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Read & Download Beyond Belief The Secret Gospel of Thomas ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ò ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Beyond Belief The Secret Gospel of Thomas By Elaine Pagels ➥ – Pagels a writer and thinker on religion and history winner of the National Book AwardIsm and Christianity can powerfully affect us in heart mind and spirit inspire visions of a new society based on practising justice and love even heal and transform usProvocative and moving Beyond Belief the most personal of her books to date shows how the impulse to seek god overflows the narrow banks of a single tradition She writes What I have come to love in the wealth and diversity of our religious traditions and the communities that sustain them is that they offer the testimony of innumerable people to spiritual discovery encouraging us in Jesus' words to 'seek and you shall find'CONTENTSFrom the feast of Agape to the Nicene CreedGospels in conflict John and Thomas God's word or human wordsThe canon of truth and the triumph of JohnConstantine and the Catholic Church AcknowledgementsNotesInde. During my studies at Union Theological Seminary in New York I became acuainted with Elaine Pagels initially on a social level as one of my girlfriend's favorite teachers at Barnard College then as my own teacher for a course entitled Creation Myths in Genesis at Union I wasn't much interested in the course topic but I was interested in working under the author of The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis a book which had impressed me while working on my undergraduate thesis on the history of scholarly debate about the origins of gnostic movements As it happened she was considerate enough to allow me to supplement the course work with a review of all of the patristic testamony through the fourth century and an encyclopedic thesis covering this material entitled On the Procession of the Heresiarchs of Gnosis Since then I have endeavored to read all of her books as they became availableThis particular title followed upon the deaths of her son Mark 1987 and unmentioned in it husband Heinz 1988 At the time I was acuainted with her and Heinz neither seemed particularly religious but as the text indicates these losses caused her to reconsider her position Such personal reflections introduce the textThree main topics come up repeatedly in Beyond Belief First The Gospel of Thomas a version of which was discovered in Egypt in 1945 A collection of the sayings of Jesus some have attempted to relate it to the long hypothesized or source behind the canonical gospel sayings Pagels does not push this thesis Instead she takes this and to a lesser extent other extra canonical gospels to represent the actual diversity of early Christian belief and practice a diversity suppressed by the affiliation of one section of the movement with the Powers and Principalities of Rome Second she employs Irenaeus and most particularly his Adversus Haeresis as an early example c 180 of the repressive ideology which won out Having studied him myself rather intensively I would only fault her for failing to emphasize how personal much of his invective is and for failing to note the irony of some this supposedly orthodox Father of the Church's own beliefs most particularly his claim that Jesus lived to a ripe old age Third she discusses the original imperially sponsored Council of the Church 325which capped the early stage of ideological repression With this and with some brief review of the Arian controversy associated with the Council and its conseuences her overview endsPagels' thesis that the early church was diverse and that the concretization of an orthodoxy under the Empire led to the suppression of many elements particularly those maintaining a democratic or low Christology is incontestable She doesn't go far however in expositing what these other streams of thought actually maintained Instead she alludes mostly by uotation to some characteristic positions later rejected by the Church The most important of these would seem to be first that what the Christ was we can be and second that there are many paths to such realization In other words what the official Church tried to stamp out was experientially based religion precisely though not explicitly stated what led her to reconsider her own beliefsThis book was written for the general public No specialized knowledge is reuired the documentation being confined to endnotes beyond a general familiarity with the Christian tradition

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Pagels a writer and thinker on The Secret Kindle #214 religion and history winner of the National Book Award for The Gnostic Gospels reflects on what matters most about Beyond Belief Epubspiritual and religious exploration in the st century This book explores how Christianity began by tracing its earliest texts including the Gospel of Thomas rediscovered in Belief The Secret PDF #200 Egypt in When her infant son was diagnosed with fatal pulmonary hypertension Pagels' spiritual and intellectual uest took on a new urgency leading her to explore Belief The Secret Gospel of ePUB #10003 historical and archaeological sources and to investigate what Jesus and his teachings meant to his followers before the invention of Christianity The discovery of the Gospel of Thomas along with than other early Christi. Long ago but not so far way I bought this book for my father who was interested in reading the Gospel of Thomas I had read an apocryphal Gospel one day while a student happily nosing around in the reference section it related how once when Jesus was a boy he was out playing in the street when some bigger boys came along stamped on his mud pie and laughed at him Jesus' eyes at this flashed with anger and those bully boys fell dead Later their parents went round to Joseph and Mary and complained bitterly about Jesus' behaviour Joseph and Mary gave Jesus a good talking to after which he raised the boys from the dead and restored them to life For various reasons I'm a cautious and wary person and so was unkeen unfamiliar as I was with the Gospel of Thomas to present my father with this kind of material without some kind of explanatory framework no doubt fearing some outbreak of gnosticism in middle Englandview spoiler not that this could make it any worst hide spoiler

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Beyond Belief The Secret Gospel of ThomasAn texts some unknown since antiuity offers clues She compares such sources as Thomas' gospel which claims to give Jesus' secret teaching and finds its closest affinities with kabbalah with the canon to show how Christian leaders chose to include some gospels and exclude others from the collection many call the New Testament To stabilize the emerging church in times of persecution church fathers constructed the canon creed and hierarchy and in the process suppressed many of its spiritual resourcesDrawing on new scholarship her own and that of an international group of scholars that has come to light since the publication of The Gnostic Gospels she Belief The Secret Gospel of ePUB #10003 shows that what matters about Christianity involves much than any one set of beliefs Traditions embodied in Juda. While I enjoyed Beyond Belief both the content and Dr Pagels's writing style I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of analysis of the Gospel of Thomas Dr Pagels presents decent analysis of the Gnostic movement and places the Gospel of John within the Gnostic context yet fails to deliver much on the Gospel of Thomas I enjoyed her personal story and how she believes that there is than one way to discover God but again this book is supposed to be about the Gospel of Thomas or so I assumed from the title Finally her analysis of the role of Constantine in enshrining orthodox Christianity as the religion of the late Roman Empire is cursory She gives Constantine a pass without noting the real role he played the fact that as he lay dying he was baptized by an Arian bishop and not an orthodox bishop and that the shields of his soldiers during THE pivotal battle to become Emperor may have borne the Cross on one side but ALSO bore the symbol of the Sun god on the other as he was hedging his bets All in all a good read but rather light and fluffy when it comes to the stated material it would supposedly deal with yes I end sentences with preposition