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Here's to the Ladies Stories of the Frontier Army review ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB á ➿ [Download] ➽ Here's to the Ladies Stories of the Frontier Army By Carla Kelly ➵ – Carla Kelly wants to tell the truth to discard myths about the US Army during the Indian WaCarla Kelly wants to tell the truth the Ladies Epub #223 to discard myths about the US Army during the Indian Wars This collection of nine stories set in the era of the frontier army gives an entertaining and Here's to PDFEPUBeducational glimpse into a world not often explored in fiction Kathleen Flaherty's Long Winter weaves a tale of an Irish woman who has no choice but to marry a man she barely knows after the death to the Ladies PDFEPUB #196 of her husband leaves her penniless She struggles with isolation and the cruelty of the others i. This collection of short stories is absolutely superb I am accustomed to Carla Kelly as a writer of Regency romance but this anthology really showcases not only her historical knowledge but her incredible range as a writer Some of the stories are indeed romantic Fille de Joie hilariously soand Kathleen Flaherty's Long Winter both stark and achingly poignant but many speak of other aspects of life Mary Murphy tells of a laundress' plight through the eyes of a soldier who took the time to really pay attention to what he saw around him and Such Brave Men paints a vivid picture of the privations faced by soldiers and their families on the Western frontier In A Season for Heroes we see illustrations of both familial and military devotion rendered so effectively that I could not help being deeply moved And I have to admire an author who can tell such a story in less than 20 pagesThese are for the most part uietly understated and plainspoken stories that give the reader wonderful portraits of what life must have looked like in the forts of the Western frontier in the years after the Civil War The moods range from hilarious to tragic and I enjoyed this anthology very much

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N the fort because of her rapid marriage In the end hers is a story of loss love and survival to the Ladies Stories of PDF But these are not all love stories In Mary Murphy one soldier reflects about the hard life of a laundress A Season for Heroes tells of a buffalo soldier named Ezra Freeman a true hero to one officer's family The collection concludes with Jesse MacGregor The narrator John looks back on an Apache attack in the desert After his detail's captain is killed and John is injured authority falls to surgeon Jesse MacGregor The ac. Living on military posts in the territories during the Indian Wars years wasn’t easy Here’s to the Ladies Stories of the Frontier Army by Carla Kelly is a set of short stories that tell it like it was They range from funny to heartwarming to sad but they all have one thing in common they are fascinating The lengths of the stories vary Some are very short one is very long I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys US history

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Here's to the Ladies Stories of the Frontier ArmyCount of their struggle to fight hunger thirst the elements and of course the Apaches is mesmerizing Kelly does not leave comedy out of her collection Fille de Joie is a charming story of a married couple reunited after an almost two year separation The wife is arrested after the two make too much noise during their afternoon tryst She is charged with being a fille de joie and the comedy ensues Kelly's work will find an audience among to the Ladies Stories of PDF those interested in feminist literature American history fiction and nonfictio. I have loved Carla Kelly's books from the first I picked up oh years ago Her characters are wonderful to get to know and so hard to say goodbye to As she is an historian and scholar it is not surprising that her knowledge creates such a wealth of detail and paints such a striking portrait of life in her chosen moment of history be it Regency England or early Western America But that's not why I devour her books again and again She tells a brilliant story with characters I wish I knew and events that are exciting difficult sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes triumphant She paints war honestly it's brutality and horror as well as the raw beauty of bonds forged in such fire Her warriors are soldiers seamen surgeons even officers and they are not perfect but they are humanI'm wandering far from reviewing this anthology of Carla Kelly's stories in my admiration for her writing and my love of her books once begun her books suck me in relentlessly until the end However to return to the point I must say I was thrilled to see this anthology when I first discovered it and could not wait to dig into it rather daunting cover notwithstanding and I was NOT disappointed I loved this book As with all story collections I had my favorites but honestly I loved them allCarla Kelly has a true gift for encapsulating a huge story in the microcosm of the relationships among a few characters leaving the reader feeling she has had a full meal not a teaser of an appetizer and digesting the messages within long after dessert has been cleared away Not many authors are as deft with the short story as with the novella or the novel Carla Kelly is a master of all three