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CHARACTERS á Undocumented Ó ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Undocumented Author Dan-el Padilla Peralta – An undocumented immigrant’s journey from a New York City homeless shelter to the top of his Princeton classDan el Padilla Peralta has lived the American dream As a boy he came here legally with his An Undocumented immigranLy in grade school the family joined the ranks of the city’s homeless Dan el his mother and brother lived in a downtown shelter where Dan el’s only refuge was the meager library There he met Jeff a young volunteer from a wealthy family Jeff was immediately struck by Dan el’s passion for books and learning With Jeff’s help Dan el was accepted on scholarship to Collegiate the oldest private school in the countryThere Dan el thrived Throughout his youth Dan el navigated these two worlds the rough stree. Undocumented is the autobiography of Dan el Padilla Peralta beginning with his legal arrival in the United States with his family through homelessness prep schools graduation from Princeton and post graduate studies at Oxford It is the story of choices Choices of Dan el's parents to immigrate to America legally knowing that this country would offer the best future Choices to birth a child in the United States for the purpose of receiving anchor baby benefits and entering the welfare system Choices of his parents to separate and for Dan el's mother to remain in the United States illegally after their work visa lapsed Choices have conseuences and Dan el struggled with the conseuence of being illegal and paperless from his primary to his post graduate education His choice to work hard at his studies along with the fortuitous help of many people and the scholarships he received propelled him along an impressive academic pathWhile the book is well written and Dan el's story is noteworthy there was a pervasive mindset of entitlement from his mother and himself which made the book a bit of a slog to read In addition as his intellect rocketed upward his character unfortunately did not His attitude toward and discussion of women with his fellow scholars did not mature and was a source of disappointment as a readerIt was also disappointing to realize that after all the educational and cultural opportunities afforded him in the United States his attitude toward those whose opinions differed on immigration was I could bang hard on how shortsighted it was of my old roommate to get suckered into this niggerizing discourse about undocumented immigrants Good for nothing lazy take shit from the hard working American coloreds How deaf are you if you can't hear the whispers of 'Nigger nigger nigger' in the background And also a final word at the end of the book to all the haters It is regrettable that despite his educational accomplishments he cannot accept that an opposing viewpoint on immigration does not eual hate or the n word Dan'el's academic trajectory was achievable because he lived his educational years in the United States Yet he seems oddly indifferent to an honest examination of what is it about the United States that makes his amazing story possible Several principles andor systems come to mind adherence to a rule of law that allows citizens to live freely pursue their dreams and retain their private property; the taxation of 12 of the population for redistribution in the form of entitlements; the remaining vestiges of a free market economic system that continues to support families business and government; and a mindset of charity of both time and money to help those in greater need Without these and Dan el's story cannot happen which is why his parents chose to come to the United States instead of Mexico or Brazil or any of a hundred other countriesSo I wonder when Dan el ends the book with this paragraph Immigrant brothers and sisters Of course people will yell at you that America is not yours That you have no stake in American no place in America no right to belong in America You must not let them get off lightly with saying that You must argue remonstrate shout back that your hands and feet and minds are as much a part of America as theirs are Together we must fight to ensure that America remains not the dream of the chauvinistically minded few but the fulfillment of hopes for many We are the ascendant America is ours and we must not concede otherwise I wonder what laws I could break and raise my fist and shout a paragraph like this To what country could I immi

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Ts of East Harlem where he lived with his brother and his mother and tried to make friends and the ultra elite halls of a Manhattan private school where he could immerse himself in a world of books and where he soon rose to the top of his classFrom Collegiate Dan el went to Princeton where he thrived and where he made the momentous decision to come out as an undocumented student in a Wall Street Journal profile a few months before he gave the salutatorian’s traditional address in Latin at his commencement. When I first discovered this book I was so excited I had finished reading Sonia Nazzario's Enriue's Journey which explored the trials of an Enriue an undocumented man So when I discovered Undocumented a firsthand account of Dan el I was so excited to delve even deeper into this important topic However a book that had so much potential fell flat with lack of exploration into the political and social implications of being an undocumented person in the US I have never been a huge fan of the memoir genre because the tone can be a bit self serving and egocentric Unfortunately Undocumented was no different the book started out uite strong but as Dan el never found his groove In fact his overuse of slang and lack of personal introspection caused his memoir to fall a bit flat His writing style came off a bit immature for a many who is so intelligent I am not sure if he chose to intermingle street slang with academic language to prove the point that his Dominican upbringing in East Harlem was just as much a part of him as his academic life at Princeton and Oxford but whatever his intention his memoir was a struggle to read in several portions His intellect was not very apparent in his writing Perhaps if he had incorporated statistics or facts beyond his own reality into the narrative his story would have been a powerful platform to comment on the political decisions that caused such strife in his life

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UndocumentedAn undocumented immigrant’s journey from a New York City homeless shelter to the top of his Princeton classDan el Padilla Peralta has lived the American dream As a boy he came here legally with his family Together they left Santo Domingo behind but life in New York City was harder than they imagined Their visas lapsed and Dan el’s father returned home But Dan el’s courageous mother was determined to make a better life for her bright sonsWithout papers she faced tremendous obstacles While Dan el was on. I received a copy of Undocumented from the publisher via the Goodreads First Reads programWhen I saw the listing for this book I knew immediately I had to read it I'm first generation American with immigrant parents My mother is from the Dominican Republic Nothing about my upbringing paved the way for my academic career except for my own natural curiosity love of learning and literature and drive So I was really curious to read about Dan el Padilla Peralta whose upbringing was a lot complicated and difficult than my own Reading about how Dan el made it to the Ivy League with sheer determination and some luck was really inspiring He encountered many problems related to his status as an illegal immigrant as well as his poor financial situation However this never stopped him from his dream of doing well in school studying the classics and making it all the way to Princeton and beyondThere were many things I liked about this book It's very timely considering the recent conversation about immigration and what immigrants contribute to American society and the economy Dan el is a fine example of how living in the US provides much opportunities for academic success I put Dan el Padilla Peralta up there with Junot Diaz as examples of the intellectual potential of Dominicans We are often relegated to being recognized solely for our baseball skillsI would have given the book 5 stars except for a couple of things I couldn't connect with the author He was born with a talent for academics and he had a lot of help along the way from good friends and mentors I didn't have any natural talent or help whatsoever This is not the author's fault but just my personal reaction This is not to say the author's journey was easy He had to work very hard to get to where he was and his story is very admirable because of that The cover is a poor choice and the book is a first person memoir yet they chose a third person subtitle for the book Penguin the publisher should know better I also was really confused at who the intended audience was The author uses relatively simple language as well as lots of Dominican and street slang throughout the text After I finished the book I re read the letter at the beginning of the book to see if I missed some insight into the purpose of the book but it read like a summary of his storyI did give the book four stars because it was a very enjoyable read I loved rooting for the author as I learned about his journey and I think the book is incredibly important and timely People need to read about the immigrant experience and they need to see that there is potential beyond what people relegate to immigrants This book would be great for book groups who want to sit down and talk about immigration in AmericaI read a galley of the book so it is not the final edited text that will be published I hope the publisher will encourage the author to re write his letter to the reader that appears in the front of the book And maybe they'll change the cover when they put the book in paperback