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If I Never Get Back A NovelSam Fowler Never Get PDF #8608 is taking a modern day Amtrak home to San Francisco when an unscheduled stop somewhere west of Cleveland gives him the opportunity to stretch his legs Instead Sam finds that time has stretched and mysteri. Darryl Brock's If I Never Get Back is not and also does not in any way ever claim to be either a literary classic or a masterpiece But reading does not always have to be a chore or an academic undertaking and for the sheer pleasure of entertainment for an appreciated escape from reality into the pages of a novel not only does If I Never Get Back always and continuously grab the reader and hold his or her interest throughout there are concurrently and further both enough history and enough reality or rather possible reality to present a well balanced and even believable time travel odyssey of fun of entertainment of pathos and even potential tragedy all in a framework of both meticulously researched and interesting historical facts that the novel that If I Never Get Back actually usually succeeds in literally making most of us or at least many of us not be able to put it down once started For truth be told the first time I read If I Never Get Back I started at around 600 pm in the evening and I finished at 100 pm the next afternoon not having gone to bed not having bothered with either supper or breakfast so enthralled and captivated was I with and by time traveling Sam Fowler and his exploits his sojourn with the Cincinnati Red Stockings his meetings and romps with none other than Mark Twain his love affair with the widowed sister of one of the baseball players he encounters Well researched engagingly and evocatively recounted and in a style that is always readable approachable and this even when author Darryl Brock waxes descriptive and poetic about the history of baseball If I Never Get Back is for me and to me the absolutely perfect reading candy not too substantial not too sweet and saccharine but also filled with just enough literary and historical substance and information to satisfy someone like myself someone who is generally and for all intents and purposes rather academically inclined and enjoys perusing and researching specific reality based factoids Most highly recommended and no you really DO NOT have to be all that much a baseball aficionado to enjoy If I Never Get Back although if you actually happen to despise baseball as a sport you might want to consider a different novel as there is and naturally so much information about baseball and baseball history presented and described in If I Never Get Back

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review If I Never Get Back A Novel 100 ò ❴KINDLE❵ ❆ If I Never Get Back A Novel Author Darryl Brock – Sam Fowler is taking a modern day Amtrak home to San Francisco when an unscheduled stop somewhere west of Cleveland gives him the opportunity to stretch his legs Instead Sam finds that time has stretc Sam FOusly transported him back to Bewildered at first Sam If I PDFEPUBsoon meets up with the Cincinnati Red Stockings baseball's first all professional team and begins to ride the rails with them on their first national tour across post Ci. I accept that not everyone may enjoy If I Never Get Back as much as I do This wonderful book has many of my favorite things Baseball historic pre National League baseball American History especially nineteenth century history Mark Twain Irish history paranormal activities ghosts time travel and baseballOur hero with lots of current time troubles including divorce legal problems anger management and alcohol abuse finds himself flung back in time and space to 1869 where he meets up with the recently all pro Cincinnati Red Stockings the lineal ancestors of today’s Reds – no kidding From there the reader is taken on a Mark Twain esue adventure featuring the man himselfThe supernatural themes and time travel elements reminded me of Marlys Millhiser’s 1978 novel The Mirror as the reader has many hints about what is going on but mystery is the edifice upon which the narrative tension is builtFun poignant well researched and well written this could be a five star for someone like me who loves all this stuff but could be enjoyable by most readers of speculative fiction because of the uality of Brock’s work

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Vil War America He encounters a political conspiracy a get rich uick scheme with Mark Twain and through I Never Get PDF #203 it all the shaky legged beginnings of America's favorite pastime I Never Get Back A Kindle before it ever wa. The ol' sudden trip back in time blends with baseball in this very entertaining tale by Darryl Brock which spawned a seuel Throwing the modern man back into an earlier age to see what happens hardly is new from Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court onwardThe Twain reference is appropriate because the main character in If I Never Get Back Sam Fowler does in fact meet a young Twain on a twain — er train — after he's inexplicably transported from the late 1980s to 1869 while waiting for an Amtrak train Fowler gets to hang with his hero and even plots with him in a get rich uick scheme involving a plundered graveBut the bigger focus here as evidenced by the bat on the book's cover is baseball's early days Fowler a reporter in his real life hooks up with the first real professional baseball team the Cincinnati Red Stockings as they travel East and elsewhere taking on the best ball teams the country has to offer even getting to play for the legendary club The book is baseball heavy in spots so fans will be transfixed than those who are ho hum about America's pastime The game was far different then and Brock makes sure that through Fowler we know how different Brock sets up encounter after encounter with old school rules surprising narrator Fowler so often with the differences it's as though the author is rapidly going through a checklist of them So that gets a little repetitious but it also showcases one of the big strengths of this very fine tale extraordinary research Brock puts us there amid the sights and smells and sounds from the choking air of coal fueled Cincinnati to the difficulties of getting to the good stuff through a woman's 1869 attireYes there's love here as well as Fowler puts the make on a teammate's lovely sister who's involved in militant plots to free Ireland Fowler is dogged by Irish gangsters from coast to coast the Red Stockings keep on playing as their legend grows and we're delightfully immersed in 1869 70 America hip deep Brock takes us in fact from coast to coast as the team plays as far east as New York and as far west as California Peppering this stew is a spiritualist and of course TwainAlong the way Fowler invents the bunt the scoreboard and the hamburger and plays a little ditty called Yellow Submarine for his teammates If I Never Get Back has lots of these delightful fun touches which put us right with Fowler as modern folk experiencing 1869 for the first time Not everything comes together perfectly and I could just as easily give this book three stars but the baseball factor and the research give this one a boost upwardBaseball fans could do a lot worse than reading If I Never Get Back as a spring pick me up to get them primed for the season