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read & download µ eBook or Kindle ePUB ß Carolyn Keene Not only tests her keen mind The Secret PDF but also leads her into a thrilling adventure This book is the revised text The plot of the original story © is similar with minor revision. 35 starsThis was fun to revisit I read the whole Nancy Drew series as a kid and reading this again brought lots of great memories backThe Secret of the Old Clock is the definition of a cozy mystery and likely started the trend in the first place It was really enjoyable to read againI hope to continue reading this series off and on over the next few years It's nostalgic to revisit books that you've read as a child

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The Secret of the Old Clock Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #1 review ´ 103 Ó [BOOKS] ⚣ The Secret of the Old Clock Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #1 Author Carolyn Keene – Nancy unaided seeks to find a missing will To the surprise of many the Topham family will inherit wealthy Josiah Crow Nancy unaided seeks to find of the MOBI #9734 a missing will To the surprise of many the Topham family will inherit wealthy Josiah Crowley's fortune instead of deserving relatives and. The Girl Detective begins This is the very first book introducing the popular character of Nancy Drew This edition is the revised one changing the age of Nancy Drew from 16 to 18 years old But since in later series her age is changed back to 16 that’s an irrelevant modification THE HEROINE Nancy Drew is the only daughter of Carson Drew prestigious lawyer of the town of River Heights a fictional town by the way Her mother died when Nancy was 3 years old original edition stated that she was 10 years old and no it wasn’t a bloody mugging in a dark alley where Nancy was witness of the killing and swore revenge against criminals nope nothing of the sort that dramatic but due an illnessShe’s not exactly rich but it’s obvious that she isn’t in need of a steady day job since she only do some minor errands for her dad’s legal office She has her own car that definitely it’s essential to be able to travel fast during the casesShe is a kind person trying to help anybody in need willing to do anything even risking her physical safety She is a social person who is liked by everybody and if not it’s pretty obvious that those are some varmints up to something not good She is clever tireless and daringBeware villains Here comes Nancy Drew NOT THE TITLE I’D CHOOSE This first book in the series has the title of The Secret of the Old ClockIt’s not a misleading title uite the opposite it’s a too spoiling oneSince the case is about finding a will that nobody know where it could be soooooyou don’t have to be goshdang Batman to figure out since uite early in the reading that in the very moment that a clock would appear in scene hey hey hey you’ll be hotIn my humble opinion I’d think that a better title could be “Nancy Drew and the Missing Will” yes I know Harry Potter is my veins I can’t help it so in that way you’d be as clueless as Nancy when the mystery is just beginning BY ASKING YOU’LL GET TO SOLVE THE CASE While the reading style is uite engaging and the rhythm of the story is really goodWell I was kinda disappointed that Nancy Drew didn’t face a challenge to show her deductive skills or needing to solve a riddleI won’t spoil you don’t worry the book’s title already do that since I won’t get into detailsI’ll just say that asking the same uestion to all available characters in the novelyou eventually will solve the case GeezHowever still Nancy will need to face some villains things couldn’t be that easy fellowsAnd what I liked was that she isn’t suddenly “Kung Fu Nancy” handing out Kapows all around but she deals with the menaces according to her status uo of a young girl in her very first amateur detective case which never has dealt with real criminals so far in her previous easy life So while I can’t deny that I’d enjoy a challenging mystery still it was a fine reading experience and I plan to read Nancy Drew’s mysteries in the futureThe chase for clues is just beginning

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The Secret of the Old Clock Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #1Friends who were promised inheritances Nancy determines that a clue to a second will might be found in an old clock Mr Crowley had owned and she seeks to find the timepiece Her search. I see this edition is actually a postcard book but I wanted to review The Secret of the Old Clock with its proper coverThis was the first chapter book I ever read I have a very clear memory of my mom giving it to me in the car on the way back from Palo Alto which can't possibly be correct because she wouldn't have handed me a book while driving on the freeway Maybe she gave it to me before we started driving and I was reading it in the car It's kind of a mysteryAnyway these books taught me how to read Up until that point I remember my mom being a bit pushy or so it seemed to me giving me books all the time but as soon as I read this the first tale of intrepid strawberry blonde sleuth Nancy and her friends Stupid Bess and George the Lesbian I basically became a little drug addict My substance of choice was these glorious yellow spined anachronisms which I sat around my basement bedroom devouring to the detriment of socialization math homework and other important developmental activitivesI have a personal theory about learning to read based only in my own experience and nothing else which is that formulaic redundant series books play a huge role in mastering this skill Really little kids love to read books they're memorized from hearing them and I think there's a similar process in slightly older kids who've learned to read words but not to enjoy them Series like the Nancy Drew books are great because they all begin exactly the same and skimming through that familiar formula makes the kid feel smart safe on top of things and eager to push forward through a plot which seems both highly suspenseful and completely predictable I was lucky enough to read some really fabulous children's literature in my day but honestly it wasn't the Newberry Award winners that taught me the habit it was books written on assembly lines in committee by ghosts or however it is that they produced these things see Sweet Valley HighThat said I'm not trying to take away any glory from Nancy Drew girl detective She was always so clever and brave and determined I hope girls still read these books and I hope one day to hand my own daughter The Secret of the Old Clock though probably not on the freeway