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Download The Conqueror ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub è ❴Download❵ ➺ The Conqueror Author Georgette Heyer – A fictionalized biography fast moving and minutely wrought chronicle about William Duke of Normandy who became King of England in 1066The day she gave birth to William the beautifulHer own father's palace before making her his bride In his strange and brutal way he would conuer her tooThen thwarted by the Saxon warrior Harold of a promise of the throne of England he gathered his vassals once to challenge him William the Conueror sails to Hastings to claim the Saxon King’s crown and sceptre for his o. Good Historical Fiction Not a RomanceDespite it's subtitle A Novel of William the Conueror The Bastard Son Who Overpowered a Kingdom and the Woman who Melted His Heart there is very little in this novel that relates to the relationship between William and his wife Matilda Though there is a chapter devoted to his determined conuering of her including his beating of her when at first she refused to marry him it's not a love story nor a romance The story begins in 1028 with William's birth and continues to his coronation Christmas Day 1066 though most of the book is taken up with the battles for and around NormandyWilliam is portrayed as a hard man molded by his dubious beginnings his relentless determination to have his will carried out and his ambition for the crown of England ostensibly to secure Normandy's future He was a brilliant strategist in war which he was about most of his days and he could be exceedingly cruel when it served his purposes He valued courage and loyalty In this story he says that Harold Godwinson is the only man he William respects But that didn't stop William from using Harold forcing him to give an oath of fealty or face a gilded imprisonment in Normandy the breaking of which he used against Harold to secure the Pope's backing for the planned invasion of England The author does a good job of showing how William always served his own needs and any good he did for others was motivated by what it could gain him Perhaps that is what it took to gain a country like England but the author suggests there was something lost in the man for the effort as echoed in the reservations uttered by the men who served him For that Heyer has done an excellent job of bringing to the picture of the real Conueror The history presented here is interesting and entertaining though I felt like I needed a dictionary a map of France in the 1050s and 60s and a notepad for all the names and places thrown at me particularly when so many men around William had the same first name Such things also slowed down the reading of the tale in places and made it difficult at times to understand just what was going on or who the men were behind all those namesIn large part perhaps the best part this is the story of a friendship between one of William's closest knights Raoul de Harcourt and a Saxon Edgar who held lands under Harold Godwinson and who was the hostage of the Duke of Normandy And if there is a romance here it's the love story between Raoul and Edgar's sister Elfrida

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A fictionalized biography fast moving and minutely wrought chronicle about William Duke of Normandy who became King of England in The day she gave birth to William the beautiful Herleva dreamt that a tree sprang from her womb a giant among trees whose mighty branches overshadowed all of Normandy and England No sooner her hal. This was always my favourite of GH's historicals although GH did slip in a romance between two of the fictional characters she just can't help herself D but this time I enjoyed my read than ever beforeBeing older now the romance isn't so important to me and watching William develop as both a strategist and warrior was fascinatingAs I said above there is romance a less than PC one between William Matilda I worry that some of the violence may have reflected GH's own views a tender one between fictional characters Raoul Elfrida But a far compelling secondary theme is male friendship between both real and fictional characters and this was by far the most interesting part of this tale for me I found view spoiler Raoul's Saxon friend Edgar's death very moving hide spoiler

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The ConquerorF noble bastard of the Duke of Normandy had grown to manhood than he forced the Norman lords to call him their Duke and fought the King of France to regain his DuchyOnly one woman could match William the Bastard's lovely little Princess Matilda of Flanders Rejected his proposal of marriage Duke dares to take a whip to her in. Just arrived from Australia through BMI have no idea what Georgette Heyer had in her mind while writing this book In my opinion the plot is totally disconnected there is a lack of link relating the main charters as well as the corresponding historical factsUndoubtedly there are much better books describing the Battle of HastingsCertainly this subject deserves better readings and some interesting research at Wikipedia and The Battle of Hastings 1066 which includes facts and full storySome interesting book have been recommended at Historical Fiction Online such as The Hollow Crown and Harold the King by Hellen HollicksPeaceweaverby Judith ArnoppGolden Warrior by Hope Muntz Firedrake by Cecelia Holland Fourteenth of October and This January Tale by Bryher Lord of Sunset by Parke Godwin William the Conueror by John Wingate Jackals in Iron by Merlin Douglas Larsen The Conuest and The Winter Mantle by Elizabeth Chadwick Needle in the Blood by Sarah Bower The Last English King by Julian RathboneHousecarlby Laurence BrownThe Gift and the Promise by Sarah PernellAnother interesting books should be also mentioned Gildenford by Valerie Anand Warriors of the Dragon Gold by Ray Bryant Jorvik by Sheelagh KellyThere is a movie coming up about this famous battle 1066A TV Series was also made in 2009 1066 The Battle For Middle Earthimage error