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READ ê The Sports Gene ✓ ➶ The Sports Gene Download ✤ Author David Epstein – Now a New York Times Bestseller With a new chapter added to the paperback  In high school I wondered whether the Jamaican Americans who made our track team so successful might carry some special spee Now a New York Times Bestseller With a nTer are not and why other characteristics that we assume are entirely voluntary like an athlete’s will to train might in fact have important genetic componentsThis subject necessarily involves digging deep into sensitive topics like race and gender Epstein explores controversial uestions such asAre black athletes genetically predetermined to dominate both sprinting and distance running and are their abilities influenced by Africa’s geographyAre there genetic reasons to separate male and female athletes in competitionShould we test the genes of young children to determine if they are destined for stardomCan genetic testing determine who is at risk of injury brain damage or even death on the fieldThrough on the ground reporting from below the euator and above the Arctic Circle revealing conversations with leading scientists and Olympic champions and interviews with athletes who have rare genetic mutations or physical traits Epstein forces us to rethink the very nature of athleticism?. Did not explain why Katie is better than me at Peloton

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Me their biological limits through sheer force of will and obsessive trainingThe truth is far messier than a simple dichotomy between nature and nurture In the decade since the seuencing of the human genome researchers have slowly begun to uncover how the relationship between biological endowments and a competitor’s training environment affects athleticism Sports scientists have gradually entered the era of modern genetic researchIn this controversial and engaging exploration of athletic success Sports Illustrated senior writer David Epstein tackles the great nature vs nurture debate and traces how far science has come in solving this great riddle He investigates the so called hour rule to uncover whether rigorous and consistent practice from a young age is the only route to athletic excellenceAlong the way Epstein dispels many of our perceptions about why top athletes excel He shows why some skills that we assume are innate like the bullet fast reactions of a baseball or cricket bat. Most thinking and observant people based on accumulating evidence have moved beyond the old “Nature v Nurture” simplistic eitheror dichotomy to try to better understand the complex ways these two categories interplay and interact both over the course of any given individual’s life and over broader ranges of time for larger groupings of related peoples in creating just who we are and offering potential or setting limits for what we might become David Epstein a reporter for Sports Illustrated gathers here in a very readable well documented and sweeping review an assessment as of 2013 as to how much we now know about the distinct and interwoven roles of genetics and cultural as well as physical environment in creating elite athletes Just what is inherited and what isn’t How much can early training of the gifted make a difference Can anyone with enough of the right training and practice rise to the level of a superstar What different genetic traits or cultivated skills are most crucial across different types of sports and how do the two correlate in creating a champion This philosophical uestion arises as well based on what we can learn about people’s genetic predispositions how could or should this information be usedI enjoyed this book very much both for the wide range of different types of sports covered and for the wide range of human cultural groups visited and investigated We learn about track stars from Jamaica marathon runners from Kenya cross country skiers from Finland water polo superstars from Croatia and many We even move beyond humans for one chapter on the genetics of creating the best dog teams to win the Iditerod which made me nostalgic for the huskiemalamute kennels my family had when I was a teen It is fascinating to me how complexly genetic instructions are overlaid within our DNA materials and what just one tiny genetic mutation might achieve What we have already learned is remarkable but to use a metaphor Epstein himself employs we are only beginning to scrape the tip of the iceberg No matter what your particular special sport or sports of interest might be a lot of useful knowledge and also some riveting tales of both personal triumph and incredible fortitude in the face of challenge can be found here Some implications of concerns to arise in the future are suggested some already beginning about how much about a person’s future predispositions or limitations already encoded in their DNA could or should be available to others like for instance future possible employers or insurers

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The Sports GeneNow a New York Times Bestseller With a new chapter added to the paperback  In high school I wondered whether the Jamaican Americans who made our track team The Sports MOBI #207 so successful might carry some special speed gene from their tiny island In college I ran against Kenyans and wondered whether endurance genes might have traveled with them from East Africa At the same time I began to notice that a training group on my team could consist of five men who run next to one another stride for stride day after day and nonetheless turn out five entirely different runners How could this beWe all knew a star athlete in high school The one who made it look so easy He was the starting uarterback and shortstop she was the all state point guard and high jumper Naturals Or were theyThe debate is as old as physical competition Are stars like Usain Bolt Michael Phelps and Serena Williams genetic freaks put on Earth to dominate their respective sports Or are they simply normal people who overca. This book is an exploration of many of the factors that influence the performance of top flight athletes The book starts out with a fascinating attention getting description of a challenge softball game A pro softball team challenges a pro baseball team to a softball game The young woman softball pitcher approaches the pitcher's mound and her entire team sits down on the field They realize that there is no possibility for any of the baseball team to hit the ball And they are absolutely right the opposing team never makes a hit David Epstein explains why this happened but while exceedingly impressive the reason has absolutely nothing to do with genetics It has to do with training and the subconscious cues that ball players learn with lots of practiceIt used to be thought that fast reaction time is a useful prediction of future great baseball player But now it turns out reaction time is not useful at all The best baseball players have average reaction times Instead the most useful predictor is visual acuity A good baseball or softball player uses his special visual acuity to view the pitcher's muscles during a wind up to glean a better estimate of the nature of the pitchThis first two chapters are very reminiscent of the style of Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers The Story of Success and even mentions Gladwell's misunderstanding of the 10000 hour rule But after this tangent the book begins the real subject matter the implications of genetics on the very best athletes A central theme of the book is that each sport favors a different set of body attributes Some sports favor short stocky body types others favor tall ones some favor thin legs others favor thick muscular legs A good sports coach will recognize when a young athlete is better suited to some other sport than the one he or she is presently practicing The book is full of anecdotes where a good coach steers an athlete in some other direction with wonderful resultsFor example a woman named Alisa Camplin who competed in gymnastics track and field and sailing was directed to aerial skiing With her lack of experience she was completely accident prone as she broke a rib on her first jump and hit a tree on her second While she competed in the Olympics at Salt Lake City in 2002 she was like a giraffe on roller skates But she won a gold medalAnother important theme in the book is the dichotomy between nature and nurture Epstein shows that having the right genes is essential to becoming a top athlete in a sport Practice and experience are essential for some sports but not so much in others as long as the right genes are present The style of this book is truly wonderful Epstein blends long interesting anecdotes with good scientific explanations of physiology and genetics I'm not a sports fan but Epstein made the subject come alive for me