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Ivar Timewalker mobi ☆ Making History » fred van lente » [PDF] ❤ Ivar, Timewalker, Volume 1: Making History By Fred Van Lente – Helpyouantib.co.uk From the dawn of the dinosaursto the Battle of Trafalgarto the end of time itselfthe first century spanning adventure of Ivar Timewalker starts hereAt thiBut she doesn’t know that yet Ten minutes from now every deadbeat chrononaut wannabe conueror and misguided protector of the timestream will be banging down her door Good thing that the legendary Ivar Timewalker got there first right? Now it’s down to history’s most jaded most tempestuous time traveler to stop the worst of everything that is was and will be before t Ivar Time Walker is another well done Valiant Comics revival Making History does a decent job of introducing Ivar for those unfamiliar with him The eldest of three immortal brothers he possesses a “time compass” that allows him to calculate where and when “timearcs” will open up Basically windows through time and space that allow Ivar to travel across centuries Making History sees Ivar intercepting researcher Neela Sethi just before she completes an experiment that would “invent” time travel Ivar struggles to convince Neela to trust him just as Prometheans robot soldiers from the end of time attack Ivar and Neela skip across time as he explains that the Prometheans work for Oblivi 1 a sentient city at the end of time that seeks to remake the past in its twisted imageIvar brings Neela to the early 20th century to demonstrate how the timestream “protects” itself from being altered Specifically with the first thing that all neophyte time travelers try to do kill Hitler There’s a good reason that Ivar tries to impress that lesson on Neela The duo separates when Neela believes Ivar is manipulating her A tragedy from Neela’s past points toward her own connection to Oblivi 1Key Valiant writer Fred Van Lente is at the helm of Ivar Time Walker and immediately sets an entertaining sci fiswashbuckling tone Van Lente does a decent job of setting up the mechanics of Ivar’s ability to navigate time without getting too deep into the nature of the timearcs themselves He also introduced various bits of futuristic tech that explain how Ivar manages to operate smoothly in a variety of time periods And he gleefully explodes various tropes from other time travel stories with which fans will be familiarAlthough he’s the title character Ivar remains something of an enigma by the end of the first arc Fans of Archer Armstrong will have a bit background on the character but Van Lente takes his time unfolding Ivar’s secrets in his own series Instead Neela takes of the spotlight and proves to be a rather compelling co star Her intelligence and exasperation make her both relatable and a logical pivot for a lot of the plot action Van Lente sets up some very effective dilemmas for Neela that drive Making History and set up the arc to follow With a lot of humor and an adventurous spirit Van Lente makes the book an entertaining adventure even if its star could stand to be prominentAnother Valiant staple Clayton Henry handles the art for the first arc with assists from Robert Gil and Francis Portela and with Brian Reber on colors Henry has a clean dynamic style that works well with Ivar’s widescreen aesthetic He infuses energy into the action seuences and comes up with some clever layouts and visual riffs to sell the time travel adventure It’s crisp classic work that suits the material If there’s a minor uibble it’s that a time skipping plot should provide opportunity for an artist to cut loose so Henry’s restraint is a tad curious But overall the title looks good Ivar might be a tougher sell than some of Valiant’s other offerings mostly because it’s heavily serialized and depends on some knowledge of the lead character’s

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From the dawn of the dinosaursto the Battle of Trafalgarto the end of time itselfthe first century spanning adventure of Ivar Timewalker starts hereAt this very moment in Geneva Switzerland history is being made A thousand meters underground inside the Large Hadron Collider researcher Neela Sethi is about to discover time travel – and jeopardize her life in the process Of the three Anni Padda brothers Ivar is definitely the most boring Armstrong is a drunken adventurer Gilad is a fighter Ivar is basically a museum docent He “walks” through time with people showing them history not altering it and then doing it all over again Well lucky us for getting a whole series of that Fred Van Lente is best placed to write this not just because he’s the Archer and Armstrong writer but because of his indie series Action Philosophers where he could apply that informative style to Ivar Timewalker Unfortunately the demands of the book means that he can barely touch on some of the interesting subjects here The Battle of Trafalgar the plot to assassinate Hitler before lapsing into heavily expositional scenes on the utterly dull time travel story Ivar’s got to save the inventor of time travel Neela Sethi from Prometheans artificial suicide life from the fifth dimension or something so it’s “time” to uickly jump from one era to another The comic was flat boring Ivar is barely a character he’s some suave ish dude who travels through time like a personality free Doctor Who while Neela basically becomes the main character Who’s Neela? The better uestion is who cares? Predictably they go back in time to see about killing Hitler before he rose to power then things go off the rails once time travel and all the usual tropes are trotted out What if we do this will it change that blah blah blah It’s so damn boringClayton Henry’s art is fine some of the historical scenes are ok but generally I read this with my eyes half closed that’s the thing with time travel stories once you’ve read a few they all blend together and I felt like I’d read this before at least a hundred times I wasn’t much of a fan of time travel stories to begin with but Ivar Timewalker’s dreary series has only cemented my opinions against this very limited sub genre

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Ivar Timewalker Volume 1 Making HistoryIme runs out New York Times best selling creators Fred Van Lente Archer Armstrong Amazing Spider Man and Clayton Henry Harbinger Incredible Hercules begin a clock stopping odyssey into the distant past far future and every moment in between right here with the first volume of Valiant’s latest epic – intro priced at just 999 for new readersCollecting Ivar Timewalker 1 18th book read in 2019Number 150 out of 766 on my all time book listTime travel done right