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review An Englishman Aboard × eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ An Englishman Aboard By Charles Timoney ❅ – From the author of Pardon My French and A Certain Je Ne Sais uoi this is the charming and hilariously funny story of one man's attempt to travel the entire length of the Seine L boats to inflatables he encounters truffle thieving terriers and obsessive fishermen grapples with strong rapids and stubborn cattle and is nearly destroyed by a cheese so smelly it comes with its own health warningThis is the charming and often hilarious story of Charles's uixotic uest and the most uniue guide to the true France that you will find. Charles Timoney an Englishman living in France builds a rowing boat from a kit and then in a moment of madness accepts a New Year's eve challenge from friends to travel the length of the River Seine This is the tale of his journey on which he is accompanied most of the way by his longsuffering French wife InèsThe book is a travelogue written in a lightly humorous style with insights into French culture life language and history The River Seine is long 470miles776km Timoney writes about many interesting places along its route from its source in Burgundy which I have visited on through Paris finally reaching the sea at Le Havre My major complaint is the lack of any map or maps in the version I read paperback not sure about other versions though the publishers included several unnecessary I felt grainy photographs The only really useful picture was that of the coypu le ragolin an animal we've seen several times but failed until now to identify Apparently like the mink in the UK it's an introduced species that escaped and now thrives in the wild As a Francophile I wanted to know where Timoney was so I could add them to our 'must visit list so had to read the book with a map in hand The confusion is compounded by the fact that he seems to retrace his steps in order to find transport especially around Paris uite understandable in the circumstances If they had printed even some simple maps this would have helped but without it at times I found it rather irritatingI enjoyed this book revisiting places we have been and learning about many others some of which are on our 'must visit' list I've also learned plenty of new French words phrases and collouialisms to try out I hope One of my favourites has to be il est tombé dans les pommes he has fallen in the apples collouial for he has fainted instead of using the formal verb s'évanouir which I didn't know either Another favourite was the expression un violon d'Ingres a hobby Ingres being a famous French painter rather than a musicianDid Timoney finish the challenge Of course he did That surely isn't a plot spoiler However this book is about the travel and the people than about his little rowing boat which was the cause of the challenge Understandably other river transport was sought and the rowing boat hardly used after Paris as the size of other river traffic made it far too dangerous the exception being a short row from the open sea to the shore at the mouth of the Seine to formally finish the journeyI thoroughly enjoyed this book which I first heard in an abridged version on BBC Radio 4 in their morning Book of the Week slot This is Timoney's third book but the others whilst being about culture language and people are I understand less about travel and the type of book that can be easily dipped into rather than read cover to cover My husband has enjoyed both Perhaps I'll give them a go

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From the author of Pardon My French and A Certain Je Ne Sais uoi this is the charming and hilariously funny story of one man's attempt to travel the entire length of the Seine by boatWhen Charles shows his friends the rowing boat he has spent the last six months building he little realises the adventures that lie ahead Several glasses of champagne la. It wasn't hilariously funny as described in the blurb but it wasn't a bad read The plus points were mildly interesting if forgettable anecdotes and the book was well written As a former yachtie I did enjoy the use of slightly technical words but I wondered if they would throw other people off Reminded me of my sailing daysThe author failed to engage me and perhaps other readers with his great enthusiasm for discovering the 'real' France by sailing the length of a river whose attractions didn't come across for me at all Much as I enjoyed the sailing terms I didn't enjoy the constant interjection of the author's French It seemed redundant and a bit show offy Or is my total inadeuacy with languages despite six boring years of it in school and a lot of travelling showing Actually I'm good with food language I can read menus in at least 10 languages don't want to get fobbed off with horse meat when I wanted a beef steak Yes it happened I think you have to be upper middle class have a petite gite en Burgundy and know which beaujolais nouveau is worth drinking in order to really appreciate this book It seemed written for the insider than the plebs like meOther Francophiles and enthusiasts of Peter Mayle's Provence books might enjoy this one a lot than I did25 starsLeafmarksBookLikes

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An Englishman AboardTer it is New Year's Eve he finds himself An Englishman ePUB #10003 betting he will travel the entire length of the Seine from source to the sea in the next year and discover the true FranceBut the reality proves somewhat difficult than he had expected As Charles sets sail into an unvarnished France on a variety of craft from steamers to police patro. From BBC radio 4 Book of the weekCharles Timoney is an English writer with a French wife living in FranceAfter showing a group of friends the rowing boat he has spent the last six months building Charles possibly unwisely accepts a challenge to travel the entire length of the River Seine from source to the sea using the boat where he can to discover the true FranceBut it proves rather difficult than he imagined Not all of the Seine is navigable by rowing boat so he sets sail into an unvarnished France on a variety of craft hitching lifts in everything from a converted Parisian tourist boat to a sailing boat with no mast He even tries out an amphibious vehicleAlong the way he encounters Stèphane a carp fisherman with a very strange habit grapples with rapids and stubborn cattle rescues a couple when their sailing dinghy capsizes and discovers that rowing in the dark is frightening than he first thoughtWritten by Charles TimoneyAbridged by Libby SpurrierReader Mark HeapProducer Joanna GreenA Pier Production for BBC Radio 4httpswwwbbccoukprogrammesb02m