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All These Things I've Done epub ó Hardcover ß gabrielle zevin ß [Read] ➬ All These Things I've Done Author Gabrielle Zevin – In 2083 chocolate and coffee are illegal paper is hard to find water is carefully rationed and New York City is rife with crime and poverty And yet for In chocolate Things I've eBook #10003 and coffee are illegal paper is hard to find water is carefully rationed and New York City is rife with crime and poverty And yet for Anya Balanchine the sixteen year old daughter of the city's most notorious and dead crime boss life is fairly routine It cons This book was a total air ball for me The premise sounded so fun— a futuristic society with a Prohibition era type ban on chocolatea black market run by mobster families and a teenage heir to the family empire MURDERS POISONING Boredom Boredom Oh and tepid romance and a selfish MC Imagine all the places this book could’ve gone Yeah that’s right I’m thinking total badass teenage girl threatening her way across NYC and putting her dysfunctional family business back in order I mean wouldn’t it be totally normal to have a Boondock Saints type situation in a YA book No I enjoyed several of Zevin’s other books Elsewhere Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac but reading this book made me want to go back and reread them to see if they were read by delusional Flann I found it rather annoying that the narrative would stop every once in a while for the narrator to speak to the reader Dear reader if you are reading this review you might notice that it is mostly personal feelings about the book with absolutely no objectivity See how annoying that is Another thing this book dragged So many plot points just kept coming up and up and up and WE FREAKING GOT IT ALREADY ANYA You don’t want your brother to work at the Pool Check You and Win really like each other but you shouldn’t be together CHECK You run the household because Leo can’t—we seriously got that point the first four times it was mentioned note I was reading an ARC of this so perhaps the editor realized the repetition and remedied the situation before publication crosses fingersThe beginning of the book was promising I went into it with the attitude that it was ridiculous to have chocolate be illegal and to have a black market for it Funnily enough I was on board rather uickly The setup was fun and I was ready to see where the story would go The answer Basically nowhere At one point in the story Anya ends up in a detention center I was evilly tapping my fingers together at the prospects I don’t want to spoiler it but if you’ve been paying attention I’m pretty sure you know what happens view spoilerIt’s over in a few pages She is put in solitary and then her lawyers get her out hide spoiler

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Ists of going to school taking care of her siblings and her dying grandmother trying to avoid falling in love with the new assistant DA's son and avoiding her loser ex boyfriend That is until All These ePUB #10003 her ex is accidentally poisoned by the chocolate her family manufactures and the po All These Things I've Done was surprisingly good I was completely captivated by this intriguing and tension filled storyI have been reading uite a bit of dystopia lately and I loved that this novel did not focus on matching people or the government trying to control everybody In the year 2083 they are plenty of problems and changes but overall it feels like a realistic future Chocolate is illegal EEK no chocolate would make me crazy together with a million other things like caffeine paper without a permit phones cameras I felt the world was very convincing as it feels similar to the stories of the 1920's when alcohol was banned and smuggled inThis is the first book of Zevin's I have read I found her prose sharp and alluring Writing that draws you in immediately It was perfectly paced story that had a cleverly constructed plot and worldAnya is part of the Balanchine Family one of the most well known crime syndicates in the world Her father use to be the head of it before he was murdered Anya mother was also killed in a hit gone wrong Now Anya is trying to do the best she can caring for her ill grandmother her older brother Leo who has a learning disability and her younger sister Natty Anya is a mature brave and compelling character I love that she always but her family first I found the secondary characters to be just as well crafted and likeable as Anya especially Leo and Natty Win is the son of the head of the District Attorney Department and Anya's love interest So it is has a little bit of the star crossed lovers thing going on The romance between Anya and Win was passionate and yet sweet at the same time The mafia part of the storyline was probably the highlight for me though I found myself fascinated by this mysterious and dangerous element of the story I would definitely like to see it play an even bigger part in the next installmentI am so happy All These Things I've Done is going to be a trilogy Even though it ended in a good place I felt like the story was just getting started and it has left me desperately craving Overall I found All These Things I've Done to be a clever and engaging read Zevin definitely delivers all the right elements in this impressive novel

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All These Things I've DoneLice think she's to blame Suddenly Anya finds herself thrust unwillingly into the spotlight at school in the news and most importantly within her mafia familyEngrossing and suspenseful All These Things I've Done is an utterly uniue unputdownable read that blends both the familiar and the fantasti I was pretty excited when I got this book A future society where chocolate is banned and mafia included Omg Sounds so exciting Especially since I'm such a chocolate whore HahaDespite the ridiculousness of the premise I totally devoured up the whole caffeine and chocolate being outlawed because it just sounds cool I don't know what I'd do if they were banned I think I'd go crazy because I'm Asian How can you go without tea TEA But I'm just curious Why would you ban chocolate and caffeine but leave alcohol consumption legal Totally does not add up Anya was cool She was pragmatic logical and not easily intimidated or influenced that is until I got to the second half I think it started around the tenth or eleventh chapter I don't know what it was but her characterization seemed to be turned off Now she was distant without much emotion behind her actions nor were there any insights into her thoughts as well I became rapidly detached and disconnected from her and it didn't help that she started to turn into a person who ran away from difficult decisions and circumstances Totally not the cool character she was earlierI really wish there had been background scheming and plotting by her mafia or mafiya as it's written in this book relatives and really getting to know that dark underhanded methods they use to reach their goals This book would have been fabulous if we got to see the interplay of power struggles and corruption within the ranks with Anya caught up in itInstead this book turned toward the light and in the direction of romance which was another area I had a problem with Not that there was anything particularly wrong and offensive about the two main characters' romance because it's sweet and just a bit sappy for the most part but it just lacked development When they first have their expression of feelings there isn't much build up there on the part of Anya I mean we can obviously see that he likes her but not so much with Anya So when she does something rash and abrupt like that it seems out of character and unnaturalThen the rest of the book focuses on how they can stay together and the difficulties they encounter because of their two different backgrounds Not fun I like the Japanese guy better because I don't know he had life in his scenes when we saw him Not to mention he's also a part of the mafia as well so that would make it doubly interestingI really hated when Anya did that whole addressing the reader bits They were jarring and totally threw me out of the story Also there seemed to be less elaboration and straight forward telling in the second half Some scenes were really only talked about after the fact in less than adeuate detail when making the character experience and going through these scenes would have been a lot grippingI have to admit though that I loved the healthy and positive family portrayal in this book By family I don't mean her outside mafia connections I mean her real family; her ailing grandmother her brother and her sister I loved that she always looked out for them and tried to protect them even though they weren't necessarily the right choices They were always present and with real personalities and fearsAlso I loved her friendship with her best friend I forgot her name presently sorry It was awesome Her friend didn't become the cliched comedic relief or the bitter and angry rival for the male lead's romance interest She had her own life that didn't hinge heavily on Anya's own If Anya did something that she didn't agree with or upset her she didn't let it slide She let her know and it wasn't just some easy I'm sorry and that's that Their friendship seemed to have a real resemblance to the ones you'd actually have with people in real lifeThis book had marvelous potential and was living up to it uite well in the beginning but then it sputtered and burnt out in the second half ShameI won this book from First Reads and would like to thank Goodreads for giving me the opportunity to read it