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Cousin Kate characters å 7 Î [PDF / Epub] ☃ Cousin Kate Author Georgette Heyer – When young and beautiful governess Kate Malvern finds herself unemployed in Regency England is surprised to receive an invitation to live with a distant aunt Minerva Broome who she has never met Rescu When young and beautiful governess Kate MaAve The life in the grand household is so very different from a life spent following the drum in the Peninsular But surely other households are homelike Kate's uncle lives in one wing handsome moody cousin Toruil in another cousin Philip appears to have taken her in instant dislike thought the guests are few even family dinners are formalHowever things are not as they seem strange things start to happen in the manor and Staplewood soon turns from an inv. The one where penniless orphaned Kate is taken in by an aunt she's never met and begins to discover strange things happening in the manor This was two different books that didn't mesh well together The romance conflicts with the suspense in a way that takes the power out of both of them By the time Kate finds out she could be in real danger she's already got an ally who's powerful than any of the forces that threaten her And in a romance context I accept women agreeing to marry men they've only known for a week but in a suspense context in a book that keeps whispering people are not what they appear; people who seem to be kind are dangerous it seemed like a crazy thing to do Well OK not really; in reality you could identify the good guys and the bad guys within five minutes of meeting them but that just means that the suspense novel rules applied to the bad guys and the romance novel rules applied to the good ones

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When young and beautiful governess Kate Malvern finds herself unemployed in Regency England is surprised to receive an invitation to live with a distant aunt Minerva Broome who she has never met Rescued from penury by her aunt Minerva hardly knows what to expect at majestic country home of Staplewood a Elizabethan manor Her aunt uncle and cousin welcome her to their estate buy her new clothes and provide all the amenities a Young lady of uality should h. The romance was really a side issue in this book with none of the feeling that Georgette Heyer has imbued in her other Regency Romances The love story developed way too uickly and I thought Philip and Kate rather insipidHowever apart from the romance this was a good read and I have to say that I loved old Mr Nid His conversations were priceless

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Cousin KateIting stately house to a cold and gloomy mansion with a dreadful secret Slowly however as strange events unfold Kate begins to realize that her aunt's apparent benevolence hides an ulterior motive To assure succession of the title her aunt intends Kate to marry her cousin Toruil until his increasingly bizarre behavior culminates in violence and tragedy And when Kate begins to suspect the shocking reason for Minerva's generousity she has no one to confid. This is a removal from Heyer's usual light hearted and witty romances The romance is low key while suspense is very high Kate is a penniless but well bred orphan who tries her hand at being a governess but is unable to sustain a position She takes refuge with her old nurse Sarah who promptly writes to Kate's father's sister Auntie Lady Broom enters and sweeps Kate away to Staplewood the stately manor home of the Brooms Here Kate is lavished with riches and is entreated to lead the life of leisure But is it just kindness behind Lady Broom's generosity or is there something darker in her mind To complicate things Kate also gets an indolent uncle a volatile cousin and a sycophantic doctor who looks after the former two Then there is also the nephew of the uncle I liked the way the story was heading but midway through the book it lost the plot It lacked the creepiness and really the only thing that was keeping Kate there was a sense of obligation to her aunt There should have been some sort of compulsion to make it really interesting The presence of Philip and the fact that he never came under suspicion also killed the suspense The romance parts were good but the conclusion to the story was nasty I don't just mean what happened was nasty but how the other characters reacted to it was disgusting I think this book was a 3 star for me until the very end when Lady Broome gets blamed for everything So here's my rant in defence of her1 Society does not allow women to hold or pursue any ambitions other than that of marriage to a suitable man Society laughs at women who are interested in marrying a suitable man Lady Broome cannot win this game 2 Lady Broome marries a man in the hope that he would give her what she wants in life because she is not allowed to gain it herself Sir Timothy falls sick and Lady Broome nurses him back to health sacrificing all the things she wanted in her life However Lady Broome is somehow to blame for ONCE expressing her dissatisfaction with life Lady Broome cannot win this game3 Society decrees that women shall not inherit and good wives shall provide husbands with male heir Lady Broom does her duty and provides male heir She also does her duty and immerses herself in her husband's family home nonsense Lady Broome thinks that she is doing what society wants her to do Society claims Lady Broome is evil because she loves husband's family home Lady Broome has no chance of winning this game4 Sir Timothy spends his days lazing around and doing absolutely zilch in terms of raising his son mad or not Lady Broome does all the hard work deals with the small and big problems that arise organises the household and ensures that lazy male husband and crazy male son is cared for properly She has to take some hard decisions due to lack of any kind of support from lazy husband This makes Lady Broome the evil villain because she undertakes responsibility Lady Broome cannot win this game5 Lady Broome tries to do the right thing by her son by society and by her husband's family line concepts created by men and society and in which she had no hand and no pow