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The Dark Side of the Light ChasersOf yourself can you achieve harmony and let your own light shine The Dark Kindle she explains The purpose of doing shadow work is to become whole To end our suffering To stop hiding ourselves from ourselves Once we do this we can stop hiding ourselves from the rest of the world As threatening as shadow work may seem it is often very effective in creating transformation Ford's step by step guidebook is modeled on a highly. this is not the type of book i read i sort of told myself that before i got into it but it was lent to me and i have no reason not to follow the advice or recommendation of anyone that i keep in my life yes it's a self help self realization self actualization book the first of its kind that i read and i actually enjoyed it not so much the language or the flourish not so much the very familiar collouialisms that many of these inspirational texts tend to cloak itself in but rather when stripped down the message that debbie ford is reminding you of something that i've grown a little numb to something i think we all have the ability to recognize yourself as a sum of parts and experiences both incredible and flawed the fact that we are powerful and built with a massive self defense protocol that forces us to blind ourselves to the things we find most terrifying about ourselves and that those traits are the ones we can pull from to make us stronger people and to hone in on for daily improvement also something i didn't see coming from the book she reminds us to embrace the things that we love about ourselves and to almost boast about them love that you're great at things love yourself love things that no one has noticed about you and bring it to their attention there are only a fraction of us who are focusing on the self as deliberately as we can be i am absolutely missing it i'm not even sure what the hell i'm doing but i now understand the potential corrections and adjustments i can make in my life based on some of the points and exercises in this book and i will now attempt to let go a lot of the guilt that i've built up for genuinely enjoying parts of myself and stop considering myself conceited arrogant or overly egotistical obviously there's always a balance that you have to reach but when i reach the truth of it i'm sure it will find me in a concentrated hum

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The Dark Side of the Light Chasers summary Î eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Õ ➻ The Dark Side of the Light Chasers Free ➱ Author Debbie Ford – We know the shadow by many names alter ego lower self the dark twin repressed self id Carl Jung once said that the shadow is the personSuccessful course she developed about embracing the shadow Ultimately she helps readers illuminate the gifts and strengths that lie within the shadows Although this works sound vague Dark Side of eBook #8608 clouded in dark metaphors Ford manages to make it clear and specific She has the writing gifts of a successful seminar leader inspirational trustworthy and able to convey murky material with grace and ease Gail Hudson. It's definitely my cup of teaThose who know abit about the shadow brought up by Jung would agree 100% what this book has to offerbut those who don;t know would need it in their lives specially where they have had or would have challenges with themselves about the attitudes of othersI used to have a lot of self punshing thoughts throughout my short livingbut after reading and practising on this book there came a lot of changesi learnet that rather than trying to get rid of or suppress negative traits to become whole i needed to first identify these unlovable traits and then find the gift in each oneStill it is a work in progressand I'm sure learning about self will continue untill the last day of our lives Here are a few lines of the bookIt is by embrassing all of who we are that we earn the freedom to choose what we do in this worldJungOne doesn;t become enlightened by imagining figures of lightbut by making the dark conciousThe difficult part is working through our fearsOur fears stop usThey tell us we are not good enough or worthy enoughAren;t you just pouring old wine into new BottlesIt is by embrassing who we are that we earn the freesom to choose what we do in this worldDark doesn;t mean only negativeIt referes to somethoing that is out of the light of our consious awareness

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We know the shadow by many names alter Side of Epub #222 ego lower self the dark twin repressed self id Carl Jung once said that the shadow is the person you would rather not be But even if you choose to hide your dark side it will still cast a shadow according to author Debbie Ford Rather than reject the seemingly undesirable parts of ourselves Ford offers advice on how to confront our shadows Only by owning every aspect. This book changed my life Try it