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review Ojos de perro azul Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [KINDLE] ✽ Ojos de perro azul By Gabriel García Márquez – Estos relatos tempranos de Gabriel García Máruez fueron escritos y publicados entre 1947 y 1955 aunue como libro Ojos de perro azul no aparecería hasta 1974 cuando el escritor ya había puO internacional En este libro se incluye su primer cuento célebre el Monólogo de Isabel viendo llover en Macondo escenario de sus obras posteriores El personaje de Isabel reaparecerá en su primera novela y el tema de la lluvia cayendo interminablemente en su personal versión del diluvio universal acabaría integrándo. This collection of short stories is amazing It is a Maruez like I have never seen before Ok some of the things can be recognized but there is something so different The profoundness is still there Another thing in these short stories is the appeal to the antecedents – they are seen at a cosmic scale being the biblical patriarchs This will be a giant theme in Maruez`s works The first story he has ever written is great “The third resignation” – it is a spark of a great author to be The first two pages create a “bacovian” atmosphere to me George Bacovia – poet symbolism and I got some feelings like those when I was reading poetry The poetic atmosphere is not just in my mind because as I learned after wards at the time Maruez has written this he was greatly influenced by the poems he read “Tubal Cain makes a star” is the only story I do not like and I do not get from this collection “The other side of death” is another magnum short opus it concerns the duality theme Check out this metaphor for the amniotic liuid from the womb “the deep liuid night from the motherly belly” The style is like this the author writes at the third person sg and then suddenly switches to first person speaking Not only that but before and after switching within brackets he used the other form so you almost do not notice the switch “How does Nathanael make a visit” is the most “funny” among these dark stories the little boy always answers like this “that depends” and after getting details says “oh That`s something else” “Ojos de perro azul” is one of my all time favorites“The night of the cormorants” is maybe the most hard to get of them all but still in a realistic manner The story of Nabo is really emotional it is about a young boy that is hit in the head by a horse`s hoof and goes crazy The family that owns him tie him up for than 15 years and locks him in a room The story ends in great style one of the things I like from Carpentier a phrase than a page long “Isabel`s monologue” is written in a very mature way with the writers trademark all over it I will definitely re read some of these stories

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Estos relatos tempranos de Gabriel García Máruez fueron escritos y publicados entre y aunue como libro Ojos de perro azul no aparecería hasta cuando el escritor ya había publicado otros dos libros de relatos y Ojos de PDF cuatro novelas de las ue la última Cien años de soledad le proporcionaría su primer gran éxit. The trouble with a short story collection is that not all are always of eual uality and this collection is a good example of that I'd highlight some stories which I thought were great The Third Resignation Eyes of a Blue Dog Nabo and Someone has been disarranging these Roses but mostly I was very confused and bored by recurring themes of death resignation decline deterioration confusion of senses or heavy reliance upon the sense of smell state between life and death unawareness of one's death or unwillingness to cross to the side of full death as opposed to lingering in a form of a ghost like presence out of body experience dream like atmosphere etc etcMaruez has fantastic opening sentences which grab you to read on his writing style is immaculate the word play is a joy to witness but the ambiguous surrealist images which exemplify the genre of magic realism even though I love magical realism were a tad too much for me this time around If you want truly good short stories by M read The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings and The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Eréndira and Her Heartless Grandmother

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Ojos de perro azulSe suave y flexiblemente en Cien años de soledadEste relato incluido en todas las antologías del cuento latinoamericano de nuestros días fue la primera piedra de ese gigantesco edificio tan imaginario como real ue terminaría fundando el espacio literario más poderoso de las letras universales de nuestro tiempo Macond. A great collection of stories it's amusing how good Maruez is in writing short stories I think he could easily get a Nobel prize for just his short stories collectionThis one is the Eyes of a blue dog a collection about death mostly only three stories aren't about death including the eyes of a blue dog but it is an amazing story the borders between dreams and reality the way things seem in a dream and the whole plot line are incredible then there is one the best stories The third resignation this one with the night of the curlews and the other side of death are uniuely different views of death a great narrative a powerful vision and a great plotI was surprised with the uality of Maruez short stories and I will continue to read the rest of them soonThanks Gabo