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Social SuicideTed while Tweeting Now in addition to developing a reputation as HHH's resident body finder I'm stuck trying to prove that Sydney's death wasn't suicideI'm starting to long for the days when my biggest worry was whether the cafeteria was serving pizza sticks or Tuesday Tac The second book in the Deadly Cool series features all of the fun humor and mystery I enjoyed in the first installment And by all I mean freaking ALL of the same things I enjoyed before This story followed a very VERY close formula to the first LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD Girl is found dead Hartley takes it upon herself to prove girl was murdered Hartley comes up with lots of bad ideas and lies to adults AND authorities Inconseuential flirting with Chase More people get hurt Hartley continues to be a very bad detective Hartley ends up in life threatening dangerThere's nothing wrong with that formula I actually think it's charming that Hartley's a crappy detective She has spunk and determination instead of unrealistic super spy gifts so it adds tension to the plot Alas a lot of the tension from this plot was removed because it was so similar to the first book I don't regret reading Social Suicide The understated often horribly AWKWARD romance is a refreshing change in the YA genre and Hartley's ability to stay alive despite her childlike incompetence keeps the narrative rolling at an easy to read pace I just hope that the third book either grows on the existing formula or changes it Times are tough and I don't have the disposable income to read the same book three or four times That's right This review just got ECONOMIED

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Mn spend some time ogling the paper's brooding bad boy editor Chase Erikson But on my first big story things went a little south What should have been a normal interview with Sydney Sanders turned into me discovering the homecoming ueen–hopeful dead in her pool Electrocu Anything by Gemma Halliday's always ridiculous fun I've read a couple of her High Heels books and the first installment in this series Deadly Cool but Social Suicide is just on another level There are plenty of sassy girl detectives I mean there's an entire genre around them reporters interior decorators dogwalkers plus sized innkeepers confectionary shop owners White House chefs well you get the picture but Hartley Featherstone has them all beat in terms of sassy funSeriously when she's pulling all her punches puns snide comments random observations even I'm snickering and I'm a guy I can't think of any other time I've been as entertained by a character discovering someone strangled by a pair of iPod earbuds ever and although the murder in this book isn't nearly as over the top Hartley's ramped up and even hilarious one liners than compensate I don't know how Halliday does it but Hartley's as sharp irreverent witty and hits all the stereotypes as ever delivering her remarks in that breezy way she does best Smile dropping faster than a football player's GPA A car so beat up she's 99% sure the muffler's just for decoration Awesome Just skip over the math teacher's bad puns discreet as a set of real numbers Nah it's discrete engineer we're really picky about that oneIf you've read Deadly Cool like me you'll be even pleased that Sam and the green machine are also back for and as funny as ever Unfortunately you'll also recognize the plot it's a rehash of the first book the murder investigation not the expose on social media or cheating Girl dies second victim gets brained by a rock in the dark Hartley's put in mortal danger at the end and needs rescuing If Hartley wasn't just so much fun and I wasn't so distracted by her mom's hilarious Matchcom addiction B plot I would've been bored so I really hope the next book mixes it up a bit Put Chase or Sam better yet both in danger for a change Make the killer a little less easy to spot maybe view spoilerbesides her friends her mom and Detective Raley it's always the named character Hartley suspects the least hide spoiler

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MOBI Ó DOC Social Suicide 9780062003324 FREE ñ HELPYOUANTIB ✓ [PDF] ✩ Social Suicide By Gemma Halliday – Twittercide the killing of one human being by another while the victim is in the act of tweetingCall me crazy but I figured writing for the Herbert Hoover High Homepage wouTwittercide the killing of one human being by another while the victim is in the act of tweetingCall me crazy but I figured writing for the Herbert Hoover High Homepage would be a pretty sweet gig Pad the resume for college applications get a first look at the gossip colu Think you've heard it all Think again Twittercide Death by Twitter Not the worst way to go I suppose Eyes her Twitter suspiciouslyYep she is at it again; finding dead bodies is basically a regular pastime for our dear old Hartley I adored her in Deadly Cool; she's still a fantastic protagonist in this seuel and I continue to love her attitude Regardless of her wit though we clearly see some maturity in her character She is clever in her cunning ways and knows when to stand her ground without becoming whiny Her friends Sam and Chase come along for the ride as well Like Deadly Cool the side characters show as much charisma as Hartley herself Likewise the motherdaughter relationship is one I am truly enjoying in this series Trying out online dating her mom putting herself out there in the dating world but Hartley kinda finds it gross Not only is this a realistic portrayal of teenage behavior it gets downright amusing As usual you can expect plenty of humorous uips and crazy antics in this seuel This aspect still remains my favorite part of the series I did find Deadly Cool a tad laugh out loud funny than this one but I may simply be getting used to the narration so that I'm not as shocked by her remarks Regardless Hartley's attitude cracks me up and even though I was able to predict a good chunk of this novel its entertainment value does not falter It's a story you can easily plow through and highly enjoy without effort Romance does make a small appearance in this one as well Much as the first it's mainly by dropped hints and awkward moments To me this is even fun than a lust filled novel or worse the always cringe worthy insta love Teenage romance is complicated and in most cases embarrassing Halliday is spot on when it comes to this notionAnother delightful mystery with refreshing priceless humor; Social Suicide is yet again a fun filled break from reality For of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads