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The Egyptian Cross Mystery summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [PDF] ❤ The Egyptian Cross Mystery ⚣ Ellery Queen – A new series of classic facsimile reprints selected and introduced by the internationally renowned editor and mystery expert Otto Penzler The Egyptian Cross Mystery haEre found with their heads cut off crucified likewise in the form of a T Ellery ueen had the feeling that there was only one clue he didnt possess and that clue came to him with the fourth murd. These early ueen's just aren't as good as the later ones Not to say they are unreadable they just don't have that crisp clarity that the later ones have

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A new series of classic facsimile reprints selected and introduced by the internationally renowned editor and mystery The Egyptian Kindle expert Otto Penzler The Egyptian Cross Mystery has ju. “The most pitiful Christmas story of the year was revealed today when the beheaded body of Andrew Van 46 year old schoolmaster of the little West Virginia hamlet of Arroyo was discovered crucified to the signpost on a lonely crossroads near the village early Christmas morning Four inch iron spikes had been driven into the upturned palms of the victim impaling them to the tips of the signpost's weatherbeaten arms Two other spikes transfixed the dead man's ankles which were set close together at the foot of the upright Under the armpits two spikes had been driven supporting the weight of the dead man in such a way that his head having been hacked off the corpse resembled nothing so much as a great letter TThe signpost formed a T The crossroads formed a T On the door of Van's house not far from the crossroads the murdered had scrawled a T in his victim's blood And on the signpost the maniac's conception of a human T”Excerpt from newspaper article on what would come to be known as the first of “The Egyptian Cross Murders”No one has ever seen anything like this Van was eccentric but inoffensive He had no enemies or friends His only close associate was his servanthandyman Kling who has also vanished without a trace The district attorney coroner and law enforcement of Arroyo and Hancock County have no idea how to deal with this Ellery ueen hears about the bizarre murder and promptly goes to Arroyo However his investigation though it turns up some interesting facts doesn't really solve the crime Ellery returns home to New York thinking he has heard the last of the odd murderThen six months later he receives a telegram from an old professor that ends“MY NEIGHBOR FOUND CRUCIFIED TO HIS TOTEM POST WITH HEAD MISSING STOP I SHALL EXPECT YOU TODAY YARDLEY”It has started again This is probably the most bloody of the Ellery ueen novels but it's pretty tame by today's standards The plot is complicated and twisted This is one mystery that had me completely stumped until the end The plot reminded me somewhat of The Three Coffins aka “The Hollow Man” by John Dickson Carr – someone flees a dark violent past only to be hunted down “Egyptian Cross” is a wonderfully dark tale with a strong paranoid streak running through it You literally do not know whom to trust The terror is palpable The only weak spots are the two romances involving secondary characters which really just get in the way Those characters could have been left out and the story would not have suffered Of all the Ellery ueens this is probably my favorite Very recommended

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The Egyptian Cross MysteryStly been called Ellery ueens weirdest adventure On Christmas Eve an eccentric schoolmaster in the little town of Arroyo West Virginia was brutally murdered Over the next year three other men w. What the hell How can I never find the murderer in Ellery ueen books A breathtaking book Wonderful This book deserves readership It is a very clever and exotic plot and all of it works The first crime is glossed over but its significance overshadows the buildup to the next sinister crime There are bland passages when the hippies show up But harakht is a funny character albeit a tragic one too Ellery ueen's deductions are flawless and I wish I had deduced from THAT cluethe bottle the murderer's identity