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First there was The English Assassin Then there was The English Girl Now comes The English SpyMaster novelist Daniel Silva has thrilled readers with seventeen thoughtful and gripping spy novels featuring a diverse cast of compelling characters and ingenious plots that have taken. In this 15th book in the 'Gabriel Allon' series the Israeli spy is hunting the bombmaker uinn who is responsible for the death of his family and the bombing of a British royal entourage The book can be read as a standalone Israeli spyart restorer Gabriel Allon is about to become the father of twins and the head of the Israeli spy agency when a British princess and her entourage are blown up The perpetrator is uinn the expert bomb maker Gabriel deems ultimately responsible for the death of his first wife and child So Gabriel goes back into the field with the goal of finding and killing uinn Gabriel teams up with Keller an AWOL British soldier and skilled assassin soon to be an agent of MI6 and they're off on a multi country adventure Before long Gabriel and Keller are lured to the site of a major bombing and Gabriel is 'killed' wink wink which might just lower the guard of the bad guys The story has a variety of interesting characters including a beautiful Russian agent who bedded the British Prime Minister and was later sprung out of Russia by Gabriel; Angry revenge seeking Russians;A cell of the Irish Republican Army IRA;A double dealing Iranian;A British mole; and so on There's an interesting rivalry between the heads of MI5 and MI6 who have to work together but willingly sabotage each other when things go awry During the course of the story the reader gets a seemingly authentic and fascinating peek into spycraft running agents exposing double agents prying information out of people Jack Bauer style and This kind of thing is always fun to experience vicariously well maybe not the tortureThis is a well crafted fast paced story that kept my attention from the first page to the last Highly recommended to fans of espionage thrillersYou can follow my reviews at

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The English SpyThem around the The English MOBI #207 globe and back from the United States to Europe Russia to the Middle East His brilliant hero Gabriel Allon art restorer assassin spy has joined the pantheon of great fictional secret agents including George Smiley Jack Ryan Jason Bourne and Si. Silva never disappoints but this is one of his finest as he revisits the England Northern Ireland Troubles in current day He also has fairly blunt commentary on US UK Iran Israeli Russian geopolitics

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The English Spy Characters Á 2 ñ ❧ The English Spy free download ➛ Author Daniel Silva – First there was The English Assassin Then there was The English Girl Now comes The English SpyMaster novelist Daniel Silva has thrilled readers with seventeen thoughtful and gripping spy novels featur First there was The EnMon TemplarFollowing the success of his smash hit The Heist Daniel Silva returns with another powerhouse of a novel one that showcases his outstanding skill and brilliant imagination and which is sure to be a must read for both his multitudes of fans and growing legions of convert. It is with great sadness that I write this review as it means that once again I have finished my new Daniel Silva book and will need to wait an entire year to read another Gabriel Allon adventureThe English Spy is 15th book in the Gabriel Allon series Each book gets better than the last Gabriel is suppose to be starting just starting a new painting restoration and then heading to Israel to be with Chiara for the birth of their twins But as always duty calls Graham head of M16 with the permission of Mossad enlists Gabriel for one mission before the birth of his children and becoming head of Mossad The birth of his children he is looking forward to being chief of Mossad not so muchGraham needs him to find and eliminate Eamon uinn an Irish bomb maker who is responsible for killing many in Ireland and believed to be responsible for recent death of the English ex princess whose boat was bombed The Princess is never named but I saw shade of beloved Princess Diana in her backstory Gabriel recruits Christopher Keller to help find uinn He also with Graham's encouragement gets Keller reconnected to England and M16 It was great seeing Christopher Keller back in action Keller and Allon both have personal reasons to go after uinn Sometimes revenge is good for the soul for closureThe English Spy ends with the birth of the twins and Allon postponing for three months assuming control of the Office It will be interesting to see if Gabriel can put aside is adventures and remain in the office Only time will tell and book 16