adolescents At least I thought Shadow Falls was supposed to be a school beginning in book 2 However it turned out at 83% in book 3 Shadow Falls was getting the camp ready to become a full blown school WhatAll this time Kylie was going to a camp not a school Fine Then where were the camp activities in book 3 that supposed to have the kids learning and respecting supernatural cultures and be all kumbaya and crap Because one scene of a group activity serving another episode of When Kylie Gets Attacked and one scene of a camp festival serving another episode of Everybody Especially Those Two Boys Loves Kylie didn't countIn short TAD failed to maintain its settingKylie shouldn't be worrying about her mother discovering her secret life in the supernatural world She should be worrying about her mother discovering she have been sending Kylie to play hookyKylie the BumSo what is Kylie doing at Shadow Falls if she's not learning anything and evil dudes keep trying — oh heavens are they trying — to kill her there It was the uestion that persisted in my mind as I read over 107000 words of the novel I hazard Kylie going to Shadow Falls was so she could discover her supernatural identity because she sure as white on rice wasn't humanShadow Falls was the only “safe” place Kylie knew where the supernatural races gathered I guess Kylie didn't give a hoot whether Shadows Fall was a camp or school as long she got her answer Because knowing what magical creature you are is somehow important than getting your education and preparing for your future so you can have money for food shelter and clothes Alrighty then At least she has a goalKylie the Wanna be SinnerIn TAD Kylie was presented with the theory that she may be a “protector” I thought perhaps it was our answer Except one teeny tiny eensy problem What the frell is a protectorKylie's gal pals said it's someone who is “super super rare” with strength greater than a vampire's “They can be anything but they’re known to be good and pure Sort of the Mother Teresa of supernaturals” “usuallyonly one protector born every hundred or two hundred years” And that's all we ever learn because Kylie was repeatedly sidetracked by boy troubles to pursue the matter facepalm The ditz couldn't keep sight of her goalIt gets worse The ditz took the Mother Teresa reference literal because she thought being a protector meant she to had be a nun and she didn't want to be a nun or any other sort of a saint In her own words she said she wanted “to sin” ie to drink to tell dirty jokes to do things with boys chapter 22 Sweet Jesus Honey DewsPutting aside Kylie's purity shit if Kylie bothered to learn about protectors then she might have learned earlier on as opposed to near the end of the book that protectors weren't supernatural saints Protectors protect people they don't go and become nuns This was one the many examples of Kylie being a dumbassKylie the DumbassAnother example was Kylie's insistence on helping an amnesiac ghost after Holiday told her the ghost may be a hell bound spirit in chapter 21Why didn't Holiday warn Kylie about this in book 1 when Kylie first confessed she saw dead people instead chapter frigging 21 of book frigging 3 What kind of a camp counselor is she Isn't Shadow Falls supposed to be a place of education not keeping people ignorantTo be fair Holiday was redeemed after she uickly conceded the matter to Kylie Kylie OTOH did nothing to redeem herself I believe Kylie was eually at fault for failing to learn about hell bound spirit as Holiday was at fault for failing to teaching Kylie Kylie should've taken the time out to learn about her ghost whispering power instead relying on Holiday to tell her everything every time Kylie encounter something ghosty For a girl who whined at people for not helping her she hardly did anything to help herselfMoreover I couldn't believe Kylie used the stupid excuse that her heart told her it's the right thing to do by helping the ghosts The ditz can't even decide between two boys so her heart isn't the right body part to listen Maybe if she'd use her brain she would knowKylie the HypocriteIf she'd use her brain she would realize she had no business asking Ellie if Ellie had sex with Derek Kylie wasn't with Derek she was with Lucas Whatever Derek and Ellie did was their own business Derek and Kylie sharing a past didn't afford Kylie the privilege to intrudeI was astounded to read Kylie admitting she was a virgin to a stranger to Ellie didn’t sit well with her chapter 25 but confronting a stranger about their sexual activity was R U FUCKING KIDDING ME Kylie was completely blinded to her hypocrisy I really really really wanted Ellie to bitchslap KylieKylie the Useless HeroineBasically for the entire novel Kylie was useless She wasn't assertive in her goal to discover her supernatural identity She wasn't even assertive in helping the amnesiac ghost until the ghost resorted to giving Kylie visions visions that forced Kylie to walk in the ghost's shoes in the ghost's dying moments That's why I called BS on Kylie's excuse that she just wanted to do the right things and be altruistic Bitch please It was like Kylie wanted the ghost off of her backPretty much every time I thought Kylie was about to become productive in her self discovery uest she got sidetracked with her boy troublesThe Love Triangle aka Kylie the Fickle GirlfriendThe series didn't just drag out the mystery of Kylie's supernatural identity it also dragged out Kylie's love triangle I truly thought things with Derek were over in book 2 Foolish me Derek came back in TAD and the status uo of the love triangle reaffirmed itselfThings started to look up when Kylie attempted to get over Derek and hooked up with Lucas For while I liked Lucas until I realize how Kylie tells everything to Lucas but Lucas hardly tells anything to KylieI did not like how Lucas kept silent that members of his race disapproved of his relationship with her I didn't like how Kylie have to find out about it from Fredericka the bitch werewolf crushing on Lucas and Lucas's grandmother And if what Ellie screamed at Lucas in chapter 23 was true then Kylie should breakup with Lucas before she learn the hard way that Lucas will choose his pack over herYet the ditz didn't even bat a thought at Ellie's outburst She immediately accepted Derek's apology in the next scene To be fair Lucas flattered her after his apology and it couldn't be helped that Kylie was a ditz and befuddled by the seduction of corny linesFinally near the end of TAD Derek confessed his love for Kylie and the poor ditz was befuddled some What a girl to do with two unsuitable boysThings I Didn't Like Overall I didn't like Kylie the ditz I didn't like the two boys mooning over the ditz I didn't like the ditz's self involved gal pals Della and Miranda and their love triangles — Della with Lee and Steve Miranda with Perry and Todd This series is shitting love triangles The one character I did like TAD killed view spoilerIt was Ellie Poor vamp never got a chance hide spoiler

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Taken at Dusk Shadow Falls #3 Reader ✓ 380 pages ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Taken at Dusk Shadow Falls #3 Author C.C. Hunter – Helpyouantib.co.uk Step into Shadow Falls a camp for teens with supernatural powers Here friendship thrives love takes you by surprise and our hearts possess the greatest magic of allKWith and the truth about what her emerging powers mean But she's about to discover that some secrets can change your life foreverand not always for the betterJust when she and Lucas are finally getting close she learns that his pack has forbidden them from being together Was it a at Dusk Shadow PDFEPUB #230 mistake to pick him over Dere May 11 2016I forgot how truly funny this series is Yes it's not the best series ever but it's just so much funJuly 20 2013Loved this book but it took me awhile to read it Overall I enjoyed it