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read Columbine kindle Ò Hardcover æ ❴Reading❵ ➾ Columbine Author Dave Cullen – The tragedies keep coming As we reel from the latest horror So begins a new epilogue illustrating how Columbine became the template for nearly two decades of spectacle murders It is a false script sei The tragedies keep coAgue grows urgent every yearWhat really happened AprilThe horror left an indelible stamp on the American psyche but most of what we know is wrong It wasn't about jocks Goths or the Trench Coat Mafia Dave Cullen was one of the first reporters on scene and spent ten years on this book widely recognized as the definitive account With a keen investi The very word “Columbine” summons an image of gun toting teens mowing down teachers and students in their high schools In the media frenzy of the time and in the years since certain misconceptions about the event have found their way into common wisdom The perpetrators were portrayed as Goths gays members of a trenchcoat wearing gang victims of bullying jocks and social outcasts None of this was true Cullen was one of the reporters on the scene when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed thirteen people at their high school seriously injuring many and ruining the lives of scores Dave Cullen image from FocusFeaturescomIt took years for much of the information about the case to find its way to public scrutiny the local police force somehow managing not only to display considerable incompetence in their handling of the investigation but an enthusiasm for hiding and destroying evidence of their actions and inactions Cullen has pulled together all available info and tells the story of the two boys who perpetrated this crime how they came to their decision to act how they went about gathering their deadly materials how they planned their actions and how they leaked enough information about their plans that anyone paying attention should have seen what was coming Cullen looks at the impact on many of the casualties One teen girl was reported to have proclaimed her faith in Jesus before being shot dead It never happened That did not stop her family and some religious hucksters from attempting to gain from the tall tale Cullen tells of court cases that continued for years of victims who courageously worked themselves back from catastrophic injury of those who were never able to recover and of some who nurtured their rage for years It is a compelling story Cullen tells moving sad hopeful and unfortunately all too real It is very a positive contribution for Cullen to have sorted out the many pieces of this complex puzzle and to show us how the pieces interlink It is always better to operate and analyze from a base of knowledge I cannot say that this was an enjoyable read but it was very informative very enlighteningEXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter Instagram Goodreads Youtube and FB pagesMy review of Cullen’s 20190 book Parkland

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Gative eye and psychological acumen he draws on mountains of evidence insight from the world's leading forensic psychologists and the killers' own words and drawings several reproduced in a new appendix Cullen paints raw portraits of two polar opposite killers They contrast starkly with the flashes of resilience and redemption among the survivor Right off the bat I will state that Columbine is one of the most riveting fascinating heartbreaking and revolting works of non fiction you will ever read What sets Columbine apart from all of the investigative reporting done during the aftermath of perhaps the most notorious school shooting in US history is Dave Cullen's skillful ability to cut through the mythology and hysteria surrounding the entire event Many of the myths that were accepted as fact that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were bullied loners who sought revenge against the jocks and the elites of Columbine are irrevocably shattered Utilizing countless pages and hours of testimony from survivors and others directly involved in the school shooting including the infamous Basement Tapes recorded by Harris and Klebold just days before their rampage Cullen paints in vivid detail the story of how an idyllic suburb suddenly became a buzzword for everything that was bad about everything; high school parents gun control religion etc Cullen smartly deflects the blame cast on Harris and Klebold's parents If anything the journals those two kept demonstrate teenagers have a tremendous capacity to mask their true feelings in the face of authority In Eric Harris' case he masked a case of classic textbook psychopathy; no amount of intervention or psychological evaluation could have revealed both his lack of empathy towards others and his massive superiority complex both which led him to eventually conclude that he was indeed like a God ready to enact his wrath on a world he deemed too stupid and lazy to live Klebold on the other hand was on the surface just melancholy but hid suicidal thoughts and tendencies and saw his own death as the only way of truly achieving any peace and tranuility in his life Apart the deadly rampage at Columbine may never have taken place; together with Harris' cold blooded planning and Klebold's eagerness Columbine became all but inevitableThere is blame to be cast and the villain0 of this story is the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department Their incompetence during the shooting and after inadvertently gave rise to much of the hostility and mythology that took place during the aftermath of the shooting Regardless of all the details Dave Cullen on every page painted a masterful image of the human tragedy that was Columbine We became riveted with what Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold unleashed upon Columbine on April 20 1999; Cullen reminds us that it's the who and the why of this event that gave it the gravity it deservedColumbine is recommended ready for everyone Everyone

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ColumbineThe tragedies keep coming As we reel from the latest horror So begins a new epilogue illustrating how Columbine became the template for nearly two decades of spectacle murders It is a false script seized upon by a generation of new killers In the wake of Newtown Aurora and Virginia Tech the imperative to understand the crime that sparked this pl What does it matter that two crazy teenagers shot 12 other teenagers and one teacher to death at a school somewhere in the American Midwest over ten years ago It was just another school shooting and since then we have had Virginia Tech which accounted for nearly three times as many victims didn’t it not to mention any amount of death and catastrophe in places other than schools Why should anyone want to write a book about this particular school shooting a decade down the line Why should we waste one thought on this loathsome pair Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold It’s a reasonable uestion and this book has a 400 page answer Eric was the driving force and Dylan named after Thomas not Bob was the depressive suicidal kid who was sucked into Eric’s mania They planned the whole thing for a year They called it “NBK” after the movie Natural Born Killers Eric