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Read & Download The Foundling ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free í ❰Download❯ ➹ The Foundling Author Georgette Heyer – A diffident young man of 24 years easily pushed around by his overprotective uncle and the retinue of devoted family retainers who won't let him lift a fingeA diffident young man of years easily pushed around by his overprotective uncle and the retinue of devoted family retainers who won't let him lift a finger for himself Adolphus Gillespie Vernon Ware Gilly the seventh Duke of Sale some. Maybe one of the lesser Georgette Heyer novels but I still found it charming Gilly is a 24 year old duke orphaned at a young age Raised by his concerned but overbearing uncle and a slew of devoted servants he’s been coddled and ordered around all his life Gilly is a kindhearted guy and doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but he’s had enough of it When his cousin Matt confides in him that he’s being blackmailed for breach of promise to marry Belinda a beautiful young girl of no social status the foundling of the title Gilly decides that rescuing Matt from his indiscretions Matt unwisely wrote some incriminating letters to Belinda is his chance to be on his own and do something Or as Gilly puts it “to see if I am a man or only a Duke” Crazy adventures ensue Belinda is an original character sweet and easily swayed but stubbornly fixed on certain specific items Like say getting a purple dress The Foundling starts off slow and takes about 14 of the book to really get rolling but I'm glad I stuck with it It's mostly a coming of age story with lots of adventure a good amount of farcical humor and a dollop of romance I'd still recommend several other Heyer novels over this one Venetia Frederica The Grand Sophy and Devil's Cub are all good places to start but if you're a Heyer fan this is one that's worth looking for

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Utiful but airheaded orphan one of literature's most appealing and well spoken comic villains and a series of alarming and even life threatening events from which he can extricate himself only with the help of his shy and lovely fianc?. What an adventure ; This novel was totally Heyer ish Witty enjoyable It had my attention from the start to the end Simply splendid Heyer showed here her best pen why she was so good writer of amusing and loved booksThere lacked only a romance The main hero had his heroine but their interactions were a little at the beginning and then at the end But I can easily forgive her this lack because the story was so engrossing that a romance wasn't necessaryI agree with Anne I typically tend to fall for the rakes and rogues the tall dark and handsome hero who's been overdone and overdone but once in a while I get a major crush on a completely different type of hero And here in The Foundling I just happened to find my new literary husband and that Gilly is probably at first glance Heyer's plainest hero yet But of course you need only spend some time with Gilly to change your opinion By the by there was also the tall dark and handsome hero here the cousin Gideon So you can swoon at the sight of him ; So I agree with Carol ♔Type Oh ueen I often wish Gideon had been given his own romanceSummarizing I repeat after Gideon Adolphus my little one I salute youPS I think it was one of the longest Heyer's novels

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The FoundlingTimes wishes he could be a commoner One day he decides to set out to discover whether he is a man or only a DukeBeginning with an incognito journey into the countryside to confront a blackmailer he encounters a runaway school boy a bea. The very first Georgette Heyer I have read at the coaxing recommendation of my wife who I believe is in some secret underground Georgette Heyer fan club In a few short words I would say The Foundling is a fast paced witty humorous well written book that I enjoyed very much Georgette Heyer writes each character of this large cast so they are instantly recognizable Most of the characters are over the top but that is the fun of this novel The unbelievable situations and turns in the plot are believable because of these characters