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Read ½ Backdoor Politics 102 ☆ ❮BOOKS❯ ✵ Backdoor Politics ✫ Author C.L. Mustafic – Kamal is a by the book mercenary and hitman who keeps to himself dealing with the brutal politics of the Bosnian underworld He has very few ties to the world around him since the war that left him bro Kamal is a by tDnap the son of the only man Kamal ever loved leads Kamal to do something irrational In an isolated cabin in the mountains of Bosnia with his hostage Kamal follows the well laid out plan of his predecessor but somewhere along the way things get personal The boy in his care becomes than j. Wow this is a difficult review to write This is one dark violent story Which of course lured me right in 🙂 This story takes place in or around Bosnia much of the background going back to a time when the country was in war torn turmoil Kamal grew up during that time barely surviving and that’s before he is betrayed in the worst way by his lover and best friend Orhan Now he is a highly paid successful deadly mercenaryWhen his MAWB Mercenary Acuaintance With Benefits calls for a hookup he learns of the job to acuire torture and who knows what else to Orhan’s son Zijad a boy Kamal once thought of as his own There is a lot of backstory to Kamal’s and Orhan relationship with Orhan but he simply cannot allow someone else to handle this task He doesn’t hesitate to change the playing field and take the job over himselfOnce he has Zijad he doesn’t have a come to Jesus moment and suddenly care about the boy No he carries on with the explicitly detailed orders of torture even instituting a few of his own But you can see his resolve crumbling just a little bit as his interactions with Zijad take place and Zijad’s reactions are not uite what Kamal was expectingThere are a lot of twists and turns outside of the actual kidnapping The whos and whys behind what this was supposed to accomplish come to light and all is not what it seemed initially In the end Kamal is left having to re establish his position as mercenary to show he is the one holding the cards One thing he becomes certain of is that he wants what belongs to him and that is now Zijad With little love lost between father and son Zijad makes a choice – opting for a life where he is wanted and cared for even if not lovedOne thing that I kept wishing for through this story was some translation of the foreign phrasesdialog I enjoy how having the foreign words helps set the scene but I also want to know what they are actually saying just as much But as for the rest while it was difficult to stomach at times especially with the feeling that this couldn’t end in anything but a major case of Stockholm Syndrome I was turning pages uickly to get to the end of this engaging suspenseful story If you love a well written dark and sometimes violent story that will keep you on the edge of your seat be sure to give this one a try I will definitely be on the lookout for from this author in the future Review written forLove Bytes Reviews

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Ust a stand in for his father but a job is a job and Kamal is a professional When uestions and tensions begin to mount Kamal begins to put the pieces together for himself and doesn't like what he finds Can Kamal get his revenge and the boy or will he have to settle for one or the other M. Phew I’m not sure how to review this it was all kinds of fucked up dark gritty and did I mention dark I wasn’t uite expecting the harshness of this book when I read it especially when coming off a glut of sugar sweet Xmas books this took me back into the darker corners of depravity Well written completely consuming and had me thinking “ surely there is a moment of light ” This is a classic Stockholm Syndrome story with a hell of a lot of humiliation brutality involved Tread lightly if you’d prefer warmth or sweetness you won’t find it here If you appreciate the darker side of life give this a crack

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Backdoor PoliticsKamal is a by the book mercenary and hitman who keeps to himself dealing with the brutal politics of the Bosnian underworld He has very few ties to the world around him since the war that left him broken and betrayed by his lover An encounter with a fellow mercenary whose job it is to ki. I love a novel that completely wraps me up and then lingers so I can’t get it out of my mind With a dark and disturbing story line and characters who could be your next door neighbors CL Mustafic’s Backdoor Politics is spine tinglingly perfect This one’s a must read for any fan of dark erotica Backdoor Politics has an incredible plot which unfolds gradually and is structured to build our anticipation There were so many ways the story could go that I truly had no idea what would happen next or how it would end The suspense is wonderfulWhen the contract to capture and torture his ex lover’s twenty two year old son falls into his lap Kamal doesn’t debate what he’ll do for a moment This is his story and CL Mustafic brings us inside the mind of one of the most deliciously monstrous characters I can imagineWhile the traumatic experiences of his life have influenced him deep down in his core Kamal is still human Yes he has suffered incredible physical and mental trauma but that’s just the stuff that happened to him Kamal doesn’t see anything wrong or odd about his actionsThis is truly my favorite character in literature the dark protagonist who makes no excuses and doesn’t seem to second guess himself In the depths of his own mind Kamal weighs his choices and ponders his decisions but he accepts the status uoAs he calmly washes his face and brushes his teeth the morning he begins the torture Kamal contemplates having his ex lover’s son in this position Torn between fond memories of the boy’s father and the depth of his betrayal Kamal considers this to be “Either the greatest or worst thing he’d had happen to him” Kamal’s ambivalence is chilling and Mustafic doesn’t miss a chance to show us the depths of his crazyAs the flashback scenes gradually explain the relationships between the characters Mustafic really gets into Kamal’s mind She delves deeply into his thought process and shows how close to the surface his emotions are It was disturbing for me to see how normal he could seem Backdoor Politics is a dark and frightening tale and CL Mustafic doesn’t pull any punches either with the characters or the plot The pacing is perfect wrapping me up in Kamal’s sadistic mind and building the suspense to the highest level I’m going to warn you the descriptions of the torture Kamal inflicts are grisly but if you are a fan of dark erotica then you’ll enjoy this as much as I did