chose the dateDavid Koresh’s Waco siege ended 19 April 1993 Timothy McVeigh’s Oklahoma City bombing which was his revenge for Waco 19 April 1995 Columbine 20 April 1999 Ah yes it was going to be on the 19th but Eric screwed up getting the right uantities of ammo so it had to be put back by a dayIn the 12 months before Judgement Day they wrote reams of journals Eric had a website they bragged about their plans to various pals who of course didn’t take it seriously and starting on March 15th 1999 they made many videos of themselves acting out mass murder or explaining why they were going to do it or apologising in advance to their parents Eric described his parents as “the best” and said “It fucking sucks to do this to them They’re going to be put through hell”and he uoted Shakespeare on that point “Good wombs have borne bad sons”He also said “I’ve narrowed it down It’s humans that I hate”and regarding the 1993 Brady Bill which had restricted the law on the sale of semiautomatics “Fuck you Brady It’s not like I’m some psycho who would go on a shooting spree”and “It’s kinda hard on me these last few days This is my last week on earth and they don’t know”But the overriding impression from these Basement Tapes as they have been amusingly named is one of glee – Eric and Dylan are so excited they’re gagging for this huge one performance only production They relish the greatness and horror they are about to unleash and express mild regret they won’t be around to enjoy everyone’s reactions or see the movie which will be made about it that would be Gus Van Sant’s Elephant – sorry Eric not Spielberg after all What did they actually want to do Dave Cullen sorts through all the mountains of evidence and discovers that Columbine wasn’t – actually – a school shooting it was a bombing which went wrong Eric and Dylan had been making bombs using internet information The two big ones were made out of propane gas canisters and others were in Eric’s car to divert the police On 20th April they sauntered into the school cafeteria and dumped down the big backpacks containing the bombs with timers ticking Then sauntered out No one batted an eye The bombs were supposed to blow up the whole school then ED would be outside picking off any fleeing students Death toll over 500 When Eric’s timing and detonation devices all failed – big disappointment of course – they stalked into the school and started shooting But within 15 minutes they were bored with that After the bloodbath in the library they could have gone round and shot dozens kids but they didn’t They sauntered past rooms packed with terrified kids and didn’t glance inside After half an hour of aimlessness some potshots at the police outside perhaps the real point of the whole thing was reached and both of them blew their brains outAnd in their minds that was CoolWhen the shooting began the police made a number of assumptions and a lot of mistakes some of which they can’t be blamed for – the mayhem and the students’ accounts as they fled made it seem like there was a whole team of gunmen inside the school This crippled the police response When the press got hold of the story a whole new series of assumptions erupted for instance that Eric and Dylan were loners That they were unpopular That they were waging a private war against a target maybe jocks maybe Christians maybe the whole school That they had horrendous family backgrounds That they were Goths or on drugs or that there was some significant incident which had triggered the rampage All wrong Then there was an assumption that there was a conspiracy the Trench Coat Mafia It surely couldn’t have just been two kids did all this there were involved The police spent months trying to solve this notional conspiracy There wasn’t one The media was flailing 2020 on ABC reported an unnamed police source saying “the boys may have been part of a dark underground national phenomenon known as the Gothic movement and that some of these Goths may have killed before” A few days later USA Today began their piece “Whatever these two young men in Colorado imagined themselves to be they weren’t Goths” No one knew anythingCullen’s simple solution to the why of it all is bathetic He says Eric Harris was a psychopath pure and simple and this dear friends is the kind of thing some psychopaths do Well If there is evil psychopaths are its living breathing rock and rolling embodiment Motiveless malignity Coleridge’s phrase describing Iago catches the horror but we the unpsychopathic really struggle hard with it – everything has a motive surely we are motive seeking missiles of brain and spirit we need reasons like we need food a reason to learn the violin and a reason to shoot 13 other human beings Motivelessness offends us Is there motiveless benevolence Yes this is known as altruism But doing good to others is seen as its own motive – to do good IS the motive doesn’t need an ulterior So is doing evil also its own motive and its own reward for some Do they bask in the pain and misery they cause in just the same way that others might shout with joy and hug each other as another Haitian is pulled from another collapsed house Then the pain and misery IS the motive The existence of psychopaths in our midst has already been addressed in movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers Children of the Damned and all those other alien invasion movies in which the aliens look exactly like humans – we thought it was because the movie’s budget was so low they couldn’t afford impressive costumes but in fact it was because aliens perfectly disguised as humans is the perfect metaphor for psycopathy – you can’t tell ‘em from normal people We can’t fill in the blanks Why would the fascinated excited contemplation of suicide and mass murder eventually fused together into one super cool entity called NBK so delight the minds of Dylan and Eric that it crowded out all the usual teenage boy obsessions such as having sex with teenage girls or being in a rock band and then having sex with teenage girls It drives us crazy so we lunge around – where did this evil come from Why didn’t anyone notice it Why didn’t anyone prevent it Who can we blame – not Eric and Dylan they were just kids You can hear this argument again and again every time a kid gets caught for something – the parent says “he’s not to blame it was his bad friends that led him astray” Let’s blame video games violent movies porn drugs the devil goth culture gun laws school bullies uh oh Eric WAS the school bully so that doesn’t work the parents Ah yes of course the parents “It also appears that even the best parenting may be no match for a child born to be bad” p241 – Cullen paraphrases Eric’s Shakespeare uote This is so un PC it explodes the whole thrust of child centered theory and whatnot which has been trying to get away from the Victorian view that in a class of thirty children there will be one limb of Satan hence the old insult “you young limb” Psychopaths know just as well as we do that certain things are considered to be bad so they try their best not to get caught But they just don’t agree that these things actually are bad They think they should be allowed to do whatever takes their fancy They must be in a permanent state of irritation with the world and its puerile petty rules A couple of psychopaths