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Raised with apathy and spite Amy’s life is a monotonous drone of deep despair broken only by coffee and nights out with her best and only friend She battles depression daily fighting to keep her sanity in a world that to her is set on destroyin. This book deserves 5 stars for originality aloneI initially reuested it through NetGalley but their file didn't work and after reading the Sample I actually bought the Kindle version It's that goodIt reads a lot like The New Yorker for YA And the depression is approached internally not only externally on the screen as in while you're reading you're pretty much feeling as confused and disoriented and unsure of anything as Amy herselfMany will scorn that I think in today's literary world of too many similar books that's sheer brilliance The writing style is raw and frank and authentic And I am literally DYING to read anything else by this authorIf you're a reader tired of predicting exactly what happens or where the book goes this book is a whole new joyride for youThank you NetGalley for connecting me to this author

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22 ScarsOr will she find the strength to fight to live Scars is a story of what it takes to live daily with depression and how the scars of a lifetime can pass through generations and beyondCan the past ever truly be forgottenCan depression ever be beat. I recieved a free copy of this ebook from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a novel which dealt with some very serious issues and fortunately did so in a sensitive manner It was cautious engaging informative and the characters were very intriguing to read about I enjoyed my time reading this although it was about a very dark subject

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FREE READ ê 22 Scars ↠ ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ 22 Scars Author C.M. North – Raised with apathy and spite Amy’s life is a monotonous drone of deep despair broken only by coffee and nights out with her best—and only—friend She battles depression daily fighting to keep her Raised with apathy and spite Amy’s life is a monoG her soulHer future is bleak overcast with shadow and doubt her past harbors terrible secrets that even those closest to her couldn’t begin to guess When tragedy strikes someone she holds dear will she succumb to the crushing weight of despair. I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author via Voracious Readers Only in exchange for an honest reviewThat hit me right in the childhood And boy did it hit hard I did not go into this expecting personal flashbacks like that At one point I had to put it down and step away just to get out of that headspace It's intense The descriptions are spot fking on From the depression ache to the parenting I felt like I was reading a book about my past Memories I'd buried were spilled out on the pages in front of me as Amy went through so many of the same things I once did Phrases the father said the way he dealt with things brought to the surface things I worked hard to repress This is beautifully written The subtle details that go consciously unnoticed but worm their way in burrowing deep and creating this strong emotional bond to Amy are incredible You feel what she feels and it only gets painful real as you keep reading It does jump to different perspectives which threw me off at first but as everything slowly came into focus it became clear I really enjoyed how it narrowed down to only Amy's point of view by the end That really tied everything together Anyone who wants to understand and empathize with a depressed young adult should definitely read this book Anyone going through depression themselves even so Because while it is incredibly intense it also shows things from other perspectives and it serves as a good reminder that while you do feel so utterly alone there's somebody out there who wants to make sure you're okay even if they don't know how Make sure you've got a way to get out of that headspace though It's an absolutely amazing book but I almost feel like I need to schedule an appointment with a therapist nowBecause of how hard this hits I would've liked to see Suicide Prevention Hotline numbers at the end of the book Suicide Prevention Hotline in the US 1 800 273 8255Online chat SuicidePreventionLifelineorg