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SUMMARY A Noble Radiance ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ó [Read] ➺ A Noble Radiance ➶ Donna Leon – Donna Leon é uma veterana do policial e das edições da Presença recebendo do público português a mesma aclamação de países como a Itália o Reino Unido a Áustria ou a Alemanha RadiaçãO dos Lorenzoni não lhe restam muitas dúvidas uanto à identidade do morto Mas o ue Brunetti irá descobrir tem uma natureza muito mais sinistra do ue poderia suspeitar Um policial empolgante com uma forte mensagem social ue evoca a atmosfera do submundo da corrupção e da intriga política de uma das mais fascinantes cidades da Euro. This is #7 in Donna Leon's Commissario Brunetti series For me they just keep getting better and better all the time In this book Brunetti finds resolution to a kidnapping that happened two years previously He digs into the past and present of a well known Venice family making his usual intimate disturbances along the way so that he find justice for the long dead RobertoAnother Goodreads member reviewed this book saying that many people who read Donna Leon find her books slow paced and the plot often staticI totally agree with him Donna Leon novels are not fast paced and they lack what many people want in a bookconstant action But they have something to me that is much important when reading any bookthe ability to make me think I adore sitting down with one of Leon's books and submerging myself in the life of Brunettithe way he thinks what he feels his strength of character to uphold morals and justice at the cost of himself feeling uncomfortable and making other people uestion their own humanity

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Donna Leon é uma veterana do policial e das edições da Presença recebendo do público português a mesma aclamação de países como a Itália o Reino Unido a Áustria ou a Alemanha Radiação Fatal é sem dúvida uma obra prima para os fãs da série A Noble PDFEPUB or protagonizada pelo comissário Guido Brunetti Neste livro ue se. A Noble Radiance the 7th novel and an interesting addition to Donna Leon’s amazing and thought provoking Guido Brunetti Series Guido Brunetti the intelligent and intellectual Venetian Commissario is called in to investigate the findings of a decomposed male body found in a shallow grave by workmen in a home just outside Venice The body is identified as Roberto Lorenzoni the son of Count Lorenzoni a member of the Venetian aristocratic society who had been abducted two years earlier and had never been found or any ransom being paidBrunetti suspects that the family had something to do with the disappearance of Roberto and the he learns about the Lorenzoni’s family secrets and dubious businesses ventures and as he untangles the clues that are brought to light the he realizes that the kidnapping was just the tip of the iceberg in the investigationAs Brunetti observes the pain and loss of the Lorenzoni family he reflects on what his wife and children and family mean to him Brunetti's thoughts went from Paola's happiness to his own and he surprised himself by realizing that it had never before occurred to him to wonder whether he was happy or not In love with his wife proud of his children capable of doing his job well why would he worry about happiness and what than these things could happiness be comprised of Brunetti’s relationship with his father in law Count Orazio Falier is changing and Brunetti begins to see another side of him that he had never seen beforePolitics corruption and the different sides of justice in Italy where the law is manipulated and used by the powerful and rich society for their own gainsSignorina Elletra is someone that I grow to like and as I get to know her There’s something about hermysterious smartyes a hackerfunny and kind hearted and understanding When Brunetti tells her about the pain of Roberto’s mother on hearing about his body being discovered ‘The poor mother’ Elettra said and then added ‘I wonder if she’s religious’‘Why’‘It helps people when terrible things happen when people die’‘Are you’ Brunetti asked‘Per carità’ she said pushing the idea back towards him with raised hands ‘The last time I was in church was for my confirmation It would have upset my parents if I hadn’t done it which was pretty much the same for all my friends But since then I’ve had nothing to do with it’‘Then why did you say that it helps people’‘Because it’s true’ she said simply ‘The fact that I don’t believe in it doesn’t prevent it from helping other people I’d be a fool to deny that’This is a sad and emotional and very touching story

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A Noble RadianceDesenrola em Veneza assistimos à vida dos Lorenzoni ensombrados pelo desaparecimento trágico há cerca de dois anos do seu filho único e herdeiro do império da família uando Brunetti fica a saber ue junto ao cadáver encontrado na antiga uinta a cem uilómetros de Veneza apareceu um anel ue ostenta uma águia e uma espada o brazã. Another twisted family appears at the centre of Brunetti's investigation as what originally seems like a kidnapping turns into something far complicated As ever Brunetti his wonderful family and colleagues take centre stage as does Venice herself