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Read & Download å Pitcher Perfect 109 ↠ ❮KINDLE❯ ❄ Pitcher Perfect ❁ Author Devina Douglas – Recently dumped by one of baseball’s biggest names Alyssa Reid has struck out in love once again During one of the harshest Manhattan winters on record she's suddenly alone in a new city with onlyOom that she’ll see what it’s like to really be thrown a major league curveballWhile Alyssa knows better than to get romantically involved with a man reputed for breaking hearts as efficiently and effectively as he strikes out opposing batters there’s something utterly irresistible about him It might be that Alex calls her every evening he's on the road to say goodnight it could be the way his southern drawl leaves her hanging on his every word but likely it's seeing the. I think I'm being generous giving this book 4 stars but I felt 3 wasn't enough either I did really enjoy this book however I didn't read the one that came before it unknowingly so that may be why I enjoyed it as much as I did The plot was complicated but not too hard to follow My biggest complaint would have to be the last uarter of the book felt rushed Everything was descriptive and the author took the time to create this story and then BAM let's just shove the same amount of story into 2 chapters instead of 10

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Body that landed him on the cover of G routinely wandering her hall wrapped in only a towel Although their relationship is ostensibly platonic Alex staunchly refusing to admit he thinks of her as anything than the annoying little sister he never had a full year after he moves out he sets his sights on the one girl in New York who could with one wink of her perfectly curled eyelashes have him throwing away his little black book And in love as in baseball he has no intention losi. Couldn't finish No particular reason why besides it took forever to get in to and I read books so uick because I need that instant gratification If I can't get into it I drop it

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Pitcher PerfectRecently dumped by one of baseball’s biggest names Alyssa Reid has struck out in love once again During one of the harshest Manhattan winters on record she's suddenly alone in a new city with only a job with the Centers for Disease Control and a partially furnished eighth floor walk up to keep her warm While her ex may have turned her life upside down it isn't until a twist of fate causes Alex Whitfield her ex boyfriend’s best friend and teammate to move into her spare bedr. This book reminded me of ThoughtlessEffortless I couldn't put it down long enough to even post status updates I loved the friendship between Alex and Alyssa They were such good friends that part of me didn’t want them together because I didn’t want anything to happen to change their friendship But of course I’m a romance junky so I really wanted them to get together Every time another guy asked Alyssa out I couldn’t wait to see what Alex would say and I cringed that this new guy would end up being the guy she ended up with The same went for Alex every new woman he dated; I dreaded that he would end up with her At one point I was sure that Alyssa and Alex would never get together and my heart just about broke at the thought I savored every moment Alex and Alyssa spent together Certain parts of this book just broke my heart and brought me to tears This book was full of emotion and angst and kept me hooked until the very end Pitcher Perfect definitely rates up there with Effortless and Thoughtless and actually surpasses them for me It’s definitely one of my new favorite books This will definitely be a reread for me view spoilerMy version of Alex hide spoiler