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DOC ✓ READER The Earth My Butt and Other Big Round Things ☆ 9780763620912 FREE ✓ HELPYOUANTIB ✓ [Read] ➳ The Earth My Butt and Other Big Round Things By Carolyn Mackler – Fifteen year old Virginia Shreves has a larger than R creates an endearingly The Earth PDF or blunt heroine who speaks to every teen who struggles with family expectations and proves that the most impressive achievement is to be true to yourse I LOVED this book in high school I remember reading it repetitively because I just adored the main character Virginia Shreves I remember relating to her so so well and supporting her over and over always urging her on I was her biggest fan More often than not I found myself wishing for what she wished for dreaming of what she dreamt and hoping and believing in her because if everything could turn out okay for Virginia it could turn out for me tooMostly I remember thinking that we were so alike and yet so different because whereas she overcame her insecurities I was still waiting for my miracle But she gave me hope that it could and would happenThis is definitely one of those books that can make you laugh and cry all at once It's awkward funny embarrassing depressing Just about any teenager can relate to this at some point To be honest I can't believe I forgot about this book until now This book was like my bible in high school I'd recommend it to anyone who has ever felt like an outsider Even if it was just for a few seconds

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Ct family But that’s before a shocking phone call and a horrifying allegation about her rugby star brother changes everything With irreverent humor and surprising gravity Carolyn Mackle Realistic characters Well written Virginia could be someone you actually know Virginia could even be you Anyone who's ever been given a variation of the criticism You could be pretty if and anyone who was chubby in high school and looked down on for it will be able to greatly empathize with Virginia One thing that struck a note of reality with me was Virginia's mother I used to teach and had a student who transferred to my school a couple of months into the school year She was in one of my classes Her transfer grades were excellent all As and Bs Remarks and comments in her file from previous teachers indicated she was also well behaved and nice to be around All that changed when she came to the school where I was teaching Her mother had gone back to work as a child pyschologist overseeing an entire hospital based clinic for troubled teens The mother was so focused on her work and so convinced her two children were perfect that when her son and daughter both began acting out at school the woman refused to believe it was her children She kept trying to blame everyone else She actually said in a conference with one of the vice principals and me that her daughter was NEVER a problem until she came to us and clearly we had it out for her child Later that vice principal told me that before I arrived for the meeting he'd mentioned that it wasn't just big behaviors and failing grades that was getting the girl in trouble but small things as well such as gum chewing The mother stood there hotly denying her daughter even chewed gum while the girl stood right beside her blowing huge pink bubbles and popping them Reading the constant denial and unwillingness to see her children's imperfections that Virginia's mother displays throughout the book reminded me so much of this woman I met years ago Another theme that strikes a reality note is Virginia turning her anger onto herself both physically and mentally Anyone who's ever pinched hit cut or burned themselves and had thoughts of If only I weren't fatstupiduglyshorttalletc will truly grasp the torment Virginia puts herself throughAn excellent book that I highly recommend

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The Earth My Butt and Other Big Round ThingsFifteen year old Virginia Shreves has a larger My Butt ePUB #180 than average body and a plus size inferiority complex especially when she compares herself to her slim brilliant picture perfe I am not sure how I feel about this one I even slept on it before reviewing it On one hand it is a good teen book Why it's a Printz Honor On the other why does every fat girl protagonist have to be so darn pathetic There must be some sort of checklist authors use for an overweight novel Fat Girl's best friend has moved away over the summer leaving Fat Girl all alone subseuently Fat Girl spends lunch eating Twinkies in some remote part of the school Fat Girl has a super skinny mom with issues in fact her whole family sucks Fat Girl's family is however rich which explains why Fat Girl has a disposable income for junk food The popular girls in school are bulimic that's probably why they are so mean they are awful hungry Fat Girl undergoes a physical transformation at the end and gets the guyCheck Check Check Check Aaaaand Check All the stereotypes are aligned Oh look The Big DipperAlthough it is adult chick lit and not the YA genre The Earth falls into I admired that author Jennifer Weiner keeping Cannie Shapiro Good In Bed heavy However Cannie Shapiro was still pathetic chasing that no good exboyfriend around like a fool So for once I'd like to read a novel where the heavy weight heroine is just that a heroine Make her confident make her well dressed make her family normal make her popular make her someone who doesn't sleep on top of Frosted Flakes and cashews Just stop making her a sassy loserDisclaimer I was not heavy teen nor am I heavy adult so maybe I am totally full of crap and have no idea what I am talking about But I know Lorie will concur with my review