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Read & Download Double Trouble à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ï [Download] ✤ Double Trouble Author D.J. Heart – Can one human handle two alpha werewolves Brian Holt is about to find out Brian never fantasized about being claimed by a werewolf The appeal is obvious werewolves tend toward unfairly attrLs and the thick neck exposed by his unzipped jacket He had thin lips and a dimpled chin with a strong jaw and sharp cheekbones that landed him on just the right side of too pretty Meeting the werewolf's eyes for a fraction of a second blue so pale they almost looked gray Brian had to look away at the sight of sheer want in the other man's eyesHis belly tingled with heat like it hadn't done since since the last time a werewolf had looked at him like thatBrian ducked his head staring at the werewolf's denim clad legs and huge boots before forcing himself to look up again The werewolf's expression was still heated his eyes locked on Brian with an intensity that made his insides suirmCan I come. I loved Double Trouble Two Werewolves for Brian I was so excited to see a new book from DJ Heart He is one of my go to authors for books that are heavy in BDSM with super dominate alphas and needy submissives The fact that this book has two alpha werewolves that have a submissive human mate just makes it that much better cause you get the whole fated mates also I loved the interactions between the two werewolves Hunter and Abe and how they both keep each other in check to make sure that they didn't let their werewolves instincts jeopardize the health of their human mates So many hot sexy times between Brian Hunter and Abe and I loved that there were scenes between Brian and Hunter Brian and Abe and Hunter and Abe in addition to the three of them being together at the same timeSo if you are looking for a book with hot sexy dominate werewolves and a submissive human mate and plenty of hot sexy scenes and a great plot then this is the book for youI voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book

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N expects is for the stud to come knocking on his doorThis k word romance novel features two scorching hot alpha werewolves with a kink list three pages long a confused young man and secrets than you can shake a stick at The story contains BDSM a well euipped playroom and uestionable werewolf anatomy It has a guaranteed HEAThere was a knock at the door Expecting his best friend Luke Brian put the dish towel down and walked across the room to open itIt was the werewolf He was tall head reaching almost to the top of the door with wide shoulders and a trim waist his boulder like biceps making the sleeves of his leather jacket bulgeHe was hugeLooking up Brian took in the man's mountainous pectora. Brian was too passive and dumb He expressed no curiosity about werewolves or his mates He blindly did what he was told by authority figures without uestioning He was satisfied not knowing why about life events and people Along with a mental deficit he also had a lack of emotional connection with his mates friend and sister The only person he cared for was his mother Abe and Hunter had a strong relationship and provided emotional support for each other and extended it to Brian Brian was stuck in his own world and only focused on his needs Both werewolves were standup guys who broke tradition in their mating with Brian giving him choice independence and financial supportThe sex was raunchy a la DJ Heart style It lost steam after a while due to Brian's dud personalityThe state of the union plot twist at the end was ominous for the US population It really showed that Abe and Hunter to be great guys in the overall scheme of things Unfortunately Brian didn't have the emotional capacity to give back to make a balanced menage

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Double TroubleCan one human handle two alpha werewolves Brian Holt is about to find out Brian never fantasized about being claimed by a werewolf The appeal is obvious werewolves tend toward unfairly attractive in that whole ruggedly handsome and muscle bound way but being chosen is the kind of thing that only happens to people on the news It's like winning the lottery or falling into a sinkhole It's not something that would realistically happen to him Except it did and then the werewolf changed his mindThree years after being told that choosing him was a mistake Brian is trying to get on with his life when news spreads that there's a werewolf on campus Hiding away in his apartment the very last thing Bria. The first 25% was solid and exactly what I have come to expect from this author To be honest very few write it this well It's always hovering at the line of consent and dirty kinky fun This one was going along swimmingly and it just deflates like a balloon and everybody backs off and for me it lacked the steam to keep it moving Having them be apart and then getting together only on weekends diminished some of the fun they felt distanced I mean the authors other books don't have the guys together every day but I never felt the absence so keenly It did go romantic and less erotic and that was ok and I liked all three guys I mean I should be saying I liked that they backed off on Brian when it was too much I should be all happy Sigh But I guess I'm a bit too depraved I wanted darker Still good just made me go back and re read The Billionaire's Puppy The Complete Collection again which is totally a classic to me on this dub con line and so freakin' hot