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Sacrifice characters ô eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB î ❁ [EPUB] ✹ Sacrifice By Cayla Kluver ➚ – ALERA rainha de um reino perdido secretamente apaixonada pelo inimigo SHASELLE filha de um pai assassinado uma rebelde com causa Uma vive atrás das antigas muralhas do palácio de Hytanican e camDeixar de amar Como as suas histórias se entrelaçam uma conspiração toma forma e tanto pode acabar em escravidão ou morte ou ter de novo liberdade mas apenas se cada uma conseguir enfrentar o ue deve ser sacrificado. Originally posted on A Reader of FictionsThe Legacy Trilogy has not garnered immense acclaim from most of my blogger friends In fact a full three of them rated the first book one star on Goodreads So yeah these books aren't for everyone and I know that but despite them being imperfect I really love this series Sacrifice was one of my most desired ARCs of 2012 and that's why it was my first ARC reuest as a YABC staff reviewer I'm happy to have been able to read it early because yet again I found myself wholly swept up in Cayla Kluver's world At this point be advised that there will be spoilers for the first two books in the rest of this reviewSacrifice gets off to a bit of a slow start dealing with the political ramifications of Cokyri's takeover of Hytanica That first chapter was a snoozefest but thankfully things picked up a few chapters in For the rest of the novel I was wholly engrossed just as I remember being every time I read a book in this seriesWhat I love about these books what makes me look past their faults and hold them up as personal favorites is the fact they Cayla Kluver always manages to convince me that I know what's going to happen and then pull the rug right out from under me Seriously this happened in every book usually than once It's so rare for me to be so unsure what will happen to the characters and I love that feeling especially since Kluver does so without stooping to impossible twists I just find that so refreshing and it's also why I'm always on tenterhooks as I read because anything could happenBoth Legacy and Allegiance were written entirely in Alera's perspective but in Sacrifice Kluver adds a second narrator Shaselle At first I was hugely skeptical but I ended up really liking Shaselle's point of view She's snarky and very different from Alera Her romance plot line was cute and I really loved her refusal to be put into a box of people's expectations I was just sitting here about to make the assertion that her perspective doesn't really add anything to the story from a narrative point of view but on further reflection I think her story serves as a foil to Alera's showing how things might have been a bit different had Alera chosen another path Maybe I'm crazy but I like this new theory of mineNow the romance did get me down a little bit Here's the thing I liked Narian at first in Legacy but I very much switched allegiance see what I did there in the next book Steldor while obnoxious at first just seems so much passionate and interesting than Narian I kept holding out hope for him to win in the end but honestly I knew as soon as I saw the second narrator that Alera wouldn't have any love triangle drama in this one I'm glad Alera's happy but my heart breaks for Steldor Perhaps a spinoff about Steldor is in orderThe writing was a bit clunky in places but I hope those issues will be fixed in the final version I usually don't mention such things when reviewing ARCs but I have to comment on one particular oddity At one point Shaselle referres to a horse as 'loco' Since when do they know Spanish in Hytanica The use of that totally threw me out of the text for a bit and I hope it's caught by the editor before final printingThe ending was a little bit too happy for my tastes but good enough All in all I declare this an immensely satisfying conclusion to the trilogy though I still want that spinoff I hope Cayla Kluver continues to write books than can completely catch me off guard

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Para manter a frágil paz na sua amada terra A outra erra pelas ruas devastadas pela guerra em busca de vingança para a tragédia ue atingiu a família Ambas fazem escolhas ue as irão separar daueles ue não conseguem. Alright I said when I read this book that I would review it I am now after months of stalling writing it I love Legacy It is my favorite series But I don't love this book I don't hate it but I am seriously disappointed with it and there are some things about it that just make me angry And worst of all my opinion of it soured a lot the I thought about it which is not good in a bookAlera When she wasn’t drooling over Narian something she never did in the earlier books she was complaining about how unfair it was that her fellow Hytanicans who she would have done anything for in Legacy and Allegiance couldn’t just accept the outcome of the war view spoilerAnd at the end of the book when the High Priestess tried to kill Narian instead of accepting Alera’s proposed treaty she and Narian fled back to Hytanica which had been reclaimed by Cannan Steldor London and co while they were in Cokyri Suddenly Alera had the renewed support of the Hytanicans she had been arguing with and siding against for the whole book and she decided to offer the Cokyrians peace Now even though the High Priestess had chosen to kill Narian instead of signing the treaty and Cokyri was than capable of crushing Hytanica again Alera felt confident that the High Priestess would sign it after she learned her attempted assassination had failed Why You’ll never know; the book ended on that note hide spoiler

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SacrificeALERA rainha de um reino perdido secretamente apaixonada pelo inimigo SHASELLE filha de um pai assassinado uma rebelde com causa Uma vive atrás das antigas muralhas do palácio de Hytanican e caminha no fio da navalha. My god That's all I can say This book took me an ENTIRE MONTH to complete that's how much I didn't like it Don't get me wrong I finished the other 2 in a day each and I enjoyed both novels but oh god this was just terribleFirst off with all these novels with empowering women coming out I feel like this one is a step back I mean Alera she just sits around hoping for the best doing everything she can for Narian and I cannot take it I mean if something invaded my country I'd be doing all the plans to get it back She just sits around and even when she has a hunch about something brushes it off and lets it go The fact is she's clever and has the right intentions but just does absolutely nothing with itThen we have Shaselle a new POV in this novel She was just up and down with me changing her mind and thinking every other chapter and it was exhausting She runs away from home because she feels captured and does nothing but come back home after realizing how stupid of a mistake that was I feel like so much could've been done with that character but instead all that I got from her was some wannabe heroI was looking forward to the ending of this series but I honestly cannot stand it I mean throughout several times I was reading the novel I was tempted to chuck it across the room Here we have a book about a country that was forced to its knees with pain suffering and war at its roots perfect chance for redemption but instead I get pathetic behind the scenes attempts I mean if we were only given the scenes about the planning of the uprising And man did I learn to love Steldor in this book he's all about doing somethingI believe than instead of Shaselle's perspective it would've been better to have Narian's his struggles inner conflicts and his role in the entire book would've made such a better storyOh well too bad I got this poorly written novel instead Such a waste of money