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Download Book µ Poisoned Love ´ 480 pages Ù [KINDLE] ❆ Poisoned Love ❤ Caitlin Rother – Accident Suicide or MurderOn November 6 2000 paramedics answered a call to find Kristin Rossum 24 sobbing Her husband Gredg de Villers wasn't breathing and she claimed he had overdosed on drugs after AcHusband's death Rossum was engaged in an illicit affair with her married boss Investigations found that the Medical Examiner's Office was missing supplies of meth and fentanyl the narcotic that had killed her husband With each clue discovered another piece of Rossum's good girl façade fell away What the world would eventually see was the true face of a murderer and the hand of justic Kristin Rossum and Greg de Villers weren't married very long when Greg apparently committed suicide But things began to seem off pretty uickly Turns out Kristin was unhappy in the marriage her former drug addiction had reared its ugly head again and rather than divorce Greg she chose to murder him She worked in a toxicology lab and likely thought her experience in that area would help her hide her crime It might have if she hadn't been so strung out on drugs that she made a mess of everything Kristin originally claimed that Greg was depressed about the fact that she wanted to end their marriage She also claimed that his death was due to an accidental overdose But testing revealed that Greg had massive doses of Fentanyl in his system Fentanyl is not a widely available drug it is extremely uick acting and no evidence of the drug or its packaging was found in their home Granted the police did not do a thorough search of the home and could have missed these things but that still begs the uestion of where did Greg get the drug A search of Kristin's lab revealed much of the drug was missing If the prosecutor's theory is correct that Greg was going to tell her superiors about her and her lover's drug use and that she killed him to keep her secret get money and keep her lover all in one foul move It's possible that her lover was involved but I doubt that he would have been okay with the rose petals and wedding photo showing in candle lightCaitlin Rother does an excellent job of laying out the facts in this case Her editor could work a little harder and eliminate some of her repetition and matching the verb tenses to the nouns wouldn't go amiss either Overall however the story is very interesting It has been covered on 48 hours

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Accident Suicide or MurderOn Novemberparamedics answered a call to find Kristin Rossumsobbing Her husband Gredg de Villers wasn't breathing and she claimed he had overdosed on drugs after learning she was leaving him But family and friends who knew of Greg's distaste for drugs weren't buying Kristin's story particularly the idea that he would take his own lifeAmerican BeautyThe daught A true crime story of a toxicologist with the San Diego ME's office who murdered her husband with fentanyl Because Kristin was blonde brainy and beautiful she thought no one would doubt her claim that her husband Greg had committed suicide but she was convicted and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Turns out Kristin was also a long time meth addict and having an affair with her boss Some think that the boss boyfriend helped Kristin in killing Greg but he was never brought to trial The author does a good job of showing the evidence but we never really get a sense of the personalities of any of the major players And the truly forgotten person is all of this is Greg We never really get a sense of him as a person other than all agreed he was a nice guy who loved his wife and who was basically put down like a dog I'm reading another book by the author I'll Take Care of You because I've gotten on a true crime kick lately 3 starsNOTE I am reading another account of the Kristin Rossum case and am finding that Rother's book either left out some details or didn't provide a full account What seemed needlessly convoluted in Rother's book is crystal clear in Deadly American Beauty It's a case of I didn't know what I was missing until I started John Glatt's book Vist my new blog I Love True Crime Books

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Poisoned LoveEr of a well to do California family Rossum was a brainy blonde beauty whose talent for toxicology had won her a post at the San Diego Count Medical Examiner's Office But her sweet smile masked a dark side She'd developed a taste for methamphetamine in high school and six months after her marriage to Greg she'd begun seeking secret trysts with other menToxic PassionAt the time of her Fans of the true crime genre will rejoice with another entry to add to their library Poisoned Love by Caitlin Rother In the style of Ann Rule a true crime favorite of mine Ms Rother delves deep into the background and psyche of not only the accused but the victims as well and provides painstaking detail of the crime the trial and the aftermath Reading Poisoned Love will make it clear to the reader that Ms Rother spent an inordinate amount of time on her research and with admirable results Every person introduced in her work has a voice not just friend of the victim co worker of the accused etc This is perhaps the strongest point of Poisoned Love in my opinion rather than merely being the victim Greg de Villers is presented as a real human being with thoughts dreams and aspirations and you feel sadness and even grief at his life ending prematurely Ms Rother also does a good job at presenting the de Villers family's sense of loss and helplessness as Greg's brother Jerome fights to prove his brother did not take his own life The accused Kristin Rossum remained an enigma for me even after finishing the book She exemplified the brainy beauty who should have had it all but threw it all away for drugs for an illicit affair andor for narcissism She was frightening to a degree in her cold natured indifference and the void that seemed to be present in her makeup While Ms Rother's attention to detail is commendable for some readers it may be a bit too much The book itself is hefty coming in at just under 500 paperback pages and there were a few sections where I felt it dragged a bit and portions could likely have been minimized or cut so as to keep the story moving fluidly Even having watched a true crime program or two on this case and knowing the outcome I was drawn into the book and learned many facts of the case I had not previously known In short I thought Poisoned Love was extremely well written and researched and one of the better true crime books for those who want an in depth look at the case rather than merely glorified violence I would not hesitate to recommend Poisoned Love to a true crime buff or to any reader looking to explore the genre Caitlin Rother is certainly an author to watch out for and one that will be on my must read listReview Copyright © Psychotic State Book Reviews