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Summary Riding the Elephant A Memoir of Altercations Humiliations Hallucinations and Observations

Read & download ì Riding the Elephant A Memoir of Altercations Humiliations Hallucinations and Observations ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê ❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Riding the Elephant A Memoir of Altercations Humiliations HallucinationsFormance Craig discusses his deep love for his native Scotland examines his profound psychic change brought on by fatherhood and looks at aging and mortality with a perspective the Elephant A Memoir of ePUB #10003 that he was incapable of as a younger man Each story is strung together in a colorful tapestry that ultimately reveals a complicated man who has learned to process and even enjoy the unusual trajectory of the Elephant A Memoir of ePUB #10003 his life. this review is for the audiobook edition narrated by the author craig fergusonyep it was okay i find ferguson generally pretty clever and entertaining and he can certainly throw together a sentence that smacks but i never really clicked with this one apart from uite enjoying listening to his scottishness

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Ng memoir readers will get a look into the mind and recollections of the uniue and twisted Scottish American who became a national hero for pioneering the world's first TV robot skeleton sidekick and reviving two dudes in a horse suit dancing as the Elephant A Kindle #212 a form of entertainmentIn Riding the Elephant there are some stories that are too graphic for television too politically incorrect for social media or too meditative for a stand up comedy per. I usually stick to fiction as a reader because reading is my escape I need to be able to lose myself in untrue stories If anything can make me read non fiction it’s Craig Ferguson I have previously read and loved his autobiography American On PurposeI decided to do the audiobook of Riding the Elephant because he was the narrator I watched his talk show for 10 years because I loved how he told stories He’s unmatched in his ability to simultaneously mix his clever wit with “real talk” The way he’s always told his personal stories is effortless and he’s brutally honest about all of his experiences Never holding back Having lived such a fascinating life the way he talks about his memories is utterly captivating One second he can make you giggle and then the next you’ll be completely silent while nodding your head agreeing with the truth he’s spilling outReading Riding the Elephant is reading full uncensored Craig If anything he’s better than he ever was He was making me laugh Making me think Making me want to jump up and applaud his daring introspective Listening to him tell his stories again was a wonderful experience After each chapter I would say “wow” out loud That man certainly has a way with words I’m not sure how relevant this will be for my review but I’m going to get deeply personal here Sometimes it’s hard to explain how much a book can mean to you and I have a bit of a story to tell This is not something I’ve ever talked about with anyone other than my mom so here it goesCraig Ferguson saved my life Five nights a week Every week For ten yearsDuring that time of my life I was dealing with some serious depression The type of scary depression that is not easy to talk about It wasn’t the first time I’ve dealt with that and it wasn’t the last However this was the first time that I found something that actually helped meOne January night in 2005 during a bought of insomnia I was channel surfing did I just age myself Does anyone even do that any and stumbled across the west coast feed of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson I couldn’t tell you who the guests were that night I can’t remember any jokes that were told I didn’t have my eureka moment or anything like that I just remember laughing A lot Harder than I had in a remarkably long time This late night talk show host had the type of humour that was completely my type of humour I went to bed smiling for the first time in foreverI tuned in again the next night east coast feed this time and the next night and the next etc It took a couple of months but I slowly came to realize I felt a little lighter in my soul And that’s when I had my eureka moment Craig Ferguson was helping me He was helping me get better He was helping me be me again It felt like he was saving me All because of how he told jokes and how he talked about his own history through anecdotes He often made me feel completely understood because of what he would confide to his audienceSo for ten years I lived through every weekday knowing this I was guaranteed a laugh at the end of the day; I would have this brilliant man tell the most beautifully insightful and moving stories; I could let all of my troubles go just a little bit because I had this show to cheer me up that was hosted by a Scottish comedian who had a robot skeleton sidekick and two guys in a pantomime horse costumeKnowing that I would have these guarantees got me through a lot of really hard days Remarkably during those years I almost never felt myself falling back into that darkness that’s forever following me All because of a late night show that could be silly and poignant and sometimes both at the same time Did I ever think a comedian with a tv show could ever come to mean so much to me To be a bright light in the darkness No Who ever would have guessed that But that show definitely left it’s mark on me I still notice when the clock reads 1237 Riding the Elephant brought me back to the days of watching that show Remembering that first night when I fell asleep with a smile on my face and realizing how far I’ve comeSo thank you Craig for writing this book and thank you for saving me all those years ago

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Riding the Elephant A Memoir of Altercations Humiliations Hallucinations and ObservationsFrom the comedian actor and former Elephant A PDFEPUB #10003 host of The Late Late Show comes an irreverent lyrical memoir in essays featuring his signature witCraig Ferguson has defied the odds his entire life He has failed when he should have succeeded and succeeded when he should have failed The fact that he is neither dead nor in a locked facility Riding the MOBI #207 at the time of printing is something of a miracle in itself In Craig's candid and reveali. I loved Craig Ferguson's late night show I enjoyed his radio show whenever I could Even when I wasn't a big reader I read and enjoyed his autobiography And I enjoyed this book as well This feels introspective than American On Purpose and there is plenty here to dig into and think about from dealing with your past fears about your present and uncertainty about the future It might not sound it but I feel like it's ultimately a hopeful book one where we can learn from each other and learn how to handle what life throws our way Also the chapter on Margaret in particular was lovelyThe one thing that I found frustrating is that it seems like Ferguson has never met a fat person he doesn't feel compelled to tell us about their fatness Fat people are porcine and have fat fingers and they're the ones who make toilet seats warm never their thin counterparts Fatness is presented as something bad Whenever mentions of fatness happened which wasn't a lot but enough to notice it felt like a short slap that briefly took me out of whatever was being said Though I could get myself back into the story being told these uick hits against fatness were disappointing