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BonecrackIn the middle of the night two masked men break into Neil Griffon’s home and abduct him He uickly discovers that unless he agrees to their. I am rarely disappointed with a Dick Francis mystery; him and his wife were masters of the balance between affable protagonists and intensely cruel villains Bonecrack carries you along effortlessly through the British countryside and dumps you in the middle of life and death action and onion layer mystery immediately Incredible book

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Bonecrack Read & Download ↠ 4 æ [Download] ➹ Bonecrack Author Dick Francis – In the middle of the night two masked men break into Neil Griffon’s home and abduct him He uickly discovers that unless he agrees to their unreasonable demands they will destroy his father’s preci In the middle of the night two masked meUnreasonable demands they will destroy his father’s precious horses and racing stable and ultimately Neil himself Returned to his father?. Confession In a universe without assigned reading in college courses I never would have picked up this book Euestrian murder mysteries just aren't my cup of tea I'm glad I don't live in that universe because I would have missed out Dick Francis is a master of suspense and can turn a phrase like nobody's business but the real meat of this particular story comes from the characters The narrator is a man forced into a desperate situation within the opening pages this book has one of the best opening lines I've ever read by the way thus automatically winning our sympathies The urge to root for him grows stronger once we see just how unbalanced the antagonist really is There are themes beyond the good guy vs bad guy plot; fathers and sons is a big one and the payoff from exploring that dynamic is satisfying if also a little heartbreaking To summarize good stuff Thank goodness for assigned reading

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??s stables he must find a way to bring down these criminals Because having to choose between his integrity and his life is no choice at all. Dame Agatha Christie and Her Peers1973 Dick Francis toward the end of this book offers a good warning one to live by If you meet a syphilitic megalomaniac duck Duck uickly because they can be dangerous There's a theory that Hitler was one You see some people get syphilis and gonorrhoea at the same time They are cured of the later but the syphilis goes undetected infected children might occur but are usually stillborn but if they live there is usually some problem There is literally no one likely to move mountains than your megalomaniac syphilitic But the next step is GPI General paralysis of the insane In other words descent to cabbage Thankfully there has never ever in this history of America been a case of 'descent to cabbage' This information is circa 1973 and maybe be oldincorrectI usually enjoy this author And I will read by FrancisCAST 1 star In the Introduction although not identified as been authored by Francis readers are told unsatisfactory father son relationships interest me to such an extent that book reviewers have speculatedopining that I must have suffered badly at home Francis denies this then creates an unbelievable Allesandro father son team the son has no experience in horse racing but dreams of doing so while his farther is determined to make his son a famous jockey by hurting stable horses till the stable allows the son to ride with little experience The other son Neil Griffon is inexperienced at running a stable his father is in the hospital is kidnapped and hurt badly and 2 horses die and only then is the bad kid Allesandro allowed on a horse If I'm ever kidnapped and beaten and I own a business suffering because someone else wants to work for me I'm heading straight to the cops No matter how little experience I might have in said business It's only logical And the horses they've done nothing but be horses and they die Because someone WANTS to ride them Whhhhhaaaat And what is so odd here is that if one stands OUTSIDE the story and looks in one wants to pick up the phone and call the racing commission at a minimum possibly Scotland Yard No this is just so odd from this author senseless characters doing really stupid things Yes true on occasion Francis gives us a hero just short of having super powers who can survive anything But they aren't stupid and they never allow horses to be killed and they never allow the enemy such ridiculous fulfillment attempts of ambitions This plot hole is so massive it takes over the entire bookATMOSPHERE 3 stars I did like the way a new jockey has to learn to ride and I enjoyed all the aspects that go into that There is so much a jockey must learn so much personal sacrifice in weight and time jockeys make an entire life of riding and it's tough out there I like the choosing of certain horses for certain races and the discussion of the whys and whens And the big thing I learned is that no way no how could this Rivera son be a jockey Ever I am not naive and I do know there is much evil CRIME s 1 star Didn't believe it didn't believe the story Nono no I'm sorta concerned though about someone I know who messes around with possibly unsafe hookers here in America The oversight of the health of sex workers in America is nothing compared to the oversight of these workers in Europe And that's why I'm 100% for making this occupation legal cause we know people find what they want So let's make it safeINVESTIGATION 1 star No one seems to care much about the horses it's justunbelievableRESOLUTION 1 star Neil decides this eveil son is just fine leaves him employed at the stable why they seem to become besties Nope no no SUMMARY 14 Easily my least favorite Francis novel There is no g