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Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure With the Daleks review ✓ 0 ´ ❰Reading❯ ➿ Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure With the Daleks Author David Whitaker – This is Doctor Who's first exciting adventure with the Daleks Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright travel with the mysteTor Who and his granddaughter Susan Who in an eBook #10003 to the planet of Skaro in the space time machine the TARDIS There Who in an Exciting Adventure ePUB #10003 the. LAST TIME was the very first Doctor Who story to be novelized and the author obviously didn't feel the need to observe continuity or cannon with the original television show Whitaker has taken a LOT of liberties with the story The first chapter completely reimagines the beginning of Doctor Who and an Unearthly Child and how Barbara Ian encountered the Doctor and TARDIS This reintroduction of the supporting companions is a little off putting What is the narrative is in the first person told from Ian Chestertons' POV which I believe is the only Doctor Who novel to be written in this way It is NOT badly written in fact I would say that the style is sophisticated than modern novelizations and that is the reason for the four star ratingNEXT EPISODE

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Y strive to save the peace loving Thals from the evil intentions of the hideous Daleks Can they succeed And what is important will they ever see their native Earth again. Love this book gave me everything that I wanted in a Doctor Who bookCan't find any fault excellent writing style really enjoyed the book

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Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure With the DaleksIn an PDFEPUB #188 This is Doctor Who's first exciting adventure with the Daleks Ian Chesterton Doctor Who eBook #10003 and Barbara Wright travel with the mysterious Doc. This was the first ever novelisation of a Doctor Who tv story first published in the mid 60s To most fans of the show this book is all kinds of wonderful being hugely nostalgic and a crackingly well written novel in its own right Back then this was the only way to relive an episode VCRs or DVDs were far fetched science fiction ideas than some ones in the show David Whitaker was Story Editor on the original serial and here he takes Terry Nation's script and really adds life and depth Told in the first person from the point of view of Ian Chesterton the story kicks off by choosing to replace the whole school scenario of the first episode of an Unearthly Child with characters meeting each other for the first time after a traffic accident on Barnes Common It's a pretty atmospheric opening The Doctor is hostile and sly playing his mindgames with Ian The psychology of walking through those police box doors is explored uite comprehensively by Whitaker Due to the limited point of view some characters don't get as much of the limelight as they might have done notably Susan Her alien ualities get lost in retelling and her early baptism of fire having to retrieve the radiation drugs alone through the petrified forest is only briefly mentioned as she recounts the episode to her friends It's also fun to learn a bit about the Tardis facilities and I would like to know what Venusian Night Fish or Martian Summer berries taste like Other additions to the script are a full description of a Dalek mutant a Glass Dalek Everlasting Matches an amusing boxing match that Ian arranges to try to get the Thalls to regard fighting in the same way as other physical sports the seeds of a romance between Ian and Barbara an un sonic buttonhook and Ian's smoking habit Whitaker writes well and has a nice line in poetic phrasing but he also knows how to colour a story with little character points and humour I have only fond memories of reading this book back in the 1970s and I greatly enjoyed the recent reread I'd like to think that the new reprints of these books will inspire a new generation of children in the same way as they did me when I was a little boy wandering about that big building filled with books with orders from my mum to 'choose one'This new edition has an introduction by Neil Gaiman an about the authors spotlight of David Whitaker and Terry Nation original illustrations and a between the lines feature about the script to novelisation process